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  1. I have a scooter and a Triumph Bonnie 650 and I'm thinking about buying another bike for my 67th birthday. Glad you're not in charge or driving rules.
  2. In the series, she was the daughter of a traffic cop - not so hiso.
  3. “The government has requested the guillotine but we know that it is not easy,” Sure it is - line em up and I'll pull the release lanyard.
  4. People should speak out regardless of the country they are in.
  5. The elbows and extra length of pipe will reduce pressure to kitchen but not by too much. I would cut pipe below kitchen taps and check flow there. If little flow, go back to elbow and cut again. Keep going backwards towards tank until you get flow as I think you've got a blockage in your "new" pipe. Blockage will almost always happen at the elbow. Couplings are available to repair your cuts after and are easy to install.
  6. First - I would only expect idiotic comments from idiots - but I don't see too many idiots on this forum. Second - Many countries are vaccinating their citizens now even though they don't make the vaccine. Thailand has failed in the procurement of vaccines. Third - "none of you could do any better". I have a feeling, most anyone on this forum could have done better - if they had a work permit.
  7. Car manufacturer's say that so you'll have to come back and buy a new car. I'd rather change the oil.
  8. Same in Canada - they're not handing out menus. Take what's served or p... off.
  9. Finally, a US serviceman gets properly compensated!
  10. It's nice that there are enlightened people here. I still eat chickens - but only because I hate them with a passion and find them quite tasty. I should stop though. And you sir, have inspired me to try. Thanks.
  11. I'm with you on the age thing. But I already smoked about a hundred thousand cancer sticks and quit 35 years ago. But I am going to take up psychedelics in my old age. Just as a hobby.
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