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  1. Sure, I always do the exact opposite of what my doctor recommends. The medical field is full of untrustworthy wingnuts.
  2. Yes. He even stated that the doctors were AMAZED at how much he knew about medical stuff.
  3. Not sure all that needs to be done. Are there service records with the car? I like to do timing belts every 5 years or 100,000 k whichever comes first. If no record then change it. If it fails - your engine will be damaged. If timing belt is done, change water pump and pulleys as well - they are inexpensive and should be done at the same time.
  4. Used car buying tips: Check engine oil - should be at full mark and not black. If it's down a liter you will know consumption based on last oil change. Check auto trans fluid - should be red (some brands green or blue) and not black with burnt smell. Make sure coolant is up and not dirty. When cold, take off radiator cap - coolant should be clean and have no oil deposits (rainbow colours). Take off oil cap and if it's milky coloured oil that's a bad sign. Look around perimeter of engine bay for paint overspray (to see where repairs have been made). Fridge mag
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