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  1. The Philippines is not Thailand, and doesn't come close! The Thai visa system is still easy for anyone that qualifies for the respective visa. The countries with 'easier visas' will do exactly the same as Thailand if/when the numbers visitors grow as they have in Thailand.
  2. The 'combo method' is still available, but the rules have changed. How they have changed is still unclear. We are getting conflicting information from immigration offices, but it is possible that you will need to keep a minimum balance of 400K that can't be touched during the year.
  3. You don't need to get a Visa On Arrival (VOA) because you qualify for the Tourist Visa Exempt Scheme (VE - no visa required) If you travel to Thailand without a visa (VE) you should have an onward ticket out of the country within 30 days of arrival. Some airlines sometimes check you have an onward flight and won't carry you without one. Immigration at passport control almost certainly won't to ask to see one. If you travel with a Single Entry Tourist Visa (SETV) - that you can get in the US at the Thai Embassy or one of the Consulates - you will get 60 days on arrival. You might need to provide onward flight details (depending where you apply) when applying for the visa, but once you have the visa neither the airline or immigration should ask to see it. If you are required to provide an onward flight you can book a cheap ticket to anywhere.
  4. I don't think the OP's situation is the same. It sounds like you were caught working at a place not listed on your WP, and then got ripped off by an agent!
  5. There is no definitive answer, but you are definitely pushing your luck using 5 accounts. You should check with your local office before you apply so you can move the money in time if they say no.
  6. You will have to get it sorted out at the labour office that issued it.
  7. No it doesn’t have to come from abroad. You will need to put it in an account in your name at least 2 months before you apply for an extension.
  8. The requirements may vary between offices, but in general you’ll need; Original marriage certificate plus signed copy. Signed copies of wife's ID and Tabien Baan. Signed copies of your passport pages: ID page, visa, entry stamp, departure card. 1 x photo 6 x 4. Maybe they will want form TM30. This is the form used by the Owner/House-master to report that you are staying with them. Your wife will need to go with you when you apply.
  9. You can’t extend for tourism. But if you are the spouse of parent of a Thai you could extend for 60 days for 1,900 baht.
  10. Maybe so; but if I were you I would follow the new rules and keep the minimum balances. Offices are going to have discretion over the next year or so, but that discretion might not always work in our favour.
  11. Yes you will still be able to use the combo method with that level of income/cash in the bank. You'll need to show your passbook plus get a letter from the bank confirming your foreign transfers.
  12. He is on tourist-entries, so cannot be staying more than 60 or 90 days per entry. You well know that it is the cumulative number of days stayed that determines where you’re living! A few hours/days out of the country every few months doesn’t change that. Thai law considers someone ‘tax resident’ after 180 cumulative days. Immigration aren’t bothered by the number of entries, but the cumulative time spent in the country and the gaps between visits.
  13. You aren't. That is one of several bad entry points where they pretend there is a legal reason to deny entry to those who have "been here too much before" - even if their prior stays were 100% lawful. I’m not sure that PR slogan was aimed at long term tourism. “Lawless” to “bad”. Progress!
  14. If you can provide an acceptable reason (e.g. - medical) why she can’t attend they might issue the extension.
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