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  1. Heineken 0.00 is an acquired taste. Gets better after a year. Just think, drinking it for a year has probably prolonged my life for 0.5 sec.
  2. Hi wifey got it in the mail. There is a QR code on the page. We have Bangkok Bank and when I scanner the QR code it opened in the Bangkok Bank app. and I just sent it as suggested in the app. Probably works with other banks. Think i used the Line app to scan the code.
  3. Well there you go. Nowhere on the back does it mention passport.
  4. @BagwainAlso another question if i may. Have you ever pulled to pieces this 3 way valve? I've ordered another one to replace this one and hopefully I can undo the screws and it wont sail into a million pieces. I am pretty sure its my fault that the 3 way valve and flapper NRV are sticking as they are American fittings and just a bit bigger than the Thai 1.5" pipe. So I was advised to epoxy them into the pipe and Im pretty sure some of the solution ran into the NRV and the 3 way valve. Wrong info lesson learn, but need to change the NRV and look inside the 3 way valve.
  5. Hi, its for my aquaponics system and i require a NRV with very low resistance to flow thru water as my pump is only 40 W.
  6. Cant find any with the flap type valve.
  7. Anyone know where I can buy one of these 'flapper' type NRV's and cost please.
  8. For the hospital visits, for license renewal, ampur business, police and roadside checks, hotel accommodation, clinic visits, local Check an foreigners in the village Check, get into some double princes parks as some price as Khun Thai. I have used it for all the above, so having it makes it a convienence.
  9. If you want to do it yourself you need to do what Crossy said. So you first need to check that the frequency is 50 Hz. The way I did it was to disconnect the output 220 V plug from your generator to the house and connect a power consumption/voltage/frequency plug in (available from Lazada) to an electric kettle and use that as your load. The el-cheapo kettle I used drew 8 A. So you can see if your frequency is 50 Hz (or as close as you can get). The kettle will boil and switch off then start again (leave the top open) and you can see the load/No load frequency. On my machine the throttle
  10. We're talking about Covid here, and everyone in Australia gets tested free. But to get to Australia from Thailand you need to have a Covid test before the plane trip which costs around B5000 odd for a same day service at a private hospital.
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