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  1. Your visa would be valid for 12 months, as long as you enter before the expiry date, you would be stamped in for 12 months. No need to rush getting a visa until you are ready to travel otherwise you are wasting some of tge visa validity. If used correctly you can get once the borders are fully open, 2 years on a Non OA visa
  2. Peter yes thats correct and they have to get additional Covid insurance of $100,000 if their existing insurance they have for the OA does not cover it. This is an important part of a COE application being granted
  3. Yes thats correct and get the required OA insurance. Many people are using this one, but you may need a one year cover
  4. They may well be doing it, but because I only have the confirmation from the UK, I really cannot confirm the policy of the German RTE.
  5. In this instance because you already have the extension of stay based on money in a Thai bank, money in a UK bank account is not acceptable.
  6. If you went back to the UK and have a re entry permit and meet the COE requirements and prepared to do quarantine then yes on entry into Thailand the IO will stamp you in for the 2nd year. However as its based on a Non OA the IO may want to see the OA insurance requirement for the 2nd year.
  7. John if you apply for the COE in the UK just apply online and you use the section Foreigners under a special arrangement to proceed.
  8. No Peter you are slightly missing the point. They are saying in the first point that currently people with an extension of stay based on a Non OA with a re entry permit are allowed to apply for a COE to enter Thailand. Now those people with an extension of stay based on a Non O with a re entry permit are also allowed to apply for a COE to enter Thailand. The diffence being here is that people do not have to meet the insurance requirement of a Non OA. They do however need to meet the other financial requirements I quoted and the insurance requirement is not that of an OA but the $100,000 to get
  9. See my thread with the latest information direct from inside the embassy
  10. Hey guys I have been doing advice helping people return to Thailand on some Facebook groups. Today I found out the latest about people being allowed entry. It may help some of you probably not many but if you have a re entry permit and a current extension of stay based on retirement (Retirement Visa) you may find it useful. Quarantine is still required. NON O RETIREMENT VISA EXTENSIONS WITH A RE ENTRY PERMIT Holders of Non O retirement extensions being allowed back into Thailand, I have been given clarification by Kun Wichaya of the RTE London. I have summarised her res
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