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  1. He's had plenty of time to compile the story! :- “But, with the alcohol ban in effect on Asarnha Bucha and Buddhist Lent days in 2017, the number of road fatalities reduced to 21 per day only,” he said."
  2. Your post is a complete contradiction of itself! In answer to "Expect the suicide rates to go up soon" you say:- "Why? A sane and rational person is not going to kill himself over a visa." And then you say "Thailand is chock full of mentally ill foreigners" which are exactly the type of people that are likely to attempt to commit suicide over a visa!!!
  3. Have you not considered that possibly he tried to get a new visa but because of the new "hoops" he was denied one, and that is why he was in such a state?
  4. For someone who was not there you also seem to know an awful lot about the situation and the guy involved! And your increasingly belligerent tone, and innuendo shows that you are prepared to declare the man guilty until proved innocent! I do agree however about the discharging of the gun in the street - very dangerous, for him as well if the gas tank had exploded!
  5. It does annoy me when people pass comments without reading the article properly! "He was charged with having an unlicensed gun and shooting in a public place."
  6. "The dog had pooped" And you have evidence of this? Nothing in the article about it, but you brought it into the discussion a while ago. And was it a puppy or a dog? Probably a puppy suits your agenda better!
  7. Where does it say he was carrying all the ammo with him? It was probably in his room.
  8. By the time (if) they arrive the "bad dog" is probably miles away!
  9. I think you are exaggerating a bit to get your point across, or you are privy to information not in the article! "There is no evidence to support the claim that the dog had attacked anyone. No witnesses support the man's story." "The man was "a liar and was caught lying" "The fire arm was discharged multiple times in a public place." Just how exactly do you know all of this? "Jomphon admitted that he had shot the dog that was cowering under a car at the hotel on 9th January. The dog had been chasing and biting tourists and after he was criticized for not doing his job properly he got angry and shot the animal." Alternatively, do you have any evidence contradicting what "Jomphon" states above?
  10. Maybe he was accused of not doing his job properly because he had allowed the dog to bite tourists at the hotel?
  11. To be grammatically correct they should have, though!:- "A gentlemen's club, or traditional gentlemen's club, is a private social club originally set up by and for British upper-class men in the 18th century," ("Gentlemens Club" is actually the name of a UK band!) And "Ladies Room" should be spelled "Ladies' Room" to be correct (as the word "Ladies" is plural, the apostrophe goes at the end. You're welcome! Signed, "Grammar Police"!
  12. The point is that the THAI banks have your dosh for an additional 3 months to make THEM some more interest!!!
  13. Have you not thought that Sandy might be a male? :- "Sandy is a popular unisex name; the male version can be a diminutive of "Alexander", "Sander", "Alasdair", "Sandipan", "Sandeep", "Sanford", or "Santiago," while the female version is a diminutive for "Sandra" or less commonly "Alexandra", Alisande, and "Cassandra" For example, a well known Canadian born theatre organist who was poular in the UK during WW2 - Sandy McPherson (And NO - I do not think he was responsible - he is/was a different type of artist(e)!)
  14. "Police suspect a foreigner though no reason was given for this assertion." I am constantly dumbfounded by the powers of deduction of the RTP and others in this country:- "The message "(heart) u Sandy Happy Valentines Day" Is the language used and the popular American name not some kind of giveaway? Or do they suspect that it was in reality a Thai trying to bring farangs into disrepute?
  15. Why not just drastically increase the price on that day? Oops, me and my mouth - what have I said? Where's that stick?
  16. But then they would have to form a new committee every month to change the decision that the committee had made the previous month.
  17. "The average New Yorker makes 2 million baht a year. Give me a break, 400k is chump change" But the average farang makes less, and the average Thai makes FAR less. I do not look upon lack of wealth as a failure, I am quite happy without a yacht, dinghy, swimming pool or car, but it shows where YOUR priorities lie!
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