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  1. I get tired of people referring to the PCR Test as being an actual virus specific test. It is not.There is NO such test. A PCR Test merely indicates corona virus antibodies NOT a virus. Pretty much everyone on the planet will have corona virus ANTIBODIES hence the high numbers in countries that are using the PCR Test enmasse!!!
  2. No COVID19 in Thailand. That's funny!!! Of course it is here. The Thai Government simply have a different agenda to say the US, UK. The agenda here is "There is no CV19 in Thailand"
  3. No COVID in Thailand. Now that's funny. Of course it is here. It is simply that the Thai Government have a different agenda to say the US, UK or Australia, wvere if you fart, you have CV19. Did you hear about the RSV Virus that is currently here. It has weirdly similar symptoms and target groups to CV19. As l said different agenda.
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