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  1. Cv cases are as good as the number of tests conducted. some countries have done just too few and those statistics can’t be used as a representative sample
  2. Not just US, we hear the same from other locations too. Flight booking has to be only on repat flights. 1. We are being told the flight details (repat flight) submitted at the time of application for CoE will be indicated on the CoE issued by embassy. 2. ie. we cannot change the flights after issuance of CoE It would be great to hear experience from others on 1, above.
  3. We are being told to provide flight booking on any repat flight for CoE and not any others. Technically, CAAT has not approved landing of commercial flights in Thailand. Could it be the transit flights via BKK were classified as repat flights bringing nationals home?
  4. I am struggling to find non-Thais having departed from locations outside Asia
  5. Thank you for sharing. If we obtained a CoE using a particular flight booking, can we change the flight booking and use the initially issued CoE for a new flight?
  6. I heard the same. This would reduce the lead time for CoE. Major bottleneck still remains that CoE pax, can fly only on repatriation flights, which are scarce
  7. Can only thank Op for taking the time and effort to post for the benefit of others who would like a proof of concept...
  8. very valid point. Even with all the docs and $$, if there are not sufficient critical mass of Thai's wanting to evacuate, i am afraid our effort will be in vain.
  9. Thank you. In locations where the there are limited number of Thai Citizens, the frequency of such flights are very low. so the wait continues.. Anybody having flown options than evacuation flights, please tell us your story?
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