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  1. "Rooster, who the search engines have decided is a liberal interested in politics, science, football and snooker," Wot? No Scrabble?
  2. And precisely how long do you think that Prayut & Co would take to"think about it"?
  3. The attitude towards "farangs" began to change LONG before Covid, and the empty streets and bars of the "tourist resort" where I have lived for many years were apparent a long time ago. Even then, you got some clown from TAT saying that tourist figures were xx% UP, but when you asked ""Well, where are they all, then?" you got the idiotic reply that they had all gone up North to discover the proper Thailand"! I am sure that many people on here can bear testimony to that fact, and I am sure that the picture from Hua Hin of a British pensioner lady being kicked in the head having prev
  4. "Thailand suffers sharp fall in rankings of best countries for retirement" "But one of its lowest scores was in the Visas/Residence category where it scored just 57. The Index cited difficulties for retiree expats in Thailand obtaining permanent residency and a lack of special residence options for retirees. Absolutely no surprise there whatsoever!
  5. "While the ministry of public health under Anutin Charnvirakul - who has masterminded Thailand's Covid-19 response strategies - will handle health and vaccine matters making sure that each and every Thai and foreigner is as safe as can be" Including the "dirty unwashed" ones? And the ones who refuse to wear a mask? (Where is his by the way? Every pic I have seen of him spouting off recently he is conspicuously "maskless" while those round about him seem to be following the "rules")
  6. This year, the state planning agency expects only 3.2 million foreign visitors. What is this state planning agency? Nom de plume for TAT? Sounds like their kind of rhetoric with yet another revised figure of "expected tourists". And how come so precise with their stats - 3.2 million? (I've just realised, it's because they can give out even more revised "guesstimates" - maybe next week, 3.3 million as they will be including the expected numbers of "beach resort quarantiners" in their figures!
  7. 2 to 3 days is acceptable, but 7 to 9 days is not. "The Songkran festival is the traditional Thai New Year's Day and is celebrated from 13 April to 15 April."
  8. "If you can't stand that you shouldn't have come to this country in the first place" Another paid up member of the "if you don't like it go home" club? He's already said that he normally left the country for a couple of weeks during this time, but due to present regs he cannot. It's said every year, but the spirit of Songkran where you get a few drops of water splashed on you, and some talc smeared on your face has long gone. It used to be fun, but now it has become a "water battle" which is OK for the participants, but for others it is no fun at all. What
  9. I thought this was a serious post until I saw who the author was! Spot on as always!
  10. Road carnage? - people travelling to and from home with a skinful?
  11. "But he promised a committee would be set up to investigate." ANOTHER committee! They'll be setting up a committee to discuss what time the committee should convene the next committee meeting, AFTER they've set up a committee to decide who is going to sit on the committee!!!
  12. The Bee Gees had it in a nutshell:- "You think that I don't even meanA single word I sayIt's only words, and words are all I haveTo take your heart away"
  13. Would make more sense when quoting wages to convert roubles to baht - most people on here (myself included!) won't have a clue about the value of a rouble! So, because I was interested, I Googled it and apparently, 1 rouble = 0.41 baht, so 20,000 x 0.4 = 8000 baht a month - less than a 711 employee gets in Thailand.
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