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  1. I fully agree. Seeing as the Grunfos SQ was quoted at too much i wont be using a VFD on a cheaper pump as it will just blow it to bits in a year or so. Bizarrely or as fate would have it a local council/Authority ute drove past our farm today a few times, they were surveying the Rd. My wife asked them what it was in Aid of. The next village down from our farm has just put in a bore in the forest and are planning to take the water past our property. ( not currently on town water ) so that was a bit of a surprise as we had been told that the Village head had given us permission to have a line from the local village feed ( different village ) so it looks like we can get town water without having to pay for the install. i will have a look at the video. i get the concept of the storage tank for water coming out from the bore, but in my initial post i mentioned i had a 140000L dam to fill, Back to the Pump again, i popped into my local tool shop today. Low and behold bore pumps, loads of them, Franklin too. he had a nice 3in pump 1HP which @ 30m delivers quite a high L/per min as the depth is quite low it was a 12 stage pump. and 7000Bht so i can't go wrong really at that price. if it dies in 2 or 3 years then such is life. As for the refresh rate of the bore. i dont want to suck the shit out of it as i dont want to induce turbidity of any kind and also dont want to have to have the pump running dry at all, so i am going err on the side of caution, i have the dam i can use to pump 24/7 into, further down the line R.O. may come into play so i can just plod away and keep it all nice and slow, but after todays info ( the water pipe being installed past my drive) it leads me to ponder as to reconsider the options or just carry on a much lower budget. thanks very much for your input. Shaemus
  2. Thanks for the input Guys. i have just heard back from Iwater in Khon Kaen. the deal that they have on the Grundfos pumps only applies to the sp range which is 4in, so sadly i wont be using Grundfos for the moment as the price quoted for an SQ was 34000 Bht. So i guess its going to be a franklin, I have looked at them in the DIY stores, and to be honest the fact that they have single insulated conductors as a tail just sitting on the out side of the pump puts me off massively. As an Electrician i am more that capable of joining the cable but i would much rather a factory cable which is double insulated and not have to bother with purchasing of a the correct cable and water proof joints required. Also i looked at the technical info from Franklin (attached below) and i couldn't see the diameter of the pump casing even though they claim it to be suitable for a 4" pipe. Maybe i missed that part. In relation to the bore tests: we are currently in drought where i am located and the middle of the dry season so the aquifer should be low without very detailed knowledge of the strata and the Aquifer system that are present it is impossible to say what is underground, how long it has been there and if it is replenished etc etc. @Thainess what would i need a bladder tank for (buffer)? thanks again for the input Shaemus mf3200_fps_3200_series_brochure-1-.pdf
  3. Thanks for the details. i have been in touch and i am still waiting for the price list.
  4. I just read a interesting thread on bore pumps, having just had a bore drilled i am now looking for a suitable pump. I am looking for a Grunfos supplier. Can any one help? I went to one in Khon kaen the other day and was a bit shocked as they were attempting to charge me 550 Bht for a 20" 1 micron filter, where as i an buy them online for 40Bht. The same shop has a promotion on and is selling the SPA3A-12 for 14000Bht is this a good price? Thanks Shaemus
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