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  1. This is exactly what has happened, nothing else
  2. You are not wrong many times UJ but here you are. Uploading the visa is part of stage 1 of the COE, process. You cannot pass Stage 1 and get the 6 digit pin without it. The process is apply for the TV. As part of that they ask you to enter flight and accomodation details. Many people are creating a proposed booking and taking a screenshot and uploading that. Some are booking the flight and ASQ and uploading. Once you are issued the visa you upload to the COE site at Stage 1 along with passport, visa details. You given a 6 digit Pin to check progress. After you are pre approved you upload
  3. Vyke gives me 250 land line minutes and 88 mobile minutes to the UK for $3, its charged in dollars. Thats very hard to beat once downloaded on the phone you call as normal via the app. +44 and away you go
  4. If you want to call friends obviously Messenger, Skype, Whats App are best. However sometimes you just need to make an international call to a company or someone who is not on these platforms. I use a VOIP app called Vyke. You buy credit in dollars and it is mega cheap to call everywhere. I paid for 3 dollars months ago and still nowhere near using my credit. Give it a try.
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