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  1. You cannot apply for a non-immigrant visa from a VOA entry.
  2. Why isn't that stated on their website? And why do they specifically state and underline the fact that tourist visa applications should be done in the country of residence? There is no mention of that restriction for non-immigrant applications, and why would there be? "Citizens from the following countries are advised to file an application for tourist visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their country of permanent residency;" http://vientiane.thaiembassy.org/upload/pdf/RestrictedCountries2013.pdf
  3. Only if they go after the IO's granting the extensions, which I think is highly likely. Watch this space for 30 day under consideration periods for retirement extensions.
  4. 2 months for the 800K. If you start monthly transfers of at least 65K pm now, they should let you apply based on income with proof of those transfers. Or you could use the combo method and put 400K in the bank for 2 months prior to applying, and transfer at least 34K pm.
  5. I can’t give you a definitive answer. You definitely (Indian national) cannot apply for a Tourist Visa in Laos, but there is nothing on the Embassies website to suggest you can’t apply for a non-immigrant visa.
  6. Seasoning is not waived. What is being described is — as you say — “bribery/corruption”. My point was to clarify that agents do not have an official waiver. The only way any requirement can be waived is by getting it signed off by a senior IO. What most ‘crooked’ agents, in colaberation with a corrupt IO, do is fake the required paperwork required for an application to be approved. An original bank letter is the only original document expected to be found on a file, which is why the agent deposits cash in an account long enough to get a bank letter. A bank letter just needs to confirm the balance on the date it’s produced, not that a minimum balance has been maintained for x months. All other documents are copies that are easily faked.
  7. There is no short term extension that you can apply for. You can apply for a 1 year extension, but only with the support and paperwork from your employer. If they aren’t prepared to support a 1 year extension now you could go outside Thailand again and get another non ‘B’. That would give another 90 days for your employer to get the paperwork together for a 1 year extension.
  8. No it is not. The is no rule/regulation or directive from the TIB waiving “seasoning for agent-applications.”
  9. Yes you can use a CIMB savings account as long as you have instant access to the funds.
  10. The 800K is supposed to originate from abroad, but when you apply for an extension of stay they don’t — as a rule — ask for proof. Immigration only require proof when you apply for a non ‘O’ visa in Thailand ahead of applying for an extension.
  11. It’s a minimum balance; as simple as that. Currently if you drop below 800K during the 60day/3mth ‘seasoning’ period you won’t get the extension. The same will almost certainly apply for the new minimum balances. If you do drop below the minimums you could in theory — as now — leave/re-enter and start the extension process from scratch. You need more than 800K to retire. You need at least 800K plus your annual expenditure, and easy access to other funds for emergencies. The new rules don’t change that.
  12. When you make your next application you will need to have 800K minimum in your account for at least 2 months before you apply and 3 months after. You will also have to keep a minimum balance of 400K thereafter. Correct. You can keep using the KBank savings account. Correct. Although the spouse is issued a 'piggyback' extension based on relationship, not dependancy. Yes, you will need to maintain the minimum balances to be able to extend again the following year.
  13. They will usually let you extend up to 45 days early in Bangkok. No special circumstances required.
  14. Yes, almost certainly, but no one can give you a definitive answer. People rarely get denied entry with a Tourist Visa. If you are questioned don’t show your Thai bank account. Tourists don’t require bank accounts. IO’s would be looking for hotel booking/s, onward flight and possibly 20K baht (or foreign currency equivalent) in cash or travellers cheques. The things a typical tourist would have. Not sure an apartment rental contract would help. Again it’s not typical of a tourist.
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