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  1. I have a small dual output water timer switch (similar to the model 1180e). It runs off 2 X 1.5V batteries. I don't think the batteries will last long, so I'm thinking of buying a SM-PLG06A-03, 220V to 3V power supply to power the water timer. I'll install rechargable batteries and connect the DC supply output across the battery terminals. Does this sound OK?
  2. Trouble is many of them end up being politicians so we're all screwed.
  3. Just a 'grasping at straws' thought. Got any lose tiles or hollow sounding tiles? Could be the leak under them
  4. Still haven't paid mine and been married nearly 30 years. My little massage girl said her father (Thai at 74 years) wanted to marry this 63 year old Thai, but the sinsod was too much, so they just stay friends. She's real happy there's not another mouth to feed.
  5. Years ago a nephew was one of 3 on a motorbike in an accident with a car. We sorted out the nephew broken tibia and fibia and brother in law reimbursed half the cost. Evidently the car was at fault but the report was that nephew couldn't get any insurance money as he was the guy sitting in the middle on the bike so illegal. Sounded fishy to me so we hired a lawyer and went to Nakhon Pratom to see the police where the accident was. He took us in his car with a young girl he said was his assistant. About 2km into the trip he pulled up where we paid for a full tank of petrol, then there were many food and drink stops there and back plus his fee. He kept bragging about his gun (which he pulled out) he kept in his car glove box. So we got to the police station and he carried in big time and was referred to different officers and eventually they told him to p*ss off. Went to the guy's place who caused the accident and he had already paid compensation to the uncle of one of the motorbike kids. Went to the uncle's place and he admitted spending all the money. Paid the lawyer his fee and he dropped us somewhere outside Bangkok as he was spending the night with his secretary. Caught a taxi back to our place. In those days it was all good fun, but there's bad ones and good ones.
  6. Not sure if this helps. I had a leak and put stop valves on all the branches away from the pump. I isolated the leak back to pipes under tiles and cement. If it is a substantial leak, (I think my pump was on about every 5 to 10 mins) you should see a large washed out area when you dig under the tiles/cement. I started at the pipe coming from the pump outlet, broke through a few tiles and cement and there was the washed out area. Joint had let go. This area hadn't been disturbed since tiling. Just failed.
  7. Mornin Crossy, while not as yet dabbling in the ESP8266 I have seen a few articles on it at : https://www.hackster.io
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