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  1. I will try to keep this as short as possible but you need to get the background and the whole picture, yest it's a soap opera like many Thai families but the situation and become very serious and I need a solution fast!!! And come on people, save the typical bs banter, I am literally shaking in anger while having to write this for being at a dead end!! I am just looking for creative advice for getting rid of my Thai girlfriends derelict Thai brother. I have a Thai girlfriend that lives in a house I built for her and my daughter since her family lives there and there is a good school, also I can't tolerate the Thai family BS and drama, nor living with a Thai lady, they are about 10 minutes away and live alone during the week due to my work schedule and need for good internet. I have always gotten along well with my girlfriends father and his new wife who live next door, her mother lives across the street and I realized the mother is somewhere past Venus, along with the youngest sister who is also a derelict, alcoholic thief, but only shows up a few times a year to create family chaos. I had only heard about the younger brother, nothing good but also about 2 minutes after meeting him that he was an apple that didn't fall far from the tree. So now to the point! The brother shows up 6 months ago declaring he is reformed and wants to become a monk, also as a peace gesture he want's me to take care of his 2017 Yamaha M-Slaz! I immediately thought, "how and where did he get credit or the means to buy a 90,000 baht motorbike" A few weeks later he tries to say I can have his loan transferred in my name, no problem, ah no I think I will pass. Then a week later he needs 20,000 baht because he want's to be truthful and is 5 months behind on the payments, riiiight let me just run down to the closest ATM, how about I give you 30,000 so you have some money for some crazy monk, hooker blow type ceremony! So on to the big ceremony and collecting some quick cash, a month later he now declares he is not meant to be a monk, big surprise huh, I suspected that from the beginning. So the mother welcomes him in her home with open arms, it took him about 2 hours to fun off and indulge in booze, whores and the drug ïce". Since hour one he has been verbally abusive to the mother, sister, father, my daughter for whatever he wants and explodes if he doesn't get what he want's. I have tried to reason with the family which as normal turns a cheek. I told the family to also read about the traits of a psychopath, of the 20 I could find he met 19 of them but I had never really seen him explode in anger. A few months ago the family got him a good job, (which he got fired from and didn't tell the family until they put pressure on him as to where is his salary going) then about a month ago my daughter and I ran into him in 7-11, I was at the checkout trying to pay attention to my wallet, paying the cashier and the brother who instead of a nice greeting he picks up some items and he is talking to my daughter and I have no clue what he is saying but he seemed immune to my daughter who is moving behind me, I know it seems minor but if you are a father to a daughter and see fear in her eyes for the first time, you can relate!! So I brush it off and she seems fearful to tell me clearly what he said other than he wanted me to pay for his stuff. So I got her home so she could talk with her mom and explain what he said which was the same, he wanted her to pay for his stuff and he kept bullying her and was not taking no for an answer since we are foreigners and have vaults full of gold (you get the point) I was probably the most furious I have ever been in my life but my girlfriend just said to calm down and not do what should normally be done and the typical explanation that you don't confront Thai's nor point out they have done wrong because he will just explode and do the typical cowardly, wussy Thai thing and get 5 friends, or 5 friends with the great Thai machete to make sure they are not made to look even worse. Then a few weeks later my girlfriend called crying and said the brother just walked right into her house and grabbed my pressure washer to wash his Yamaha M-Slaz (more on that shortly) when he already asked and I refused since why does he need to wash what is in reality a stolen motorcycle. Turns out the boss from his previous job co signed a loan for him and he soon ran off with the motorbike to some other city outside of Bangkok before coming to our city. Also I remembered hearing bits of how he did the same to the older sister and she got stuck for around 80,000 worth of payments so her credit wouldn't get ruined, so obviously he is getting good at it, why pay when you can get it for free. So now to the current situation. I go early to take my daughter to school and my girlfriend picks her up since I then sleep because I work at night, Thai time. It's been building up with his abusive behavior to his mother and anyone else who doesn't cower at his feet in fear of his abuse and temper. Since the 7-11 incident I have treated him like he is invisible which only fueled his fury and anger, he started whistling very loudly whenever he saw I was at my daughters house, not like a song but like he was calling his bird, or dog, I just finally realized this guy is not just crazy, but bats*&T crazy and should be in a mental hospital, dead or in jail. I showed up last Sunday and the same thing, he tried to bully my girlfriend to use the pressure washer, so yes I was a bit miffed to say the least. He shows up about an hour later and in my best Thai I told him not to ask to use any of my s&*t and not to even think about my s*(t and to stop bullying my girlfriend, his sister! He explodes and the drama starts, I try to laugh, pretty much "who are you to tell me what to do, I'll teach you, kind of like a road rage incident, he is sheltered by a car and is a big bad, dangerous man blah blah. So yes maybe I became a bit irrational being tired of this bs Thai thing, God forbid you tell them they did something wrong or make them look or feel bad, the rest of the world just deals with it but there seems to be some kind of bubble here. So I walk out of my gate and he gets worse and walks over to grab one of those 3-4ft slabs of wood they use to make fences and stuff with, picks it up and is now threatening me with it, so I show him I have no weapon, he doesn't need a weapon, be a man, one on one, condio you yet pet. So by now half the family and neighborhood is outside or near us trying to calm the situation. So he continues the drama, hops on his bike, I thought oh geez, I am going to die today, thinking he is going to get a gun. So the father and girlfriend and trying to calm me down and I am furious but half laughing. I see him down the street at a friends house, trying to recruit him I guess but no luck. He comes back, I gesture my crying like a little baby which was not so genius. So this time he actually picks up the wood again and is walking toward me ready to swing, my daughter is standing in front of me terrified and crying, the father is to my right, also in line of fire, my girlfriend is in front of my trying to tell me to calm down and let it go so she is oblivious to what is about to happen. So anyway I have to push my daughter to the ground and push the girlfriend out of the way and dive in and take a few hits of him swinging at my head which I heard but did not see the stick, I got ahold of his head and luckily got him in a choke hold for about 8 seconds and actually felt bad and thought about spending the next 20 years in Thai prison for killing some poor Thai a-hole maniac. So now I back off and try to assess the situation while the father and girlfriend are trying to calm me down and worst of all and the whole purpose of this post, my daughter is hanging on to be crying and terrified having to see all this so I pick her up and move back behind our fence. I immediately got my motorbike and tried to convey as good as possible that I just need to go away and calm down and also get my daughter the heck of there which succeeded. We drove to his ex bosses business since I buy a lot of stuff from him and we already talked about his behavior the reason he was fired was due to theft and drug abuse, also he could not get along with anyone. Also we have a few police friend who all played the part but are now useless. We then go with the ex boss to the main police station, the officer on duty could barely lift his head up from chatting on facebook or playing juju I have no clue but we explained the situation as another officer came into the room and the first officer just went back to doing whatever he was doing and I just thought <deleted>, some psychopath just tried to kill me and my young daughter and none of them gave a rats butt and said "Oh you have to fill out a form some thing something blah blah" I just shook my head and left, not sure why I thought it would be any different. In the meantime the brother went off to hide but showed up late in the evening to the mothers house with open arms, nice loyalty, put a thief, drug addict psychopath above your vulnerable granddaughter! So here we are, you hopefully can empathize and get the gravity of the situation, I am obviously not in Kansas anymore! I need some good advice, there has to be some people on this board that have lived here long enough to know how to deal with the BS and red tape and have a solution or someone I can contact with the authorities so as not to create heat for any officers here who haven't done their job and make more problems for myself since this is no my country! Do I need to give the police some kind of financial motivation, not bribery but it seems to work for traffic related stuff which is minor in this case? My girlfriend filed a report and now a week later the brother is still free and nothing has been done other than a visit to the brothers and mothers home and I was told he saw them and ran off into the nearby fields, so they had the motorbike, with just the license plate but no little paper yearly thing that I have been cited for not having on my bike when I lived in BKK, they confiscated my bike and ID until I could produce the tag thing but nothing to him, absolutely nothing, it's a a disgrace but no surprise, I even called the tourist police, same thing, just a waste of time!! Also I have the license number of the bike, so in addition does anyone have the contacts or resources to track the owner of the motorbike if I email or PM it to them? The brother has no book, documentation, no ID and still nothing was done, I was told "Gee, the owner or cosigner of the bike must not have filed a theft complaint" The older sister who actually owns the home the mother and brother live in and same story, "Mama won't do nothing so what can I do" I have pics of the brother, bike etc but at my wits end, this guy is dangerous and a future confrontation is unavoidable, I have stayed away at the request of the family to "Take care of things" <deleted> I am the bad guy and have to live like a fugitive and can't even visit my daughter at her own house and have to also fear for her safety, I have slept about an hour this whole week, if I could I would be on the next plane out of her with my daughter but that is never going to happen, she is not going to be separated from her mother, I can just imagine even if I could having a young daughter crying and screaming for her mother and trying to get her on a plane, that would go well! So anyway, please someone reach out and give me some solution other than just "It's Thailand, what are you going to do" bs there has to be something that can be done. Thanks in advance and again no negative bs unproductive banter, it could happen to any of us with a permanent connection to a Thai and Thailand and yes the post is long, just posting "A-hole uncle tries to knock me out with a board" is not going to lead to any solution!!!
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