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  1. My VRH stainless 304 Rain Shower and VRH shower mixer has worked perfect next to a swimming pool in Buriram Province since 2008. VRH is a brand that offers 316 and 304 bathroom and kitchen fittings. Made in Thailand, available at most modern trade retailers, but not at HomePro. The towel racks are also VRH and have never rusted. https://www.buriramhome.com/buriram-swimming-pool/
  2. The OP should get in writing from the manufacturer of his current range that it will work in Thailand. I've seen more than one expat disappointed when they found out the true costs of the "conversion". There is so much worth bringing in a container, to Thailand, but frankly a range would not be on that list. Teka makes a gas range, with gas oven, Lucky Flame makes a gas range with gas oven. You get a safe item, with a real warranty at a fair price. Oh sure some higher end brands also offer the gas range, with gas oven, and you still get support. There is a real benefit to separates, an oven built in at a nice height, and then a HOB at a convenient location in the kitchen. The OP can buy the very top end brands in Thailand for a price, but he can look into the very real value of Lucky Flame or Teka. I own both, and I am familiar with service after the sale of many appliances. You can buy an high end item in Thailand "for a price", however parts might prove a challenge. Qualified service outside of Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Hau Hin may prove a challenge.
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