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  1. You can, but that doesn't help the OP's problem now.
  2. Tourist visas (TR/VE) are certainly not the answer especially if you’re increasing your entries. If you’re not formally working in a Thailand a Privilege Entry visa from Thailand Elite would be the obvious option; starting at 500K for 5 years unlimited entries.
  3. Non! Not a chance. And regardless of which language is the most spoken, English is, and will remain, the world’s lingua franca.
  4. I’m not. It’s too generalised, and contains lots of misinformation.
  5. You can get a new card from immigration. They might want a police report. It only takes between 3-5 hours.
  6. Yes. VE is designed for tourists visiting occasionally for holidays of less than 30 days.
  7. The stamp itself shouldn’t affect anything, but Immigration Officers will be interested in the cumulative time you’ve spent in the country as a tourist when deciding on future entries. Almost 9 months is the max you can get from one METV, unless you’re the spouse or parent if a Thai in which case it’s potentially 11.
  8. Yes. An entry on or before September 24th gets you another 60 days.
  9. Then I suggest you contact the Thai consulate and ask why they are rejecting your application due to a FRRO.
  10. It would appear that either you or your husband are foreigners in India and require to register with a Foreign Regional Registration Officer, and that registration (FRRO) is due to expire.
  11. If living in the country it’s best not to use VE unless you have to. Although the alert is set at 6 it’s time spent in the country during those 6 entries they look at. 6 is not a limit.
  12. Immigration will give someone 7 days to leave the country if an extension application is denied. So you apply for an extension knowing it will be denied to get an extra 7 days.
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