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  1. Before I can come back to Thailand...... I’d have to leave. No way am I leaving here until I know there are no restrictions or unattainable requirements whatsoever. However long that takes...so be it.
  2. I went to Mega Bangna a couple of days ago. It was busy, I felt that rules were being followed pretty well. Whilst wandering around browsing its hard for people to keeping distancing in their minds the whole time. Checking in and out all the time is irritating but but not difficult. Queuing to pay is orderly and distanced (mostly). I literally only noticed one person not wearing a mask, it was in IKEA and it was a foreign woman. Compare this to the scenes we see of the UK with crowded parks and beaches, and it looks pathetic., and the US where if you wear a mask you’re seen as anti trump or weak. I’m glad I’m here.
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