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  1. Yes I have been using Edge, its still not good though. I have just been playing around with it for when I when I will use next year. FYI, I recommend anyone in the UK thinking of using the Evisa system to avoid it if you can. I believe Hull and Glasgow will accept face to face applications. In fact Hull will accepted copies of the documents by e mail and they forward to London. You then visit Hull after London approve the visa to get the visa sticker. I dont think they accept postal applications though.
  2. Why would they be asked, its not Oct 31st yet. Your post is just one of the reasons why there is so much confusion. Dont bother posting if you dont understand it please.
  3. I agree. Guys read the date on these things before commenting. I only see the new comments because I originally commented on the topic. Its nearly a year old, hardly relevent now.
  4. Maybe that is what they call cinema's in America? I love it when the cinema is empty. No annoyance from inconsiderate people speaking, playing phones etc. I get really angry when that happens and have been known to say something. No problem with the sound being loud you need it high to really experience the movie. I dont like though when some movies are deliberately edited so the voices are hard to hear. With regards to the air con, yes sometimes can be cold but as said take a LS (long sleeve) top and your fine. Those of you who said I cant go to see a movie in Thailand are just to set in their ways to adjust.
  5. That will be good news for @Sheryl but the the bad news starts with trying to use the new e visa system. I think a 1st year college student could have done a better job with the software, its appalling.
  6. Crazy prices. I can get insurance from UK based company for a fraction of the prices quoted.
  7. I agree with everything you have said ecxcept your last sentence, the fact that its OA is just a coincidence. I think after October 31st the OA visa will be dead in the water and the greedy Thai insurance companies will not get their expected take up of their expensive policies.
  8. Not doubting your word, but I had a quick look. That appears to be correct and its very supprising, as other consulates in other countries offer them. Just be thankfull that the US have not started to use e visa yet. Have a look at the UK site if you fancy a laugh. You can register and start a dummy application, lie and say you are from the UK and see what the pitfalls are coming the way of every visa applcation soon.
  9. I think the crux of this whole situation is that no one in their right mind will bother with the OA visa in future, with its Thai insurance requirement. Its way way to expensive, the OA visa will end up being a visa on offer that no one takes up. People will find other ways to visit Thailand. I am seriously worried of the direction that Thailand is going in. I have been looking at the new e visa application system implemented in London. It is an absolute pile of *****. How any nation who is serious about attracting people to visit even on a simple tourist visa can have a system like this astounds me. It is an appalling system that most people will not even bother with, full of bugs and errors and stupid requirements. Amazingly ignorant of the Thai authorities to allow this system to go live. This will have a big impact on the people from the UK coming to Thailand on any sort of Visa. Its just too complicated.
  10. When thinking of what visa to get depends nowadays on how old you are. Under 50 your options are limited to SE, ME visa's or visa exempt, unless you are married to a Thai. If you are over 50 then you do have other options, available.
  11. I agree. They have produced a form for overseas policies that can be used for the first year which will be worthless due to the signatures reqired and now this for example for someone between 61 and 65 a policy will cost over £1500 crazy. I take out a policy which covers pre existing conditions for my 7.5 month stay every year. It costs £250 with in patient and out patient cover way over the required levels
  12. Unless you have been keeping 800k in a Thai bank account or have been regularly transfering 65k from abroad into your Thai bank account, I am afraid you have no chance. Best of luck
  13. They are for bad reflux. Had the issue for years. Dont tell me I dont need them, I tried coming off them and was worse.
  14. Loads of people do it. I know there is a difference in the finaces for a marriage but many offices make you jump through hoops thats why many people myself included have done it for years, up until my latest one expires of course.
  15. It all depends on where you arrive and if they scan your luggage and of course your luck. For the last 6 years I always bring 8 months worth of medication this includes Multi Vitamins, cod liver oil, stomach acid reduction tablets, 3 different heart medications and high strength Codeine and paracetamol painkillers for my back pain. I always carry in hold luggage split 50/50 between mine and my wife's luggage. This year for the first time my wife's luggage was scanned but not mine. No questions asked just waved in.
  16. OK fair comment. My reply was really for #DrJack54. A non O based on retirement from ones own country is not automatically available to everyone over 50. You must have a state pension.
  17. Whilst I agree with most of what you are saying it is not quite as simple as what you are saying about obtaining a non O based on retirement in ones own country. To obtain a non O based on retirement you have to satisfy the criteria below. Now as the OP is over 70 I think he will qualify but not everyone over 50 does. The following below is from the UK Thai Embassy website. As state pension age in the UK is 65 upwards not everyone over 50 qualifies. Non-Immigrant Type O (Retirement (pensioner aged 50 or above with a state pension who wants to stay in Thailand for no longer than 90 days) - single entry only) Financial evidence e.g. A copy of pension statement if the applicant is a pensioner, or a copy of 1-month bank statement showing your income from pension, or 3-month bank statement of at least £10,000 Confirmation of legal residence in the UK or Ireland
  18. Well if it does roll down to retirement and marriage extensions in my opinion there will be a mass exodus from Thailand or a rush to using an agent. I am not going to deposit 800k or 400k in my account so continuning my retirement extension or moving to marriage extensions I am discounting. But back to my original question I am coming to the conclusion that I have 2 options. (1) The legal way. Non O (single) from UK (90 days) extend by 60 days at immigration (to visit Thai wife). After these 150 days trip to Savanakhet and get a Non O (multi) for the rest of my trip. This visa can then also be used for entry when I return after 4.5 months in the UK. I can then carry on the cylcle in much the same way. (2) The easier way, just use an agent. But you know what I really am reluctant too but feel I am maybe being pushed in this direction.
  19. Yes clear as mud isn't it. By referring to the tgia website its implied by its very nature that foreign policies will be accepted for the first year. What also isn't clear is when they state extend or renew an OA visa. As you probably know an OA visa can be used as a prelude to an extension of stay but the visa itself cannot be extended. It can however be used for an extra `12 months stay if you enter Thailand just before the OA visa expires. My reading of the situation is this. A foreign policy can be used for the first year of the OA visa up until expiry date. If the visa is used to obtain a permission to stay beyond the initial 12 month term of the visa then it must be via a Thai company. If you then apply for another OA visa the whole circle starts again. The authorities have created a situation which appears to be unworkable in practice. No one in their right mind will apply for an OA visa if they are forced to use an expensive Thai company. The form on the tgia website for foreign policies also looks unworkable with the requirement for 2 director signatures. Its all in all yet another case of Thailand shooting itself in the foot, with over complicated visa requirements. People will not put up with it and will vote with their feet.
  20. Not so? On a Non OA visa, re enter just before the expiry date of your 1 year visa and you receive another 12 months. Total 2 years.
  21. No not ethical approval and yes it might turn out to be the best option. I just resent doing it really, because it is so easy to do yourself. The OA was going to be so easy. I take out insurance anyway but just not expensive Thai insurance. From memory I think you use OA visas so its going to affect you too.
  22. Thanks for your constructive suggestion Bob. I don't think my Thai wife will want that after 4.5 months in the UK
  23. Its just unbelievable how incompetent these people are. They have had months to plan this and its still all over the place. I seriously think that only very small numbers will even bother with an OA in the future. I am just waiting for those people with an OA returning to Thailand after 31st October and then being asked where is the annotation for your insurance. Its going to happen and its going to be chaos.
  24. Thanks for your comment. I should have mentioned I don't want to tie up 400k in a FD or even my Thai bank account. Until the UK pound recovers and when I get my state UK pension in 2.5 years I am not in the situation to be able to do that. I do have some UK company shares but I don't want to cash these in just to deposit the 400k. Good idea but one I have rejected, thanks.
  25. The other issue is if you get 1 year say UK insurance to cover your first year stay and you then leave and re enter to get your 2nd year just before your visa and insurance expires. The police order says that this 2nd year insurance must be from a Thai insurance company. The annotation you mentioned only covers the 1st year and they can then only stamp you into the country for the period of your insurance cover.
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