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  1. Thai immigration, under the dung heap, is not wanting expats to go the marriage visa route. Stick with the Retirement Permission to Stay and you should be good.
  2. Oh deary me. Another hard luck story. Maybe T V should not print nor publish hard luck tourist or expat stories. The time at the moment with all the new visa rules etc, is not kind on anybody. My thoughts go out to all those in deep brownie stuff, but TIT, this is tough.
  3. Tell the bank to go play in the mud. Get an SCB or Krunsiri bank account. Deposit 800,000.00 Baht or more and leave it there. Its not rocket science, just an insurance for your sanity and immigration requirement.
  4. 555 put a bent hairpin in the socket and hold it. I recon given maximum load here, 300kgs plus.......
  5. O P why would you want to buy something you did not own ? Little head thinking, not the big one hey ?
  6. Yip a tall building and a bit of a shove, eeeeee I believe I can can fly. Sod off attention seeker.
  7. Someone in here, please tell TAT to stop lying. Social media is far more advanced than TAT brains and comments combined. Sorry TAT, you are the weakest link, goodbye........
  8. Damn I say. Use my motto. Bagpipers put the FUN back into Funerals. Let kids be kids, until they 85 yo OK.
  9. On another note, just because you were vacinated as a child against measels, does not mean you cant get it or get it again. Measels outbreaks in adults is increasing in Phuket, Phang Nha and Krabi. Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Australia have a resurgrnce of Measels. This is fact, as I contracted measels three weeks ago. The itching in adults is severe and lasts almost 30 days.
  10. Yes that was 2008. I am much wiser now, but I don't do any visa runs. Now I am on a permit to stay.
  11. I went on a visa run once to Malaysia, from Phuket and the only time. Never got into a mini van again. The mini van driver drove like a demon. When everybody in the van screamed at him to slow down, he just put the volume of the music up and drove faster. Dumb ©nut. He managed to kill three dogs along the way and also crashed into an earthen wall at a garage. And that is why people dont say anything, they are too busy praying.
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