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  1. Register for the state pension portol online and check it. Its very easy
  2. Very good 100% correct advice. My situation is similar to you but I do go back to the UK for a few months. Dont ever ever tell anyone pension, bank, doctor that you are spending most of the year out of the country. If anyone does because they think its the right thing to do then DONT. You will have your state pension frozen, you could lose your UK bank account and you could lose access to the NHS (doctor and hospital).
  3. This is a serious reply and not intended to be rude to you. Based on observations on some of your answers. Ie worrying about dust, worrying about the cost of a washing machine/linin and not sleeping, worrying about getting a front loader in case the washing falls on the floor. The issue you have it seems is that you may have OCD (Obsessive -Compulsive Disorder). Examine if I am right and if there are other things in your life that concern you excessively and you may have your answer.
  4. Each to his own life I suppose. But living in Issan like the OP sounds like a living version of hell. I take my wife up to the village twice a year and only spend 1 night there in a hotel. I cant wait to get away from the village. If she wants to see her family more I encourage her to go alone on the bus.
  5. I am assuming you are still in the UK, but I dont know where you are based. Why not visit one of the Thai consulates in Hull, Edinburgh or Cardiff. They will issue while you wait I believe. Look up the requirements at the venue closest to you.
  6. Thanks for the link but I dont believe its anything to do with that. The info below is I believe more relevant to the OP @Rambo Adult Dependency Increase Adult Dependency Increase is a payment for a partner who is financially dependent on you. You may be getting this as part of your State Pension. Adult Dependency Increase closed to new applications in 2010. From 6 April 2020 all payments will stop. If you get Adult Dependency Increase now, you’ll keep getting it until then, as long as you’re eligible. When payments stop you may be eligible to apply for Pension Credit or Universal Credit. If you get Adult Dependency Increase for a spouse or anyone else that lives with you, you’ll need to report any change in your circumstances.
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