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  1. The 36 volt Makita Hedge trimmer has served me far better than smaller plug in hedge trimmers in Buriram.
  2. All of the above are valid recommendations. There is a "probate' in Thailand. The OP really should pay for a will. Maybe consider a medical directive. Save so much hassle for his loved ones. Probate is not fast in Thailand, nor is is fast in other countries. There may be important information in English on respective Embassy websites to help you understand the procedure. The fun of autos registered in a province a far distance from from the widow, how fussy those banks can be, and the joy of collecting survivors benefits or stopping social security payments.
  3. I see decent Puma air compressors with Mitsubishi electric motors at fair prices in Thailand. In Buriram I bought a WestAir brand belt driven air compressor with a Mitsubishi Electric motor. It has been used for many painting projects in the village. Westair air compressor is an Australian Brand that was imported into Thailand. I've met the MD who was from Perth, Western Australia. https://www.westaircompressors.com.au/
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