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  1. And then - back to closing the bars and restaurants again?
  2. "The coronavirus has killed 58 people out of 3,173 infections, a relatively low number even within the region. But Thailand's economy is forecast to sink further than any other in Southeast Asia with the number of foreign tourists expected to drop 80% this year." So when will the penny finally drop with this Government - farang tourists like to be made to feel welcome - not like circus performers with all the hoops they are expected to jump through!
  3. "I would be surprised if that would come to 200,000 baht." At some of the hospitals here I would be surprised if it DIDN"T!
  4. I think I will be/am in the same boat. I am in the 70 - 75 yrs old bracket and like most people that age, I have pre existing conditions i.e. hypertension and high cholesterol which is controlled successfully by medication. I was planning to go to the UK for business purposes/medical check up/treatment later in the year, but will now not be going because of the "compulsory insurance for returning foreigners" scam stipulation.
  5. You are probably right, but this is probably to compensate the people that were working during the period when Songkran was "postponed" i.e Government employees etc. It would possibly be an idea for employers to ballot their work force(s) to see how many would rather have the time off, or work and get paid for it?
  6. Is the reason you had the first post because you didn't bother to read it properly? "The special arrangement will initially allow entry to 200 foreigners per day. That number will increase when more alternative state quarantine (ASQ) rooms are made available."
  7. Why, oh why don't people read the details in the post before passing comment? "Meanwhile Boss fled abroad and despite being on an Interpol most wanted list he has never been brought to justice."
  8. "They need to put it some regulations such as face masks in flight, social distancing where possible, temperature checks, personal hand washing and people being aware of surroundings and large groups." Sorry, but are they not doing that already?
  9. They also have ZERO cases of home grown Covid! Where are you from, by the way?
  10. Especially as it's a Saturday and they'll be closed! My 90 day stamp was due at the end of this month, so I phoned my local Immigration Office to check that they were "singing from the same hymnbook" as Immigration Head Office, and was told to come a few days before July 31st as "they were going to be very busy"!
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