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  1. Ah the driver's license and banking are issues. When you change the address with Medicare, ask them to send a replacement card. All you need is one envelope that arrived via the mail that has your name and address on it. A magazine, a gift in a box from your daughter, a letter, etc. Then you can open a bank account and get a driver's license.
  2. I cannot imagine why you would want to do that! Talk about an added drain on your savings and social security. But any citizen will not be denied entry into the country so you are safe there. So all you need is money, then a place to stay, then food to eat. Forget about pussy...Oh I forgot you are 80 so no worries. As far as credit cards go, they are unsecured and you cannot be arrested for non-payment. If you defrauded them in the process, that is a different issue and their interest in you would depend on the amount owed I would guess. You will need to change your address with Medicare and social security but that's about it from my knowledge.
  3. Sanctuary cities are mostly in the Eastern and Western states controlled by the Democratic party. There are a few exceptions. Democrats oppose everything Trump does even when it is for the good of the country and the people. They oppose The Wall and seemingly anything that upholds our laws regarding illegal immigration. So if they want open borders, unfettered entry by immigrants outside of the legal pathways, and support a look-the-other-way regarding illegal entry into the USA and in dealing with those individuals when their illegal status becomes known by the police within those sanctuary cities, then why not send them all to those cities to let the politicians deal with them? But that won't happen because some of the states where sanctuary cities are located are on the brink of bankruptcy as it is. Sure Trump poses an empty threat but its funny and would be poetic justice in the least. America faces a huge dilemma regarding immigration. So do many other nations of the world. Either suck it up or enforce the laws or pass new ones if required. Trump wants to enforce the laws and protect the borders but he has to deal with the liberal Democrats who seem more inclined to take back control of the government than they are in protecting our country, our way of life, and the sovereignty of the nation. It is a political football, to say the least. What isn't discussed much is the cost of illegal immigrants to the economy. Here are some thoughts on that. The Pew Hispanic Center estimated that 6–7 million immigrants came to the United States via illegal entry (the rest (600,000) entering via legal visas allowing a limited stay, but then not leaving when their visa period ended). There are an estimated half million illegal entries into the United States each year. In 2017, FAIR's "The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers" report put the total cost of illegal immigration at $135 billion a year, while claiming undocumented immigrants paid only $19 billion a year in taxes. That leaves a net cost to local, state and federal governments of $116 billion a year. FAIR estimated that there are roughly 12.5 million undocumented immigrants in the country. That's significantly higher — by more than 1 million people — than most other estimates. At approximately $9,280 cost per immigrant per year to the US economy, if the approximate 500,000 illegal immigrants entering the country every year could be stopped plus the 600,000 annual visa overstays could be prevented, the US could save $10,208,000,000 annually. That means The Wall and further expansions could be paid for through taxpayer savings alone and added policies and police service could also be funded to better track those in the USA on visas of various sorts. If we had systems in place like those here in Thailand that made it more difficult to disappear within the country, maybe some of the 12.5 million undocumented immigrants could enter the legal process or be sent back to their home country. I think there should be some special circumstances allowable for illegal immigrants who have lived here peacefully, have a family to support, have not committed certain crimes, and earn a living while legally paying taxes. We should have an amnesty program or let them continue to live in the country while moving through the immigration process contingent on knowing their whereabouts, not being arrested for certain crimes, and on them staying employed a certain number of months per year, etc. The moment they seek social benefits, get arrested, or stop earning their way is when they get a plane ticket home. Earn the right to stay is what I'm saying.
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