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  1. Learn your lesson and use an agent for this year and put it down to experience. I have just done mine for 13k baht a simple easy process from meeting up with the agent, popping in the bank next door, getting my photo taken by the immigration lady. I had my passport and extension back next day.
  2. Thats incorrect. They key statement is "or 3 month bank statement if at least £10,000" Non-Immigrant Type O (Retirement (pensioner aged 50 or above with a state pension who wants to stay in Thailand for no longer than 90 days) - single entry only) Financial evidence e.g. A copy of pension statement if the applicant is a pensioner, or a copy of 1-month bank statement showing your income from pension, or 3-month bank statement of at least £10,000 Confirmation of legal residence in the UK or Ireland
  3. jimn

    Beach lockdown

    No thats not allowed either. Last Monday the tide was out and I was walking along the edge of the water about 25 yards out on Dongtan beach Jomtien. The lifeguard walked over armed with his mobile and politely told us walking on the beach was not allowed. This goes against all the published rules but you cant ignore what they have told you to do.
  4. Lol you are so confused. First of all you did not get a new Non OA visa, these can only be obtained outside Thailand. You have an extension of stay based on retirement. Secondly, when you received your extension of stay based on retirement from desk 8, you have to return to desk 8 after 90 days to show you still have 800k baht in your account. Thirdly this 90 day report of finances at desk 8, is nothing to do with reporting your address at desk 4 every 90 days. In Jomtien you do not need any photocopies or a TM47 form just your passport and the previous 90 day report slip. The p
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