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  1. I am thinking of applying for a settlement visa for my Thai wife over the next couple of years. Firstly a bit of background. We currently spend about 7 months in Thailand and 5 in the UK. My wife has had 3 general 1 year visas granted and is currently halfway through a 5 year family visit visa. Whilst this works well for us, I want to explore options as I am not getting any younger. Now I know the rules and requirements in obtaining a settlement visa, but if we continue with our current rotation of 7 months in Thailand and 5 in the UK, I am not sure if she would qualify as she is expected to live predominantly in the UK. The question I would like an opinion on is this. The UK does not have any exit border checks, if my wife was granted a settlement visa, how would immigration know how long she is actually staying in the UK. I know you get stamped in every time you come but they would have no way of knowing how long she will have been out of the country. I would be grateful for any constructive thoughts especially from @7by7 and @theoldgit Thanks.
  2. It just goes to show that those of you doing a 65k international transfer will find it not straightforward proving it is so. I am just waiting for a poster to say "I got my extension by just transfering 65k in and out of 2 thai bank accounts monthly". I would not be surprised if this is the case.
  3. Actually I agree with you. Going forward there are going to be so many people using so many versions and banking codes trying to show international transfers. The IO's will not want to see more than a copy of the bank book and a letter from the bank. I see situations where the same 65k is going to be moved in and out brtween 2 or 3 thai bank accounts and the IO with accept it. They are not intellectual people you know, if it shows 65k coming in each month they will accept it. Those of you spending a fortune each month to move your money here monthly, will be winging at some point, you mark my words.
  4. I see what you suggesting especially the option using Dee Money (150 baht) to send back. I have looked at this option sending the same 65k backwards and forwards. The numbers just dont add up, it costs far to much all in to do it, with exchange rate fluctuations and fees. At the end of the day why bother. 2 options for me are agent in Pattata 12,900 baht all in or the one I will probably use is Non OA visa from the UK for 2 years 8,200 baht.