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  1. I use my no fees Halifax Clarity card whenever I can over here. Whenever I buy petrol for the car, shop in Big C or Tesco Lotus or go out for a meal. The exchange rate is the Mastercard rate which is very competitive, I pay no fees and I pay the bill direct from my UK bank account once a month. I only use cash in bars and shops/market that doesnt take cards. No need to keep sending tons of cash over. In the UK spending on credit/debit cards has overtaken cash. There are even bars and venues that are cashless now, all transactions are on card.
  2. Because for some strange reason you cannot get one based on retirement in the USA. Maybe they want to keep their older folk at bay in case they try to convert to an "extension of stray"
  3. Are you mad. There are loads of available women in Thailand. Why on earth would you take on a woman with 3 kids. If she earns 25 - 30k then she has a very very good job, way over the average wage in Thailand. I know you will say "I love her" but seriously why would you go down this route. Send her what you can afford, its up to you. For my part I have a Thai wife, no children 27 years old. Before I moved here I sent her 20k. Since we married in 2014, after the wedding I dont send any money to the family other then 2 or 3 times a year for the rice picking season. By the way you are younger than me I am 63. No need to find someone with loads of previous baggage.
  4. At Jomtien if you have already submitted a TM30 and you are on an extension of stay based on retirement and you leave the country. You do not have to resubmit a TM30. This has been their policy for some time now and was as recently as April. If you are saying that this is not now the caae, then the policy must have changed or you are wrong. Its got nothing to do with a different TM6 number.
  5. If you stay away and stay in a hotel who takes your passport to register your stay there then yes, report again when you get home. If not dont bother, no one will know you left home.
  6. @phetchy, nothing new here. Its been like that a while. No insurance on Non O visa, never has been a requirement. TM30 at Jomtien, no new requirement to reregister if on extension of stay. Sorry, I bet you thought you were on to something there lol
  7. In all seriousness. If you are a digital nomad and all your work is done online, then why bother. If your work involves anything other than that then yes a work permit.
  8. Can I respectfully ask posters to please stay on topic. There are other threads if you want to vent your anger about insurance and other matters. This topic is specifically about extensions of stay based in an original OA at Jomtien. Jomtien Immigration Health Insurance Now Required for O-A Extension
  9. As my topic was closed down as a repeat topic, I will repost here in case it is missed. Those of you doubting the OP. Jomtien immigration have posted this notice by the retirement desk 8. Anyone trying to renew their extension based on an original OA visa requires insurance. This was posted by the Pattaya City Expats Club.
  10. Pattaya City Expats Club are reporting the anyone who is renewing their extension of stay who originally had an OA visa will require insurance. See attached image that was posted at the Retirement desk 8.
  11. I would have keeping an eye on you as well. Walking around drinking a beer, are you that much of a cheap charlie?
  12. You dont need to show that the 800k comes from outside Thailand. Just having it in your account for the required time (2 months) before you apply is sufficient. The proof of money from overseas only applies to the 65k monthly income method.
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