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  1. "Earlier this week, tourism officials said the majority of foreign tourists who visit Thailand via the Phuket Sandbox project will come from Europe and the United States, with tourists from China not expected until the fourth quarter." They really don't do their homework do they:- "The number of days varies from employer to employer, but on average, US workers receive around 10 days of paid holiday each year. In addition, this holiday time is often accrued, which means that US staff will need to be working in their job for 12 months before they're entitled to 10 days of
  2. Welcome to parole! The government really have got no idea how preposterous their decisions are! And they will wonder at the end of the year why TAT's expected millions didn't come after all! Someone should take the lot of them on a holiday, and subject them to the hoops, indignities form filling and requirements that they expect tourists to endure on their holiday to this so called "Land of Smiles" - oh and tell them that they can't have a drink either!!!
  3. "must submit additional documents with their O-A application such as the letter of refusal, plus securities, deposits and other health insurance not less than 3 million baht. Lifeline?
  4. Correct - what is to prevent the "new" enquiry going on for the next 5 or 6 years by which time all charges will be dropped and he will go free to "roam" the streets again? Let's face it, this is just a PR exercise as it has been reported that the public have lost faith in the justice system. Similarly to the situations already mentioned where corrupt cops aren't sacked - merely moved to an "inactive post".
  5. Totally misleading headline - unless you're aware that "Boss" is a nickname - probably given because the spoiled little brat thinks he is!
  6. Ah, Anutin says ".............................." Always seems to be the total opposite of what was said yesterday - sometimes including what he said himself!
  7. OK, programmes have "included" foreigners, but how many have actually been vaccinated (very few I suspect), and how many have had their appointments cancelled? (quite a lot, I suspect. Personally, I registered in May and am yet to receive an appointment date! (Message received on phone confirming registration, and was told to wait for another SMS with appointment date - still waiting!)
  8. On the one hand, we have the PM flexing his muscles saying "do NOT cancel appointments for vaccinations" against Covid-19, and on the other hand we have hospitals saying that they have no vaccines! So what are the hospitals supposed to do? Let people travel (possibly for a long way) and tell them "We knew LAST week that we didn' t have any vaccines, and we knew that we weren't going to be getting any THIS week, but the PM says that we aren't allowed to cancel your appointment!" Maybe he has a "cunning plan"? Maybe he is collaborating with another source whose leader cl
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