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  1. "A lot of retirees will be leaving" Yes. a lot of retirees who spend an awful lot of money over the year!
  2. You are only now answering a comment made in AUGUST 2018?
  3. "Or I suppose Indian and Chinese tourists are better?" As far as TAT figures are concerned - yes, because they don't care if they buy all their booze at 711, or ask for a glass with 6 straws! And regarding your other points, Westerners in Thailand are well on the decline now - from a 2018 survey:- "On top of that when asked ‘Have you considered leaving Thailand over the last 12 months?’ 66% in 2016 said yes and this was the largely the voice of the working expats. Well they have come good on their promises and finally left the country. Today only 23% of our sample is working expats compared to 42% two years ago" And that is just working expats - I do not have figures at hand for tourists or retirees, but I am not going to look for TAT figures! Once the ball starts rolling ..................?
  4. Why only the Brits? - Surely the ban applies to everyone, or is this a "subtle" way of getting some kind of message across?
  5. Probably a few more since this one - SIX months ago! But having only joined ThaiVisa recently, you have a lot of catching up to do!
  6. A bit off topic, but I have just come back home from a short trip to the shops. In front of me , 2 young girls on a motorbike laughing and joking - not a problem. Turning right with indicator flashing that they are turning left - definitely a problem. Why do they not install self cancelling indicators on all new motor bikes?
  7. And "the tycoon’s driver, Thanee Thummart, was given two years and 17 months in prison for several offences" (not sure what that means! 3 years and one month perhaps, or 2 years for 1 offence and 17 months for another?) Conspiracy theory - the tycoon shoots the leopard, then when it is discovered says to his driver "This is yours, right?" Also the article doesn't mention if the driver or the cook or even his close aide were released on bail?
  8. Did you not see the key words here? "Tourist Authority of Thailand"? In other words, take everything you read with a pinch of salt! For example:- “Apart from the various attractions, warm Thai hospitality and welcoming nature of the Thai people is one of the main reasons that makes Thailand a favourite holiday destination among senior travelers.” "Various attractions" Be prepared to pay up to ten times more than Thais to visit them. "warm Thai hospitality and welcoming nature" Obviously this does not include Immigration ! "a favourite holiday destination among senior travelers.” Except if you're from the UK, Australia ........... etc etc And that's just from ONE sentence!
  9. "warm Thai hospitality and welcoming nature of the Thai people" Obviously not been to Immigration yet - wait until they try to get an extension to their visa! Ooops - sorry! "The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is targeting high spending senior citizens from India to make up the next wave of foreign tourists to visit Thailand.
  10. "It is very easy to obtain retirement Visa in Thailand." You are obviously not British (or Australian or .............!)
  11. Probably quite a few more about that haven't been reported on ThaiVisa?
  12. "Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by forces of Imperial Japan. ... I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."
  13. I did that almost 2 years ago after being together for nine - does that mean that I will get special dispensations from Immigration for my next visa extension application - like not having to provide a Google map of our abode - and a hand drawn map of the same?
  14. I am British but I also am fed up with the Brexit "thing". But I do agree with blazes inasfar as a referendum/vote was taken and the MEP's and peers etc refusing to accept it because it didn't go their way, (and are scared of losing their lucrative salaries expenses and pensions!) and want another referendum(s?) until it does! As David Essex put it:- "Oh what a circus, oh what a show"
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