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  1. But "The Thailand Tourism Intelligence Centre says 23.1 million foreign tourists visited the Kingdom between January and the end of August this year, up nearly 2% compared to the same period last year. The big mover is Indian tourists, up 24% year on year."
  2. Maybe doesn't meet the new requirements for a an extension?
  3. A little bit of exaggeration always helps to get the point across! "Millions?" If so the planet would be like a Zombie movie! The point bild766 makes is a valid one. Thais see this kind of behaviour a few times and the next thing is all Brits are morons. I have lived in Thailand for quite a few years now, and when I first came here, EVERYBODY had a smile for you. Unfortunately not so much now - from surly shop staff to rip off vendors, the attitude has changed drastically, and behaviour like this is more than partly to blame.
  4. Talk about splitting hairs? I suppose you would like to see it in brackets in the account of the rescue:- " Diving expert Vernon Unsworth was there but on this occasion he didn't actually dive"
  5. It was a minor operation - one night overnight stay and then back home.
  6. I think that a lot of the bills must be for "post op care". Maybe people have enough cash/insurance to pay for the initial treatment, but in a private hospital the after care costs can soon rocket. And I agree with your final statement 100%. A friend of mine required an operation costing 80,000 baht and they wanted payment up front before doing it.
  7. "Satit said 14 private insurance companies in Thailand had joined the project." Now there's a surprise! Surprised there's not more!
  8. Plus"pre existing conditions" like high blood pressure and high cholesterol make most insurance policies pretty useless for the elderly - and at an exorbitant price!
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