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  1. I am assuming you are still in the UK, but I dont know where you are based. Why not visit one of the Thai consulates in Hull, Edinburgh or Cardiff. They will issue while you wait I believe. Look up the requirements at the venue closest to you.
  2. Thanks for the link but I dont believe its anything to do with that. The info below is I believe more relevant to the OP @Rambo Adult Dependency Increase Adult Dependency Increase is a payment for a partner who is financially dependent on you. You may be getting this as part of your State Pension. Adult Dependency Increase closed to new applications in 2010. From 6 April 2020 all payments will stop. If you get Adult Dependency Increase now, you’ll keep getting it until then, as long as you’re eligible. When payments stop you may be eligible to apply for Pension Credit or Universal Credit. If you get Adult Dependency Increase for a spouse or anyone else that lives with you, you’ll need to report any change in your circumstances.
  3. I use my no fees Halifax Clarity card whenever I can over here. Whenever I buy petrol for the car, shop in Big C or Tesco Lotus or go out for a meal. The exchange rate is the Mastercard rate which is very competitive, I pay no fees and I pay the bill direct from my UK bank account once a month. I only use cash in bars and shops/market that doesnt take cards. No need to keep sending tons of cash over. In the UK spending on credit/debit cards has overtaken cash. There are even bars and venues that are cashless now, all transactions are on card.
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