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  1. I was really expecting there would have been more of an interest in these red claws. When I was working in Oz the guys there always talked about how much they wanted to have some to put on the barbie. I though the farm gate price would be a good motivator to see if the idea of mailing them out would work. Now next to see what I will do with the 200 kilos I will have ready to go in 2-3 months. Cheers,
  2. I'm farming redclaws and prawns and finding it a bit hard to sale the redclaws. So I had the idea of trying to sale the over the internet and mail them out. Not sure how I would mail them alive just yet but I have seen someone sale living prawns on Lazada. I don't have huge amounts and the crays would be limited. I was wandering what everyone else out there thought about it. Cheers,
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