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  1. Halloween Party? Aha! I knew NCC1701 was in Bangkok for a reason!
  2. Due to the liability laws the US companies are much more concerned with the safety of the vaccine. The testing takes longer! If I have a choice I would sure pick the USA vaccine over the less tested China version. None is ever perfect but more testing is better!
  3. This is a financial agreement. As far as defense: The United States has a long standing defense treaty with Thailand. If China were to attack, Vietnam would have it's own problems!
  4. I don't think that anywhere near a third of the tourism market has returned? If a third of the tourism market is domestic they must be mostly staying home?
  5. There is no way that there will be mass tourism if any quarantine is required! Of course some long term people will come back but not average tourists.
  6. One other thing to consider since you are going to transfer to the name of a minor. Minors can own property but they cannot sell or transfer property themselves. If there is any possibility that the property may be sold encumbered or transfered before your daughter turns of legal age you might want to discuss with an attorney? I would use a trust with an adult or company as trustee, but not sure of title law here?
  7. You might want to check to see if you owe anything for HOA fees or utilities etc. Kind of important if management has no way to contact you? Don't know about here but We used to buy many HOA leins in the usa.
  8. You wonder if she got it from someone else in the quarantine hotel?
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