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  1. Many people using the online service from Dr Donna via video call
  2. Read the post replies its temporary because of a technical problem.
  3. It depends on the office. Not all offices give an under consideration period. In Pattaya extensions are normally granted immediatly so ensure that you do not apply too early otherwise you will lose days. Best to apply in the last week for a Covid extension. Other extensions based on family etc you do not lose days so can be applied for earlier.
  4. Absolutely disgraceful service. The COE in the UK is all done online and many cases reported all done and dusted in 2 hours. Evem changes and a new COE issued done by email almost immediately
  5. Thanks for confirming that my post was correct. I said from November. If you read it correctly it was in a different way exactly what you just put in your reply.
  6. Nonsense. Flights have been able to be easily booked on the Thai Airways weekly flight for Thai's wishing to go into free State Quarantine since last November. Or if they wanted to pay for ASQ, then on any of the daily flights with Emitates, Qatar, Etihad, KLM, Lufthansa etc. There was only a waiting list to fly in the very early days when you had to book the flight through the embassy, now its direct with the airline.
  7. Yes thats why I said soi's 87/89. The busy soi's are Country Club, ETC These soi's are no problem at all.
  8. Sorry UJ I disagree, these people are not from the UK. On the Facebook London forum there are many who have return without the extra insurance.
  9. Rather than Jomtien, if I was you I would look at the so called "Darkside" (other side of the Sukumvidt) in East Pattaya. Rental houses are a plenty in the soi 87/89 area. You can be in Jomtien and pattaya in less than 10 - 15 minutes.
  10. Its from a COE page on the RTE London Embassy that has infortunately been down for the past few days https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/119247-requirements-for-certificate-of-entry-during-travel-restriction?page=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072dd&menu=5f4b6eb3f6ae4b236972c562 See screenshot from the link you quoted. This only applies to new applications, not for people who have a re entry permit. Required documents for COE (Apart from visa or re entry permit)
  11. The 40,000 Baht out patient and 400,000 Baht for in patient is not required for existing O visa retirement extensions with a re entry permit when obtaining a COE from the UK. I suggest you check the requirements from Denmark before applying for a Tourist Visa.
  12. I will not bother to comment much as you have already been given the correct advice by @Tanoshi
  13. Are you really that clueless. Many options to call without a SIM card.
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