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  1. I used to do aerobics at Tony's with a small group. One of the guys had both knees replaced at Si Racha. He said he had a great outcome.
  2. So when I buy the DIN bus on Lazada I probably should buy a DIN mount for the processor and mount for power feeds as in pictures. Anything else I should get on the same order?
  3. There used to be a haircut shop in Nana Plaza where you could actually get a haircut.
  4. I've gotta rearrange some wiring and put it in a wall mounted waterproof box. Some of the things in the box will be: incoming single phase circuit breaker on/off switches to pumps, pump contactor and overload, under/over voltage protector, Arduino processor, Arduino power supply, current sensor and waterflow sensor (outside the box), relays and push buttons. Plan A: So to start off I was thinking of getting a large waterproof plastic box (in the power section of Global House) and a couple of DIN rails from Lazada and going from there. Good plan A?
  5. carlyai


    The BIL's new flame is called 'Youpaa' but I heard 'Youkaa'. Youkaa is the name of a tree or short for Eucalyptis. I wondered why she was named after a tree. Everyone thought it funny when I called her Youkaa and no one told me for a good while that's it was Youpaa.
  6. But the problem is he can't get the 'song' internet no good. Um internet hotel got it.
  7. On the way to Naglua ...a few 100 m from the Dolphin round a bout. Called Pattaya Sauna. Bit broken down and not maintained at the moment. I wouldn't recommend it, but I've been going there for years.
  8. The place I used to go has the sauna still going but the girls are gone, except the one that used to massage me. She's selling fruit from a stall near the sauna, and massaging when a customer comes. Hope she washes her hands before selling the fruit again. The oil would get on the fruit.
  9. Very frustrating. 3BB have a service hotline number. I've always had good service, but they may not be interested in international probs. Worth a phone call. The other thing you could do is inform your VPN provider. Mine is also helpful with any probs. Lastly you could try using Windows machine and not Android to connect to your VPN. I was having trouble with my Android server connection, then switched to Windows servers and now OK.
  10. Internet broke. Which firm do you use. Just like to check which robbers are better.
  11. Great question, pity some stupid answers. How can a foreigner die here without letting the embassy know? I've told my wife to plant my ashes in the garden and not tell. Unfortunately a fair portion of my superannuation dies with me and only about a quarter goes to my wife. 'Lose lips sink ships'.
  12. Sorry, I don't know what you mean. I have a float switch in my settlement/storage tank that turns the pump on and off. I have nearly the same setup on the other bore pump and never have a problem. They are separated by about 100 m. I think the problem one is on a much sandier part of the aquifier and that's the problem when the wet season comes the sand is stirred up.
  13. Well that was a great theory. I decided to clean out the yellow tank and found there was a lot of sand in the bottom of the tank. Maybe this is the real reason there was only a trickle of water out of the tank, the outlet hole was blocked by the sand? Cleaned out the yellow tank and with the new impeller will see what happens tomorrow. Might check where the jet pump head is located in the water table. Maybe needs to be lifted. I had it about 1m from the bore bottom as the water table varies by metres between wet and dry seasons.
  14. Also another device 'better than sliced bread' is the thinggy in the rectangular box in pic 2. For undoing stubborn screws. Just put it in the screw head and hit with a hammer. As you hit it unscrew. Brilliant.
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