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  1. I find your restating you’re opinions as facts over and over quite tedious so I’ll you to it. I’ve been here some considerable time, never called myself a guest and doing just fine. Enjoy your day and your visit to Thailand
  2. Double pricing and ripping off tourists goes on the world over, we all know that, but when it’s sanctioned AND operated by the government it enters a new league. It is racist or for the pedantic amongst us it’s discriminatory. Of course we also have those who tell us we’re all rich and they’re all poor, or it’s only a few hundred baht, or that foreigners don’t pay tax..... and so it goes on
  3. I also disagree with your interpretation. I’ll wait and see what dire circumstances I find myself in. Up to now I seem to be fine
  4. I need to stop interacting with you, I hate feeling nauseous. My final words to you however, as a judge of character you’re utterly useless
  5. One hand on the keyboard and one down your pants while you type?.... now that IS weird
  6. I read your whole post and you didn’t use the word PLANDEMIC. What kind of conspiracy theorist are you eh? . The attention seeking fools who make up these things are weird, but the people who actually believe them really ought to get back on their anti psychotic meds.
  7. Certainly in the areas I’ve been to in Bangkok and in my area distancing is observed a bit less now, but mask wearing is prevalent at a percentage I’d say at well over 90%
  8. I agree with everything you say except the nonsense about being guests
  9. No it doesn’t, it means no REPORTED cases.
  10. No problem with that whatsoever, but this..... “Looking at the beautiful legs and butts I see in the shopping malls.” Yes I’m uncomfortable with that, you might not be but I am.
  11. Because I don’t fit with your ethics you consider me unpleasant and judgemental. I don’t have a problem with that.
  12. I’m a regular to Prachuab too. Very few foreigners overall so no bar scene (that I’m aware of). Some great real Thai food too.
  13. After reading that line I realised there was no point in reading on
  14. Incorrect. Each time you arrive in the country you get a year entry. I suppose if you hardly ever leave you have to extend it....but do people really just stay here that long without leaving? It’d drive nuts!
  15. No they’re not, they’re getting it extended FOC. Sorry to rain on your envy parade.
  16. Uh oh.... the PLANDEMIC brigade are here again. Are they forcing you to wear a mask again? Did you know those masks are impregnated with 5G trackers so the government can track your every move? And all funded bu Bill Gates.
  17. Wrong....but never mind, I see where you’re coming from
  18. The volume of debate on wearing a mask is absurd in the extreme. It’s a mask that’s all, it’s not difficult to wear. The US has made it political, they quote constitutional rights, freedom, god, it’s a flippin mask!
  19. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than something like this
  20. I went 3 years ago, loved every second of the trip and still keep contact with our guides. I would definitely go back again.
  21. The only thing Bhutan and Thailand have in common is Buddhism. Beyond that there’s nothing. My trip to Bhutan was one of my best ever trips and worth every penny.
  22. But you believe the numbers of the UK and US? They’re what you call the real world? the GBP yesterday assessed as being on a par with emerging currencies, basically makes the UK the worlds first UNdeveloping country
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