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  1. 6 hours ago, smedly said:

    you paid a bribe because you don't meet the requirements and is technically illegal 

    Yes I agree this year I did not meet the requirements in previous years I had the embassy letter proving my income in the UK over 65k per month. This year I did not want to transfer 65k monthly into my bank account or keep on 800k, so I used an agent. I disagree that it is illegal, the same senior immigration officer signed my extension as did last year. I had 800k in my bank account and he used his waiver over the time period. Its a well oiled machine the agent process in Jomtien from the agent to the bank official to the immigration officer. You cant stop it. It is a bit dodgy but certainly not illegal.

  2. 2 hours ago, sometimewoodworker said:

    Given that he is rather high in the immigration department, not the top but close. That almost the same rules brought in just before the CAAT shut down flights and that the quarantine was not part of those previous rules. That he is saying what will happen. It’s rather stupid to dismiss it as “just quoting old rules” Because they were the old rules doesn’t stop them from being the current rules, in fact it strongly suggests that they will be.


    Embassies are closed for visa service until further notice even though they (the London one at least) is opening on June 1st for all other business. So that is a de facto ban itself. 

    I will not be surprised if both visa exempt and visa on arrival entry is suspended.


    That is advice I have given myself.

    Exit from Thailand is possible now, people are leaving. The possibility of returning is totally different. You should be completely clear about entry requirements before planning a round trip or you may be excluded from Thailand for much longer than you planned. It is always the passengers responsibility to know that they can enter the country they are going to, never the airline, so ensure that any ticket you get allows changes.

    Thank you, a great deal of sense in what you wrote. Just to clarify my point over this. Yes I agree he is quite senior. However at this time incoming passenger flights are banned until July 1st at the earliest. If he said that these would be the rules if flights were allowed now he may well be right. But this is not the case. There is a further 5 weeks until July 1st and even then I think it will be extended. When flights are eventually allowed the requirements will be posted on the CAAT site at that time. It could be what he quoted it could be different. So again I say what is reported is irrelevent at this time.

  3. 8 hours ago, vinny41 said:


    I think sometimewoodworker is correct and you are incorrect He was talking about the rules that will come into force after June 30th

    No he is not, he is speaking about the rules that were in place before the ban. Go back and check them if you doubt what I am saying. No decision has been made on the rules if flights are allowed after June 30. When they are they will be announced on the CAAT website not by some immigration guy via a news article.

  4. 15 minutes ago, vinny41 said:

    The immigration officer is confusing the rules. These were in place before the ban on incoming passengers other than repatriations. All he is doing is quoting those old requirements which are irrelevant now. If and when flights resume they may or may not be the same as those he quoted.

  5. 2 hours ago, EricTh said:

    Currently, there are no flights out for anyone but there is flights in for Thai citizens only.


    So Thailand should at least allow flights out at least until the Pandemic improves which will be a long time for certain countries.


    My predictions are:

    April, May, June - no flights in for all foreigners

    July, Aug.  - flights in for low risk countries (at the moment is China and South Korea)


    If your country is on the high risk list, you will have to wait a long time.


    Before making statements like that you should check your facts. Yes only Thai repatriation flights incoming agreed. However there are a few carriers flying out of Bangkok. Take flights to the UK for example. Non stop EVA flys on a Sunday. KLM and Lufthansa fly most days to the UK 1 stop.

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  6. On 5/19/2020 at 9:44 AM, Langsuan Man said:

    Just purchased Atorvastin 40 mg, at Fascino, in Pattaya for 951 THB for 30 tablets

    Well I normally bring enough with me for my 7 months trip, but now having to buy until I get back home. I have to take 80mg so have to buy a box of 30 x 40mg and take 2. Fascino can be expensive sometimes. I get a box of 30 of 40mg at the pharmacy next to the Avenue on 2nd road opposite Lek Hotel. Price is 850 baht for Chlovas 40mg.

  7. 13 hours ago, Phil McCaverty said:

    When the borders fully open, I doubt that the 14 day quarantine will still be in force. Pointless. What tourist would come here if they faced a 14 day quarantine on arrival?


    One thing I've learned about the pandemic is that things change very quickly. What's true today, might not be true tomorrow. Best not planning anything until the borders do open and you can assess the situation then.


    That's why we're all glued to Thai Visa.

    Are we? I find Thai Visa quite a way behind some of the news outlets and other forums. I thought that it was the best until I got a slapped wrist and served a ban. Pleased actually I widened my horizons quite a bit. Thai Visa is actually only good for visa information, the rest is just people having a moan.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, time2093 said:

    No, many guys here are jumping the gun. According to the English translated articles in Bangkok post, the extension is set so the prime minister will still be in control rather then ending the emergency decree and giving power to the local governors. It doesn't mean that the curfew at night will be extended for another month as phase 3 and 4 could still take place as scheduled, but who knows with this government as they change their mind every day.

    Exactly, all the so called experts on here do not understand that.

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  9. 2 hours ago, CharlieH said:

    Absolutely no difference to me. Everything is the same as its always been. 

    Daily routine is the same. Food easily available. Dont see any catastrophe on the horizon, same old same old.


    We dont all have such a relaxing life as you obviously do. Myself living in the suberbs of Pattaya it feels strange. My trips into town for the gym 3 times a week have stopped. As have visits to the cinema and visits to the once thriving nightlife have stopped. I should today be on a plane back to the UK for 4 months to see the family, but that has been cancelled like everything else. I must admit though that I am saving a fortune.

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