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  1. Are you really that naive. Of course he can but he has no insurance and cant afford to pay for his care, why do you not understand?
  2. For OA extensions the 40k baht outpatient and 400k baht inpatient insurance cover is applicable, do you have this in place?
  3. Not approved yet. Best advice to you is to concentrate on your Taxi business.
  4. Thanks, in later part of the thread he has been advised to do so. I think his priority at this time is to get his eyesight sorted out.
  5. Be very careful flying KLM from the UK. For some reason their systems say only residents can enter Thailand. Many people are having problems especially from the UK upon checking in with KLM, with the correct documents and a Tourist Visa. KLM use traveldoc to determine if passengers can fly. In my opinion it's confusing as to who can/can't enter Thailand. It can be interpreted that only residents are allowed to enter Thailand, which is clearly wrong https://klm.traveldoc.aero/results I recommend anyone flying with them prints out proof of being allowed entry from t
  6. Will this nonsense ever end? In addition to the ASQ quarantine period being pushed back to 14 days, it has been announced there will now be 3 Covid tests in quarantine, increasing the price by 3 to 4,000 baht. You cant make this nonsense up.
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