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  1. Fair enough you obviously have commitments outside Thailand. Give it a go. It depends on you office. I know for a fact that Jomtien alows 30 days and 45 days in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Well thats just bad planning by you. You always need to make sure you are in the country on your renewal date. I am sure if you go at about 45 days before you leave and explain to them and provide proof of date of flight out of the country that they will accomodate you, as long as you meet the financial requirements.
  3. I really do sympathise with your situation. However it does seem to me that your mind is already made up on how you want to map out your future. Sheryl has offered you clear advice on how you should handle this but you have made it clear what you want to do. Seems pretty pointless to me opening up a topic asking for advice if you are not going to listen and just want to seek reassurances of what you clearly want to happen. Best of luck.
  4. I dont know how other areas manage their offices but I do know that Jomtien manages a fully functionalised office. Each numbered section has its own area of responsibility. The retirement desk number 8 has nothing to do with the marriage desk number 7. In the case of 90 days reports, it works incredibly well. You just show up with your passport with the previous slip, no silly forms to fill in. The officer enters your details into the system and issues a new slip. In and out in under 10 minutes. Now I know people are worrying, but I would like to think that most members of TV have some intellegence and common sense. Do you seriously believe the 90 day desk will give 2 hoots about your bank balance, its not their function. In any case many people do a 90 day report online, by post or they may be out the country and not be required to do a 90 day report. So people it all points for me that you will have to show some sort of proof when you do your next renewal that you have not gone below 400k. If you do then no extension. Its the only way of efficiently carrying out these checks. I know the "how do you know" and "wait and see" brigade will come back and dispute this, but its the only one that makes any sense.
  5. I was reading this thinking about the dog. I thought the dog had broken his neck lol.
  6. Well best of luck Don. I hope you have made the right choice.
  7. Personally I have never used an agent to get my extension. However I have heard of 2 that have been used by acquaintances of mine. One at 12,900 and the other 13,000 baht. One them you just hand your passport to and then just have to turn up at immigration to collect passport and have your photo taken. The other one takes you to your bank to deposit and then withdraw the 800,000 and to get the bank letter, followed by a visit to immigration for the photo. The reason I said the 22nd February was its the last date they will be able to do this before the new rules kick in on March 1st.
  8. If you are going to use an agent in Pattaya do it quick. I heard this morning that following a meeting between agents and Jontien immigration yesterday, that they will offer the service up until 22nd February and after that it stops unless a work arround is found. This is only hearsay but from a reliable source.
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