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  1. In Thailand, quality affordable power tool brands including Makita, DeWALT, Milwaukee, Hikoki (formerly Hitachi) Bosch all offer different "series" and different models of 4" and 5" angle grinders. Yet often a home builder in Thailand would be better served if he had different power tools for different types of jobs. One tool can't do a great job of everything, and most often a 5" or larger angle grinder has more power than a 4" angle grinder. Any mainstream quality brand can be repaired in a timely fashion in Thailand in my observation. There are no fake tools at Homepro or Global House or Thaiwatsadu or Ruangsangthai Home Builders Merchants in Buriram. There are many real tools sold on Lazada, and it seems many counterfeit power tools sold on Lazada and Shoppe. If you read ALL the reviews about a tool and the store selling the tool you will see trends. Often on Lazada or Shoppe they leave out some included accessories that you would get included at Homepro in Buriram, or Global House or Thaiwatsadu or Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants. I have seen dozens of counterfeit tools come in for repairs at the authorized Bosch, authorized Makita, authorized DeWALT repair station. Tool repair technicians have taken apart a genuine tool of the exact same model and placed it side by side with the opened up item in for repair. I see over 50 name brand power tools and water pumps depart every day at 4pm for Kerry express from Buriram. I am more inclined to buy and recommend Makita garden tools over Auto Mac Tools in Buriram. To me it is not just the initial cost of buying a water pump or power tool. It is how many years of satisfaction will I get from a quality tool or water pump. I note what size and brand of power tools the Australian home building contractor brought over in a shipping container and buys new in Buriram as he works on my home in a village. Any proper tool shop in Thailand will let you sit down, enjoy a beverage and let you read the catalogs and compare cordless or corded power tools or water pumps. No need to stand and calculate or download the app of a brand.
  2. I have empathy for the OP. Two years ago I was at the Buriram Government Hospital to see a Doctor to obtain a slip to pay for a MRI test at the Buriram Government hospital. My wife was told "only three Doctors at the Buriram Government Hospital" issue this slip. We were patient in our wait. We both went into the Doctors exam room, as she would translate. The Doctor flat out did not want to deal with a foreigner as he did not speak English and he told my wife I should go to another hospital. I've never had the "bum's rush", but he practically pushed me off the exam stool. My wife told me that the nurse was embarrassed. That evening I found the clinic of his supervisor and found out the hours to see one of the three Doctors who issue MRI slips. On a Saturday morning I went to see this Doctor at his private clinic. He made one phone call and then he asked if I could be at the hospital in 25 minutes for the MRI. I went to the Buriram Government Hospital with the slip, had the MRI, paid the 8100 baht and the next week went back to the Doctor's clinic. My point is I understand that one Doctor, for whatever reason, could blow off a patient and yet another Doctor in the same hospital could treat you with the highest respect. The 2nd Doctor did charge 300 baht for the visit and some pain pills when I brought in the MRI results. This before a pandemic. Yes I have Aetna health insurance, but this was an out of pocket expense at the only hospital in the province with an MRI machine. Bangkok Hospital in Korat is my normal hospital for elective surgery. I've had tremendous medical service from Government Hospital Doctors in Khaen Dong, Satuk, and previously in Buriram. One "bad apple" in 15 years of medical treatment in Thailand.
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