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  1. Someone had to stick their neck out to garner support for what, in my opinion, is right. Australia did just that and it is to be commended. Now other countries feel empowered to follow suit. Being a leader isn't always easy.... I remember very well that Australia halted live cattle exports to Indonesia because of the animal cruelty to the animals once they got to Indonesia. Must've been 2010. I remember it well because I was in awe at the resolve. Australia compensated the cattle exporters by the way. Sure we can bow down to China for the rest of our lives, but I'd rather stand up to bullies...always have, always will.
  2. Well yeah, small shops could do themselves a favour and compete better with shopping malls by not being so incredibly sh*t.
  3. You can tell who here got beat up in the school yard: the same people suggesting Australia pipe down because they're worried about economic reprisal from China. Well done Australia for standing up for what you believe...
  4. We only have a few precious months of relatively clean air (as long as you're not near a main road). Can we stop talking about Chiang Mai's horrific air for just a few months and restart the conversation in October, when the air goes bad again?
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