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  1. I guess you don’t work on cars. Most jobs require you to disconnect battery before proceeding. I’ve never had any issues following this procedure.
  2. I’ve been island hopping for the last four months-Mindanao, Siargao, Dinagat, Camiguin, Bohol, Cebu, Negros and now Siquijor and I can say that brown outs are very rare. Crime is non-existent, people are genuinely friendly, beaches are beautiful, food varies from crap to pretty tasty, and driving is a pleasure. i’ll be returning to Thailand sometime to close out my bank account.
  3. But children are taught about Thailand-not a country with a fair justice system.
  4. My small bag is for dirty laundry, a book and water. All valuables(except wallet and passport)go in the big bag. Thieves normally go after the small bag.
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