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  1. Have you not thought that Sandy might be a male? :- "Sandy is a popular unisex name; the male version can be a diminutive of "Alexander", "Sander", "Alasdair", "Sandipan", "Sandeep", "Sanford", or "Santiago," while the female version is a diminutive for "Sandra" or less commonly "Alexandra", Alisande, and "Cassandra" For example, a well known Canadian born theatre organist who was poular in the UK during WW2 - Sandy McPherson (And NO - I do not think he was responsible - he is/was a different type of artist(e)!)
  2. "Police suspect a foreigner though no reason was given for this assertion." I am constantly dumbfounded by the powers of deduction of the RTP and others in this country:- "The message "(heart) u Sandy Happy Valentines Day" Is the language used and the popular American name not some kind of giveaway? Or do they suspect that it was in reality a Thai trying to bring farangs into disrepute?
  3. Why not just drastically increase the price on that day? Oops, me and my mouth - what have I said? Where's that stick?
  4. But then they would have to form a new committee every month to change the decision that the committee had made the previous month.
  5. "The average New Yorker makes 2 million baht a year. Give me a break, 400k is chump change" But the average farang makes less, and the average Thai makes FAR less. I do not look upon lack of wealth as a failure, I am quite happy without a yacht, dinghy, swimming pool or car, but it shows where YOUR priorities lie!
  6. Couldn't agree more! That is why a certain person has deemed Immigration into the UK to be a success!
  7. I would have thought that Immigration was nothing at all to do with Thais - ALL to do with farangs/foreigners/"aliens" - whatever you want to call them.
  8. Then you may also be here to realise that wherever you go, retirees will be complaining about something - that's why they're called "Grumpy Old Men"! For my part, I do not complain about having to pay more than I did 10 years ago, that is inflation, but I do complain about my pension being frozen (no annual increases to help with inflation increases) and the Exchange rate of Baht to the British Pound - when I first came here I was getting 73 baht to the pound - now it's 40! I remember saying something to my teenage daughter years ago about her being a "cheeky teenager" and she replied "Of course I'm a cheeky teenager, it's my job!"
  9. Agreed completely - especially "If there were no international scrutiny of this matter you can be absolutely 100% sure he would be in Bahrain right now", and even more so your last 2 words, which seem to be happening more often these days. When will "these people" learn to put their brains into gear before making decisions that are going to jump back and bite them in the butt?
  10. The "moaners" here are expressing an opinion - mostly about the fact that Immigration are making it more difficult all the time to meet their requirements to stay here - they are not unhappy here!
  11. "We welcome good people - Bad people will be prosecuted." So why are they making it more difficult for "good people" to obtain an annual extension to visa based on retirement by asking them to tie up 800,000 baht for a further 3 months in addition to the 2 months "seasoning" previously required??
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