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  1. I’m not sure what your issue with shophouses is, a phobia perhaps? My dentist is in a small soi off sukhumvit though not a shophouse. The standard would rival anything in my home country but prices I’d estimate around half. Clientele are probably 50% Thai
  2. A good read, particularly if like me you’re not the easiest patient. I’ve found a brilliant dentist in Bangkok with excellent prices, good English and very considerate of my anxieties
  3. AIS customer service from personal experience a million times better than True particularly with English. Gave up on True Visons years ago
  4. Since the introduction of the 15 day visa exemption (for some countries) I visit VN much more often so I haven’t used any visa services E or otherwise
  5. Great to hear your update Jimmie. Wishing you both a continued healthy life together
  6. Here in Bkk I find quite a few shortfalls. Grab drivers rely on it to get me home and if they follow GM route it sends them about 4km out of the way. This only started happening around 6 months ago. I switch between GM and Waze and sometimes Waze is better except for the appalling pronunciation of Thai road names!
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