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  1. They elected George W. twice and I thought he was a complete idiot. Now he seems more of a statesman by comparison with the orange clown.
  2. Grow tents come in many sizes. The one in photo looks more like 4x6 feet or larger. Very nice looking crop. Sad to see the guy busted but not a good idea to do illegal stuff in Thailand where you're in competition with the police.
  3. 1.5 meter plants so 2.5 meter men. For the Americans - about 8 feet.
  4. They don't want anyone in flip-flops. Next time you go to buy a ticket, wear some fancy shoes.
  5. Do you mean the youngest man at the bar?
  6. Maybe you should have bought coloured electrical tape and changed the wire colours instead of rewiring the whole house? The one colour electricity needs is copper.
  7. I think they are strikingly similar but Thailand does it without violence as there is no competition.
  8. No one foresaw the ramifications of this pandemic. Those that say they did are trying to fool people.
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