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  1. Pointless article, IO is just quoting requirements that existed before the ban. When flights resume incoming there will be new requirements which may or may not be the same.
  2. As far as I am aware, in ChonBuri and this market is in Pattaya by order of the provincial governor it is mandatory to wear a mask. This has not been resinded.
  3. The immigration officer is confusing the rules. These were in place before the ban on incoming passengers other than repatriations. All he is doing is quoting those old requirements which are irrelevant now. If and when flights resume they may or may not be the same as those he quoted.
  4. Yes of course they can. Do a search for flights on Skyscanner. As I said I know a fact that EVA, KLM and Luthansa are flying from Bangkok.
  5. Before making statements like that you should check your facts. Yes only Thai repatriation flights incoming agreed. However there are a few carriers flying out of Bangkok. Take flights to the UK for example. Non stop EVA flys on a Sunday. KLM and Lufthansa fly most days to the UK 1 stop.
  6. Is that a question or a statement? If its a question the answer is NO. If its a statement you are wrong.
  7. Well I normally bring enough with me for my 7 months trip, but now having to buy until I get back home. I have to take 80mg so have to buy a box of 30 x 40mg and take 2. Fascino can be expensive sometimes. I get a box of 30 of 40mg at the pharmacy next to the Avenue on 2nd road opposite Lek Hotel. Price is 850 baht for Chlovas 40mg.
  8. You obviously do not understand the very strict quarantine that repatriated Thai's have to go into. It cannot be bought out of for a bribe as you suggested. It is strictly controlled so your arguement of infecting other people does not stack up.
  9. Are we? I find Thai Visa quite a way behind some of the news outlets and other forums. I thought that it was the best until I got a slapped wrist and served a ban. Pleased actually I widened my horizons quite a bit. Thai Visa is actually only good for visa information, the rest is just people having a moan.
  10. Exactly, all the so called experts on here do not understand that.
  11. June 31st that means the emergency degree will never end because that date does not exist. Anyway serious now. I am not in favour of too strict measures, however extending the emergency degree for another monthwill enable the government to keep control of the situation and not loose it to the provincial governors.
  12. No offence meant but you have quoted this on other threads many times and you have been corrected many times. Why do you continue to post the same incorrect information over and over again.
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