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  1. Maybe they are Chinese tourists business people looking to buy a few cheap hotels? There's plenty up for sale at the moment
  2. "Similarly health minister Anutin Charnvirakul has displayed contradictory behavior - gung-ho about the arrival of the Chinese one minute and evasive about the ending of the Covid-19 emergency decree the next." " Anutin Charnvirakul has displayed contradictory behavior" Now there's a surprise!
  3. The figure I saw was "round about 40" so they're covering the occasional runner!
  4. What is it with you people? Did China say "Right, at the start of February, we are going to spread a virus that will quickly become a "Global Pandemic"? A bit like saying that you have to go home from the bar at 10 pm, because after that is when Covid comes out!
  5. First of all 29, then 39, now "around 40"? These people can't count up to 50, but they expect us to believe that by the end of the year Thailand will have seen more than 7 million visitors (or was it 39?)
  6. "What we want now are quality tourists with lots of money who stay for a long time," Yuthasak said. And forget about the people who have visas already who we won't let back into the country unless they spend lots of money.
  7. From a previous post:- "A month prior to his March outburst, in February 2020, Anutin was criticised for remarking that foreigners should be kicked out of Thailand when he saw some who were not wearing face masks at an event at the Siam BTS station in Bangkok.[17] Later, hearing advice from the US Surgeon General, Dr Jerome Adams, that the wearing of masks was unnecessary for the uninfected, Anutin changed his opinion" So, as others on this Forum have noted, once you see the name "Anutin" making a statement, have a pinch of salt handy - or to be on the safe side, a full
  8. Do you mean Thailand GDP or Global GDP? Never mind - pedantics! Howsever, since Covid and the closing of borders and the banning of International flights, where I live, which is a tourist area, the expats are certainly doing their bit towards helping out the local economy. Due to the lack of tourists, many businesses would have gone under by now - and in fact many have, but the ones that survive do so mainly due to the patronage of expats, and the few tourists that are still here. I have mentioned it before, but on average, one ex pat will put app 500,000 baht a year in
  9. What also astounds me is the CEO "compensation" among charities in the United Kingdom alone - CEO's in the US of A get much, much more! Charity CEO salary (£) CEO name Cancer Research UK 240,000 Harpal Kumar Macmillan Cancer Support 170,000 Ciarán Devane NSPCC 162,000 Peter Wanless Oxfam 124,000 Mark Goldring Also, the amount that some celebrities get for their ser
  10. Beat me to that one John - I presume water cannon against peaceful demonstrators does not count?
  11. "The money will come from his Savings Face Account" I lke it! I bet Anutin's got a "big one" (Sexual innuendo intended!)
  12. "So what if someone died" Think I'll put your name forward for " Humanitarian of the Year" award!
  13. "the Thai government claiming Chinese are allowed back into Thailand" You have to be one of "The 120" desirables wealthy coming to Phuket last month last week next week Oh, never mind! P.S. Sorry about your cats!
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