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  1. I think they could sell these vinyl boards on eBay and make a good profit. I know I’d like one.
  2. Everyone should do all they can to make sure this pathological liar doesn’t get re-elected.
  3. Maybe not safe to drive motorcycle through when you have no idea what’s in it.
  4. Why don't you clean and freeze on the day you get them? I don't like the idea of thawing and refreezing food.
  5. Unless you're growing for seed, you shouldn't have any male plants.
  6. Obviously, Darwinism hasn't worked for you...yet.
  7. There should be a third option - 14 day quarantine in a soapie - 100,000 baht all inclusive.
  8. Maybe Branson will buy it. Thai Virgin has a nice ring to it.
  9. I hope it is in a slang sense - otherwise there would be a lot of blood on their hands.
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