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  1. I dont know how it works in other countries but in the UK insurers look at what the advice is from the foriegn office about travelling to a certain country. At the moment they are advising against travel to all countries. By definition this means that insurance companies will not insure you for a trip let alone Covid 19. The only option for anyone with a work permit will be to take out insurance with a Thai company at a cost.
  2. Fair comment. It just depends on personal circumstances. For me the Jomtien office is just across the road from where I go to the gym. Its just a 5 minute process for me, so I plan to just go and get it out of the way in June whilst the office is quiet.
  3. Another OP who doesnt bother to investigate properly before opening a topic. The flights never stopped as quoted above.
  4. I guarantee that you will not be allowed entry to Thailand, I doubt if you will even be allowed to check in. That is if the flight is not cancelled
  5. I dont very often disagree with what you post UJ but on this occasion I do disagree. Granted the reports do not have to be done and immigration I presume will publish a process in the coming weeks. I feel that if someone can easily do a report online, by post or at the office then they should do so. It takes away any uncertaincy.
  6. Lol you are funny. Its you that cant calculate percentages.
  7. The obvious question is what quarantine and what lockdown. In Thailand there has never been one. The food looks nice but I couldnt eat it, not my style of food.
  8. I agree 100%. The situation we are in across Thailand is that the only cases we are getting now are imported cases in quarantine. So the question I ask is that who is going to catch the virus off of who, if there are no cases out there. In Pattaya there have been no cases for over 40 days, so this is 3 x 14 day cycles, so Pattaya must be Covid free. Time to open up and only start to worry when the borders open.
  9. I believe this is the case, but I found an older article from April that said they are only temperature checked and only people exceeding 38° sent to hospital for testing. This may well have changed in line with what you have posted and what I think is the case. http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news/detail/TCATG200416212142606
  10. As far as I am aware, anyone going into quarantine and has returned from abroad is tested.
  11. Turn your location tracking off on your phone then.
  12. I agree with what you are saying, but numbers who actually live in central Pattaya are much less than that, probably less than 5,000. There are many who live in Jomtien and like me over on the Darkside. With the lack of bars, cinemas and restaurants that sell alcohol open, there is little need to come into the the centre.
  13. It doesnt say where the foreigner is from, I bet he is from Scandinavia though.
  14. A and B are not current requirements. They ended with the incoming passenger flight ban. When flights restart there will be new requirements which may or not be the same as A and B.
  15. A bit of a misleading headline. The article quoted a TAT official in London. The post was general to all nationalities and did not specifically pick out UK citizens.
  16. They were the requirements before the ban, who knows what they will be when incoming passenger flights restart. That immigration officer on the video circulating was just speculating.
  17. Dont believe everything that Richard Barrow posts. The spokesman on todays briefing stated that the repatriation process was nearing an end.
  18. Without reading all 11 pages I will give my view on the article. It is a pile of nonsence. The article states that the Thai authorities are considering letting people with Permanent Residence and people with work visa's back. It then goes on to give and example of someone who has not seen the family who doesnt come into either category. In fact he hasnt got a visa at all just using visa exempt, so he will be well down the priority list. In fact most people who are stranded abroad are those with extensions of stay based on marriage and Non O visa holders.
  19. Yes I agree this year I did not meet the requirements in previous years I had the embassy letter proving my income in the UK over 65k per month. This year I did not want to transfer 65k monthly into my bank account or keep on 800k, so I used an agent. I disagree that it is illegal, the same senior immigration officer signed my extension as did last year. I had 800k in my bank account and he used his waiver over the time period. Its a well oiled machine the agent process in Jomtien from the agent to the bank official to the immigration officer. You cant stop it. It is a bit dodgy but certainly not illegal.
  20. I realise you are paying 5,000 for someone to do the legwork but I do wonder why because it is so easy. This year for the first time I have had to use an agent myself. Its only 13,000 for the whole thing, done and dusted.
  21. Thank you, a great deal of sense in what you wrote. Just to clarify my point over this. Yes I agree he is quite senior. However at this time incoming passenger flights are banned until July 1st at the earliest. If he said that these would be the rules if flights were allowed now he may well be right. But this is not the case. There is a further 5 weeks until July 1st and even then I think it will be extended. When flights are eventually allowed the requirements will be posted on the CAAT site at that time. It could be what he quoted it could be different. So again I say what is reported is irrelevent at this time.
  22. No he is not, he is speaking about the rules that were in place before the ban. Go back and check them if you doubt what I am saying. No decision has been made on the rules if flights are allowed after June 30. When they are they will be announced on the CAAT website not by some immigration guy via a news article.
  23. Yes I listened to it and as I said its irrelevant. No one but repatriated Thais are allowed into Thailand. When anyone else is allowed in we will know the rules, until then he is quoting the rules that existed before the ban on incoming passengers.
  24. Pointless article, IO is just quoting requirements that existed before the ban. When flights resume incoming there will be new requirements which may or may not be the same.
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