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  1. I wonder how they make any money at all. I keep getting promotional emails, maybe Air Asia and not Thai, but when I click on the "book now" link there is no web site. Same when doing a Google search. So can anyone else link to their website?
  2. Yes, it is easy to do without a lawyer if you know how the system works here. Just listen to Blackcab post #13. But before you do that get a copy of the chanote and go to the Land Office with your wife (do not go with the seller). Check that the LO title is the same as the the one you were given, and get the wife to ask them if everything is okay with the title. Then go to your local Tessaban and ask them if it possible to build on the land and if there are any restrictions. If the title is not chanote think again.
  3. Is the brain already in a state of bliss?
  4. I have never had a flu injection but a vaccine for covid might be different. There are studies now being undertaken on survivors (very small samples) that show there could be brain damage/impairment from the virus. If this is proven on large samples, I wonder if the anti vaxers will change their mind (but then again they may already be impaired)
  5. My wife has one for a bike. After driving a car for 20 years she had lessons and got a car license. but she still drives like a Thai.
  6. My mother was still driving at 91. Passed the test every year. But she was sensible enough to only drive on roads she used most day.
  7. I think Somchai has been reading falang websites.
  8. Did he run his own business or was successful in his working life. I am not in the same situation as I still have the fund to move back home if I wanted to. I do not want to move from Thailand but being retired here I do not kick any goals anymore and have no reason to be unhappy but keep asking why I do not smile as much as before. Maybe it is just being old, not getting old.
  9. I have never seen a ghost but had been told stories by Thais that a dead persons spirit will try to go back to where the person lived. A friend from the unit next to mine had just died and when I got home that evening, about 9pm, a small dove was flying around the balcony and eventually dropped to the floor through exhaustion. Remembering what I had been told, I sat on the steps talking to the dove (stop laughing) for 10 minutes or so. The dove did not move until I stood up and it then flew away. Nothing remarkable there. The next morning I looked at my watch for the time. The watch was working normally but when checked against the computer it was 12 minutes slow. It had never lost time before or since that incident. Coincidence, possibly, but maybe the dove was my friends spirit trying to go home.
  10. You do not say where you are, but if in Bangkok please stay there. We have enough of your kind traveling up here. Thankfully some are killing themselves on the road that are not straight.
  11. Thanks, will follow up. Race horses were a very expensive passion in a past life.
  12. Did not know there was horse racing in Nakhon Ratchasima. Will have to go when the track(s) reopen. I had been under the impression that there were only 2 tracks in Bangkok.
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