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  1. Not all, say I. Send them to Suksabai Villa and get rid of the squatters with 5 cats, 5 or more dogs, 15000 Roosters (Seems like it at 0300hr), hens and garbage everywhere. Probably a few crocodiles and mossies the size of March flies in the stagnet water at the bottom of the abandoned swimming pool. When I was a Hobo I enjoyed my rare trip to Walking Street. Specially the Mekong Knee Walk Runs. ON ON.
  2. Sorry I couldn't be more help but been about 9 years since I taught web page design and html.
  3. The original PP-R fittings I have just require pressing the shaved head pipe in. Global House don't seem to carry these type of fittings so I bought some that looked like they glue in. Evidently pipes and fittings are melted together with a special machine. I don't have a machine. Can PP-R fittings and pipes be glued with normal PVC Solvent Glue?
  4. Yes or apoxy it all together.
  5. Thanks. That's what I was thinking, loads of tape, and I can't remember if I've done one like that either.
  6. I haven't done anything like this for years, but Dreamweaver puts in a lot of it's own formatting code. This could be a problem. Can you not open the code in an editor, check it there, as then you paste it into a clean web page and see what happens? Also check at the start of the Dreamweaver code page to see that it has the correct html pointers. Maybe think about writing the web pages in html. It's not a huge job. Sorry to be vague.
  7. I have an encapsulated female PVC thread that I want to screw in a male metal thread connector. Just reading that this union will probably leak. The article says that female metal thread to male PVC thread won't leak, but the other way will. I can't change the female threaded part as it's fiberglassed into my fish tank sump. The male metal connector is the only one I could find that goes to PP-R pipe. What's your experience going from female PVC thread to male metal thread. Did it leak?
  8. I don't drink Chang, you must have missed that. Correction for you: I didn't 'see God', in my minds eye I visualized I saw the Christian God. To your other point. "How can you say ...." I can say what I like. In my 75 years it was just a strange experience which I thought fitted into the OPs post.
  9. Yes, very sorry. Can't find that reference now but I probably forgot a 0. Probably should have been .033 -.044. Thanks for the help. I can always rely on this site to set me straight. While I had the PP-R pipe and some fittings, I needed some more fittings, so had an enjoyable 200 km round trip to Mukdahan to pick up the other bits, a box of red and a lovely lunch with wifey. So the construction is all in PP-R now, not PVC.
  10. Thanks again @sometimewoodworker I will revisit this and see if I can switch to these fittings. Seems like using PVC Pipe is the wrong way to go.
  11. I meditate most days. One of my meditations was visualization letting bright happy light fill the body, area, room, village and keep expanding to fill the earth, planets, universe. So you go as far as you can into the universe as it flashes by. One day on this journey I saw God. I've been meditating for a few years and have only ever seen this once. And I don't drink Chang.
  12. So the odds are 74 million to 1. But intelligent people never look at it that way. Someone has to win it and I am the one. Anyway, that's my stupid reasoning each month I buy the tickets. Got the secret number from burned body ashes a couple of years ago. Coming soon.
  13. Thanks. So a safety relief valve would be good. I was only going to use PVC 8.5 pipe because I have some left over, but it would be better to use PVC 13.5 and a safety relief valve. I'll Google the safety relief valve. What value relief valve would you suggest? Above 66 PSI? The air pumps to 4 separate pipes that feed 2 air tank inlets per fish tank. Probably going to say something stupid here, but does that mean the pressure per pipe is about 16 PSI? From this pic you can just see the white fiberglass female connector, in the water tank sump, that the air pipe connects to. 2 connections per sump.
  14. I just recently had a quote to change the filter media in 2 59" polycarbon filters. One carbon and one zeolite (something like that ). Somewhere between B5000 and B7000. I have a 3000L settlement tank from the bore before the filters and is needed as we have a lot of suspended iron in the water. Suspect you do too if you have that red colour. The concrete tanks could be your settlement tank.
  15. Hi. I have 2 1000L water tanks and I calculated (long ago) I need 35/45 LPM to each tank (depending on fish stocking density). So I thought 1 air pump around 90 LPM. Lazada has Ataman HP-12000 @ 110 LPM and specs say 0.032/0.44 Max. MPa.
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