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  1. But we were about due for the first "Honest cabbie" post of the year - had to make it a good one!
  2. "I don't think I've ever seen a westerner afforded the facemask treatment" How about "The Swiss in the Hat" only yesterday?
  3. He probably just had to show them the key to the room?
  4. "Pattaya police arrest thief who stole from foreign tourists while they were swimming" So why not say "Thai thief"? Yesterday's headline reads "Swiss man accused of theft and overstaying visa faces deportation" Why not let him have a nice hat like the Swiss guy? Why does it take 7 coppers to arrest one little Thai guy? (OK - the other 3 were on tea break!) Ah well - some things never change - the pointing finger is still in evidence (pardon the pun!)
  5. "The trouble with going abroad is that it's full of bloody foreigners" (Alf Garnett!)
  6. Yep! Like there's no one left in Thailand on "overstay"? And like there is no prostitution in Pattaya? And like there are no more illegal "check points"? And like .........................? Fill in the blanks yourself!
  7. And sometimes the lighthearted comments are no more than the post deserves - as in this case. After all, it's hardly the crimebusting sensation of the year, and "The Hat" makes it even more "funworthy"!
  8. The hat took up too much room! No wonder there are so many real criminals in Thailand if this is how they utilise the manpower of the RTP!!!
  9. 10 coppers to arrest a cowboy hat? And no pointing fingers? what is the RTP coming to?
  10. "canning." ? As in putting in a can? Or "caning"? (Sorry - couldn't resist!)
  11. "putting a small levy on all visas and investing it into an insurance scheme" Good idea, which is probably why we have heard no more about it!
  12. "With this in mind Dr Patraphon Jeungsomjetphaisan and Thong Lor police were out investigating massage shops in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok yesterday." "Gizza job - I could do that" (Yosser Hughes)
  13. Agreed! We are constantly being told by TAT/Government that they are trying to attract more tourists, but the average tourist will spend 3/4 weeks here per year. Even assuming spending a healthy 5,000 baht a day, and that the accommodation costs 1000 baht a day that comes to 150,000 baht (app) per tourist. The average ex pat/retiree will spend (app) 10,000 baht per month on accommodation (inc utility bills) which totals 120,000 baht a year, and that is before spending any money on food and drink, so you see who they SHOULD be trying to attract!