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  1. Great - I thought they were playing safe with saying 4 weeks
  2. Has anyone recently renewed their UK passport from Thailand (using the VFS UK appointed agency) - and if so, how long did it take until you received your new passport? I know they say 4 weeks from receipt of passport in UK, but I also hear it is often in reality quicker than that. I ask because I am trying to plan some business trips but whilst you are waiting for new passport you cannot travel abroad, except with an emergency travel document.
  3. As I will be taking a break from work (non-B visa will cease therefore) I would like to apply for a 1 year Non-O visa based on family support. I plan to apply at Savanakhet, Laos. They offer both single and multiple entry visas but I am unsure if the multiple entry (at 5000Bt) is worth it. Can someone explain if single entry the process of getting extensions for up to 1 year is?
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