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  1. It is about time you realised that the government (or any for that matter) is no smarter than you, and you just control your own destiny without blaming others.
  2. The US is just jealous of the countries that have any trade surplus.
  3. As you said a little bit inconsistent. Wonder who pockets the money not discounted.
  4. I assume it is a domestic tariff, about 4 baht per unit, as we only have a house but did not receive anything last year.
  5. Well it is not an all of Thailand thing for PEA. Have never received any reduction or discount this year or last year.
  6. Our neighbor has just returned from Bangkok and the puu yai's assistant is doing the enforcing.
  7. The computer told me that and you know computers never lie. (As long as they are wthinin the +- 10,000%)
  8. It will be a bee's nest so be careful if you disturb the tree.. They can stay a short time or long time.
  9. I don't know how they do it but have seen many times crashing to the inside of the curve. My wife could not explain how she did it either (minor accident)
  10. They have got to be joking. We do not need travelers from Bangkok up here with the new Covid wave. And who would team up with Air Asia (okay TAT would) when you look at all of their BS offerings before they are terminated..
  11. The G above probably thinks fruits grow in the market. Asked the farmer wife who I thought knew everything about local products but she did not recognise it, so good advice not to eat it.
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