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  1. Just a question. He's planning on building a big condo on the 8th floor of a building? Would he be using blocks and concrete or traditional teak? And if 99% of the residents are against his plans, surely they can interfere with them.
  2. Yes. Because it was a couple of decades ago that they realized it was mothers' milk.
  3. Are these the same guys that couldn't see prostitutes in Pattaya. Oh no, that was a different group.
  4. If there really is a study happening in 2021, maybe they shouldn't have released details of construction in 2022 and 2023 and operations starting in 2024 and locations. Just to make it look legitimate.
  5. Yes, English is a funny language. Sometimes one word can have many meanings and other times, many words can have the same meaning.
  6. As an outdoor grower, I disagree. The best grass is grown organically outside in the sunshine.
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