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  1. This is a serious reply and not intended to be rude to you.

    Based on observations on some of your answers. Ie worrying about dust, worrying about the cost of a washing machine/linin and not sleeping, worrying about getting a front loader in case the washing falls on the floor. The issue you have it seems is that you may have OCD (Obsessive -Compulsive Disorder). Examine if I am right and if there are other things in your life that concern you excessively and you may have your answer.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Moonlover said:

    This is a very alarmist topic header which, in practice, will only affect a small proportion of the pensionable population.


    My sympathies to those who are affected, including the O/P of course. But the basic state pension which most of draw is unaffected. Some info below.



    Thanks for the link but I dont believe its anything to do with that. The info below is I believe more relevant to the OP @Rambo

    Adult Dependency Increase

    Adult Dependency Increase is a payment for a partner who is financially dependent on you. You may be getting this as part of your State Pension.

    Adult Dependency Increase closed to new applications in 2010.

    From 6 April 2020 all payments will stop. If you get Adult Dependency Increase now, you’ll keep getting it until then, as long as you’re eligible.

    When payments stop you may be eligible to apply for Pension Credit or Universal Credit.

    If you get Adult Dependency Increase for a spouse or anyone else that lives with you, you’ll need to report any change in your circumstances.



  3. I use my no fees Halifax Clarity card whenever I can over here. Whenever I buy petrol for the car, shop in Big C or Tesco Lotus or go out for a meal. The exchange rate is the Mastercard rate which is very competitive, I pay no fees and I pay the bill direct from my UK bank account once a month. I only use cash in bars and shops/market that doesnt take cards. No need to keep sending tons of cash over. In the UK spending on credit/debit cards has overtaken cash. There are even bars and venues that are cashless now, all transactions are on card.

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  4. 18 hours ago, potless said:

    I am on an extension of stay. I had to do a new T.M.30. Read post number 4.

    At Jomtien if you have already submitted a TM30 and you are on an extension of stay based on retirement and you leave the country. You do not have to resubmit a TM30. This has been their policy for some time now and was as recently as April. If you are saying that this is not now the caae, then the policy must have changed or you are wrong. Its got nothing to do with a different TM6 number.

  5. 6 hours ago, descc71 said:

    Hi Ubon Joe,


     I am planning to  get a retirement visa (in Bangkok) using the 800k option in May 2020 when I turn 50. I already  have a Bangkok Bank account and have just transferred 800k+ from my DBS bank in Singapore. I went to see about getting a letter from Bangkok Bank today stating that the funds are from overseas, but there was a problem and the staff at Bangkok Bank seemed very perplexed. It appears that DBS Bank did not transfer the funds directly to my Bangkok Bank account but routed it to Kasikorn Bank and then from Kasikorn Bank to my Bangkok Bank account. So instead of just giving me a letter stating that the funds are from overseas, Bangkok Bank has directed me to go to the Kasikorn main branch at Ladprao Soi 25 to ask for said letter. For me, I detect that there is a missing link - should there be another letter to show the funds moving from Kasikorn to my Bangkok Bank account?  I don't understand why they (i.e. Bangkok Bank) can't just write me a letter saying the funds are from overseas since they know it came from Singapore (albeit indirectly via Kasikorn). Have you come across a situation like this before Ubon?


    Also just to clarify, I understand that the retirement visa process starts from Step 1. getting a 90 Day non immigrant O visa and then Step 2. Transiting to the Retirement Visa.

    Based on your comment above, I gues I will need the Bank letter stating the funds are from abroad at Step 2 (and only if I am applying for step2 in Thailand)


    Many thanks in advance




    You dont need to show that the 800k comes from outside Thailand. Just having it in your account for the required time (2 months) before you apply is sufficient. The proof of money from overseas only applies to the 65k monthly income method.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Onrai said:

    If there is any place in the world that doesn’t raise its prices during high season- I haven’t found it. This is universal, not specific to Thailand. Most businesses eke out a living in low season and have to make up for it in high season. 

    Well its not happening here in Pattaya. Quite a few gogo bars buy 1 get one free before 9pm. Others have certain days of the week where its happy hour all night.

  7. 16 hours ago, sunnyboy2018 said:

    Why would a UK state pension have any influence on the situation. Its only about 7k BPS a year. I dont understand your advice.

    Because if you get a state pension of any amount you qualify for a non O based on retirement. In fact any pension is acceptable. I e mailed the London Embassy and was told just that proof of any private pension was acceptable.

  8. 4 hours ago, NightSky said:

    Thanks @rasg and everyone else who replied. This is all new to me so this is very useful information, I appreciated it thank you.


    Ok we are going to go for it then and book a second trip since my family in the UK invited us back for Christmas and New Year.


    Does that mean we have to leave the UK before the Visa expires or is that date on the visa just to show she must enter before the visa expires?


    I remember when we entered the first time the immigration official was friendly but stern when asking quick fire questions about what I do for a living etc.


    if I get asked those same questions again I guess I would need to explain I just closed my company in Thailand and I have a UK company also and that we have been invited back for Christmas and new Year. I guess that might trigger further questioning?


    I wouldn't want to have to sit and be questioning is a back room for an hour. Ah well we have nothing to hide only our story is maybe not straight forward.

    Yes your wife has to leave before her visa expires. I very much doubt that you will be asked anything other then usual questions about the visit. Just tell the truth. Make sure you print out a copy of her return flight and maybe just some proof of finances but chances are you wont need it. Another tip is for both of you to come through together in the European passport line. As your wife she can come in that lane with you. My wife has had 3 one visit visas and now a 5 year visa. We travel back to the UK together, we stay for nearly 5 months and never had any issues. 

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  9. 22 minutes ago, rasg said:

    That was my first thought when I read the cost. We need some answers from the OP to be able to help much.

    There is nothing more frustrating when an OP asks for advice, gets good feedback and follow up questions and then does not post a follow up. Come on OP @NightSky

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  10. We passed upon the stair.
    We spoke of was and when. 
    Although I wasn't there
    He said I was his friend, 
    Which came as a surprise
    I spoke into his eyes
    I thought you died alone
    A long long time ago
    Oh no, not me
    We never lost control
    You're face to face
    With the man who sold the world
    I laughed and shook his hand
    And made my way back home
    I searched for form and land
    For years and years I roamed
    I gazed a gazeless stare
    We walked a million hills
    I must have died alone
    A long, long time ago
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