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  1. It did not. It even got to the stage where I could not log into AA.
  2. It appears that you have not non-travelled with them. I fought with them for 6 months for a covid refund and got nothing but BS from them in all of that time. Fortunately my CC refunded the fares. But now because I was a BIG member I get an email every day on what great deals they have. The hide of them would suffocate a rhino. My sympathies is with the OP.
  3. I would never have known that. Thanks for the update.
  4. Having been a managing agent in a past life there is a thing called the market. Have been through all of the landlords that would not reduce their rent when things turned bad. If you have an investment the number one priority is cash flow. No cash flow, no profit. But then you look at the other side of the coin, especially for commercial property where "value" is a multiplier of the net income. Reduce the rent, reduce the value. But that is for the professionals to worry about. With residential property value is not so much tied to return, so many other factors come into it. So if y
  5. It is now obvious that the Obama faction has beaten the Hillary faction on who controls the Democrats. It is just a matter whether Bernie still has any influence. Only going back 10 years or so, GHA.
  6. Isn't this what the agents are for, or do they only apply to farang visas?
  7. I have promised that I would not say this again: You cannot be that stupid. Failed again
  8. You have not heard how the owners make their new cars spew black smoke?
  9. You can always make a phone call. True costs 1 baht per minute to a landline or 6 baht a minute to a mobile.
  10. I use Skype on the computer but while it works it is a dog of a program ever since Microsoft took it over. As I do not have internet on my phone I cannot use any of the other suggestions.
  11. Back in the 1990's we had (supposedly) hot water tanks that worked on the same principle without solar panels. Have no idea if they still make them.
  12. Our IO has a handout of what they want. Have you spoken to your IO about what the want.
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