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  1. The government has been manipulating the baht for years now and they have been feeding the trough but they can't manage to offer aid to the kingdom's citizens? They are able to drastically increase military spending and float loans for high speed rail and infrastructure projects, build an overpriced parliament building and countless other projects, but they can't offer aid beyond travel discounts and some vouchers? throwing the borders of Thailand open to a world literally drowning in new Covid infections, before a vaccine, is a great idea. Maybe you could apply to greet the arrivi
  2. You are spouting gibberish garbage. The flu doesn't kill more than Covid-19. It effects more than just the old. You are really sucking up Trump's kool aid, which is now causing massive disaster in USA and you want to spread that same falsehood here. You are deranged.
  3. You miss the point. The government shut down the borders to protect the kingdom. It is the government's responsibility to provide aid, it is not worth exposing everyone to illness and/or death just to keep the tourist industry's ability to fleece tourists.
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