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  1. You truely are living up to your name on here. Try reading the report before jumping on your soapbox.
  2. No not really but I couldnt resist. I just laugh though when "some" people think its serious lol
  3. I dont know if you know the answer to this UJ. I have a BE income letter. My income is currently in the UK not a Thai bank. It just about covers my 65k monthly income as long as the pound is still worth over 38.3 baht to the pound. If the pound dips below this level I will not have the 65k per month. I was thinking of transfering 40k or so to cover the possible shortfall and use the combo money in the bank option. My extension is due in April, if I transfer the 40k now and the pound dips below 38.3, will my 40k qualify under the 2 or 3 month rule or does it not apply to the combo method.
  4. Me Tarzan she Jane. I troll and write in pidgeon english so everyone believe me. I happy now I get to 7 pages and have fooled them keyboard warriors on TV.
  5. What a petty statement. The OP asked where to go now, I suggested home. Whats wrong with that? By the way I am not the one getting blacklisted so I dont have to worry about it.
  6. Currency markets rise and fall on rumour. The only movement up there has been in recent months was when there was talk of a delay or even a new referendum. No one knows what will happen but I do know that any good news towards close ties with the EU will have a positive effect on the pound.
  7. I leave my car every year for the last 5 years for 5 months. First 2 years fine just put it in park and it started fine. Years 3 and 4 I did the same but the battery was dead when I returned so had to get a jump start. Last year I disconnected one battery terminal and then started it fine. Yes I know the battery is on its way out but once it has started its fine.
  8. Yes 100% agree. 19th is the main day in Pattaya, it all starts on the 12th every year on soi's 7 and 8 and soi Bukeau.
  9. Another referendum and the UK votes to stay in the pound will soar. We leave with a deal a slight rise. Leave without a deal in the short term the pound will sink.
  10. Fair enough you obviously have commitments outside Thailand. Give it a go. It depends on you office. I know for a fact that Jomtien alows 30 days and 45 days in exceptional circumstances.
  11. Well thats just bad planning by you. You always need to make sure you are in the country on your renewal date. I am sure if you go at about 45 days before you leave and explain to them and provide proof of date of flight out of the country that they will accomodate you, as long as you meet the financial requirements.
  12. I really do sympathise with your situation. However it does seem to me that your mind is already made up on how you want to map out your future. Sheryl has offered you clear advice on how you should handle this but you have made it clear what you want to do. Seems pretty pointless to me opening up a topic asking for advice if you are not going to listen and just want to seek reassurances of what you clearly want to happen. Best of luck.
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