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  1. Yes the pump will be running 24/7. For what i am trying to accomplish it will need to be. I have'nt had it running a month just yet but my guess is it will cost around 1,700baht a month. It should use 19KW a day and my solar panels make 15KW to 26KW a day. I plan on installing one more blower the same size for 2 more ponds.
  2. I wanted to share an update on what I learned and ended up doing about my aeration questions. I ended up installing an .8KW (1HP) ring blower. It is connected to a 2" pipe that is running to 2 20x20 ponds and I have 6 air defuser in each pond and the ponds are lined with plastic. I will experiment with stocking densities of pla duk and crayfish mono-culture. It might sound a bit too much air but I have my reasons to set it up this way. With the amount of air the blower puts out I could have 10 normal 20x20 ponds the same size and keep the DO at a good level.
  3. Hello, I have several 20x20m2 (8) ponds and I was looking at setting up an aeration system using 1 blower. At the moment I only want to aerate 3-4 of them. I understand the amount of aeration per pond would be determined by the species and numbers. My question is what would be the normal CFM or L/min for each water hole to keep a decent DO level? Lets say 1 pond 20x20m2, 1.5m deep, 400-500 Pla nin aerated 12 hours a day. Thank you
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