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  1. On 11/25/2020 at 6:07 PM, ubonjoe said:

    Can you post a link for the rules that say it is not allowed.

    Apologies for the delay in responding I have been pushing for an answer to your question but have not had any luck. Its just one of those unwritte rules that the hotels are following. If you are not married you cant share, if anyone does not believe me just try booking a double room without a marriage certificate. I have heard of unmarried parents sharing together with a child but the birth certificate naming both parents must be produced.

  2. 35 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    He can but he would not get very far doing the application without the flight confirmation and the $100k covid 19 insurance proof.

    The COE application can be started without the visa and they issue a pen number to complete the application after the visa is issued.

    You are not wrong many times UJ but here you are. Uploading the visa is part of stage 1 of the COE, process. You cannot pass Stage 1 and get the 6 digit pin without it. The process is apply for the TV. As part of that they ask you to enter flight and accomodation details. Many people are creating a proposed booking and taking a screenshot and uploading that. Some are booking the flight and ASQ and uploading.

    Once  you are issued the visa you upload to the COE site at Stage 1 along with passport, visa details. You given a 6 digit Pin to check progress. After you are pre approved you upload insurance, flight and ASQ to get the COE.

    Edit from the main COE page


    After visa has been granted, tourist visa holders have to apply for the certificate of entry at https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/ , with submission of bank statements, health insurance, confirmed flight and ASQ hotel booking, as stated above. 


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  3. 4 hours ago, GreasyFingers said:

    You can always make a phone call. True costs 1 baht per minute to a landline or 6 baht a minute to a mobile.

    Vyke gives me 250 land line minutes and 88 mobile minutes to the UK for $3, its charged in dollars. Thats very hard to beat once downloaded on the phone you call as normal via the app. +44 and away you go

  4. If you want to call friends obviously Messenger, Skype, Whats App are best. However sometimes you just need to make an international call to a company or someone who is not on these platforms. I use a VOIP app called Vyke. You buy credit in dollars and it is mega cheap to call everywhere. I paid for 3 dollars months ago and still nowhere near using my credit. Give it a try.

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  5. On 11/19/2020 at 11:02 AM, bankruatsteve said:

    i am a US citizen and been with my partner over 20 years but not legally married.  I recall getting information somewhere that she will need some document from the US embassy to release my body to her (for cremation).  Is that a Thai requirement?  Something that can be ignored?  If not, is this document something that I can get ahead of time so that neither she nor my family in the states needs to be bothered with the bureaucracy. 


    Didn't know where to post this and TV search not much help as usual.




    Marry her save any issues, poor lady she deserves it after 20 years.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, AlexfromManchester said:

    Thanks for the info @Upnotover and @jimn this sounds promising but the bank balance of 500,000 Bhat for 12 months is not something I have right now. May have to get a loan from family and keep it in savings as a last resort, although I’d really hope to be over in Thailand sooner than in six months time

    As I said above that requirement has been dropped now.

  7. 13 hours ago, Alaska Zak said:

    Looking for some information on the covid insurance requirement to get into Thailand. Right now, I have all my other ducks in a row, I am coming in for medical reasons, and just need to to get the covid insurance. I am a US passport holder and resident. I currently have a World Nomads travel insurance policy, with 100,000 in medical coverage, and it says it protects in case of getting covid. However, it is a secondary insurance; I have to pay the hospital bill myself and then I get reimbursed. I don't feel like this is going to work for me. 


    Does anyone know if that will work, or can anyone suggest an other insurance option that will work?

    Arawan is excellent, she has help many people on the Facebook help groups


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  8. 8 hours ago, AlexfromManchester said:

    @jimn @sallecc is this the same as the special tourist visa? Or is this different? If it is different can you share a link to more info?


    my understanding for the special tourist visa is that this is not open to the UK at the moment? Is that right? 

    See reply from @Upnotover The Tourist Visa has just this week dropped the heavy finance requirements of £12,800 in a UK bank for 6 months. You still have to do quarantine

  9. 23 hours ago, lexlam said:

    hey guys,

    i went to suvannabhum airport to send my friend this morning, but they didn't allow him to fly because the final detination require covid test pcr or pct, no sure exactly,

    eventually, we returned back,

    would like to know how long does time this test take?

    are there any places cheaper? anyone done this at some clinics or lab around Bkk?

    please advise asap, thanks in advance,


    What airline and what destination

  10. 20 hours ago, Jumbo1968 said:

    Why am I not for real, Hotels are quite happy to  allow ‘guests’ some for free in their rooms so what’s the difference now. I have been cohabiting with my partner for over 6 years, we have currently been living in the same house in the U.K. since March and we would be travelling back as a family on the same flight.
    Has Covid all of sudden made Thailand raise. their moral standards or is it just another way of ‘fleecing’ foreigners ?



    You obviously are not aware of the Thai government rules for ASQ. If you are not married you can not share an ASQ hotel room period. It is not the hotel it is the rules. Try it I guarantee 100% you cant do it. I stand by my advice to you, it is correct based on months of experience advising people on the dedicated Facebook groups about returning to Thailand

  11. On 11/17/2020 at 10:51 PM, rudi49jr said:

    My girlfriend is flying from Bangkok to Amsterdam on January 7. She keeps insisting that she needs to get a corona test before she leaves, and that it's the Thai authorities that require that, but that seems quite odd to me, because it doesn't make any sense. Does anyone know if it's mandatory for Thai people traveling outside the country to get a corona test / medical certificate. My girlfriend sent me this image, but I don't read Thai, so I don't know what it says.
    Hope you can clear this up for me. Thanks!


    OP your girlfriend is mistaken. There is no requirement for a Covid test to leave Thailand unless flying with an airline that requires it and any transit country requires it. Certainly The Netherlands do not require one

  12. 52 minutes ago, orchidfan said:

    I think some airlines require it.

    A friend flew back to Amsterdam with Qatar Airways and had to get a Covid19 test before the flight.

    I think not a Govt requirement at either end.

    Also I know a thai lady who flew back here from Hong Kong on Thai Airways who also required it before she could board. 

    No Covid test required to fly with Qatar or to transit through Doha. Thai citizens do not require a Covid test to enter Thailand, its the first time I have heard of Thai airways requesting that from a Thai citizen. I believe in both cases you are mistaken.

  13. 15 hours ago, thelasthornet said:

    She was sent a link to Google maps to show where she would be staying but it didn't work. All it showed was Bangkok. I hope it will be of an ok standard as I don't know how possible it will be to change if it's not. Were your staff transported by bus to the hotel? I am someone who always wants to know what is happening where as my partner is more go with the flow. I just wished I knew more of what was going to happen regarding the hotel. Will she be able to get credit for her phone as it ran out over a year ago. 

    If you feel that strongly then book her an ASQ hotel of your choice and then you will know where she is staying and of course you get the priviledge to pay for it. If she wants to get free SQ then she will have to stay where she is allocated, you pays your money or not in this situation.

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  14. 15 minutes ago, VBF said:

    I believe what @ubonjoe meant is that Immigration and Embassies are different departments.

    Regrettably, they're not always "on the same page" 🙄

    I totally agree with that statement. See my replies on this issue. Embassy's are expressing caution about assuming you can extend the visa, that's what I posted. UJ and Dr Jack both pasted statements that the Tourist Visa can 100% be extended, how can they know this? I have just expressed a view that we cannot guarantee that in these Covid times that this will happen as advised by the RTE London.

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  15. 3 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    The new single entry tourist visa is the same as the original one. The only difference is the new 500k baht in a bank for 6 months requirement to apply for it and the covid 19 insurance.

    The special tourist visa (STV) is completely different since it allows a 90 day entry and two 90 day extensions. That one would not be accepted by immigration for a change of visa status and that is stated on the embassy and official consulates websites where it is available.

    With respect UJ, these are not normal times. I have been liasing on behalf of a Facebook help group, who advise people on returning to Thailand. I have a direct contact with a lady inside the UK RTE. It cannot be confirmed due to the Coronvirus that the recently reintroduced Tourist Visa can be extended. That is why I advised caution.


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