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  1. If the vitrectomy saves the sight in your eye it has to be done, but it needs to absolutely necessary. I had a detached retina after a failed cataract operation so there was no choice as I have a friend who lost the sight in one eye after a detached retina was not fixed in time.
  2. Yes, but would you recommend a vitrectomy to anyone who didn't really need one. Lying face down 24 hours a day for two weeks is no fun. I have heard that it can be up to five weeks. I had a vitrectomy 9 months ago and still have some minor effects in the eye.
  3. Thanks for the statistic. When the 17 yo daughter wants to get a drivers license I will ask her to Google what is more dangerous: owning a gun or driving a car.
  4. This is what I was told at Phetchabun today. As soon as the application is made the original extension is cancelled.
  5. Sorry to go back to an old topic but have just been to Phetchabun IO for the 90 day report but asked about the 60 day extension to visit the wife, and then the 1 year marriage extension. The officer told me that if I apply for the 60 day extension I could not later apply for the marriage extension. The reason being that my original visa was for retirement and that you can only change the reason for an extension once from the original reason. A bit was lost on me as her English was only passable. Is it you opinion that the officer is right or wrong. Secondly, she said that I could apply for the 1 year marriage extension now (current retirement extension expires on 7 March) and that she would cancel the current extension/permission to stay immediately. The 30 day under consideration period would start from the day of application, not the 7 March. This would work for me as the date of my operation in Australia is now 2 April and I would not have to leave Thailand until the end of March. This is different from my understanding from reading all of the recent topics on marriage extensions. Your opinion please, knowing that each office can be different.
  6. So you do not mind going to the dungeon of BKK to take a THB5000 flight with a bus to a plane on the tarmac.
  7. They (KK) also charge high fees for over the counter withdrawals when you need more that the 30000 per day limit.
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