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  1. A post in very poor taste has been reported and removed. When we are discussing a situation where someone has died please show at least a little respect and decency.
  2. The catch is the ordinary laws, which are not known for their leniency. They have proven themselves capable of doing what they like in the past, emergency or no emergency, so very little has changed. I shall watch the next protests with great interest, especially the police activity.
  3. A post with multiple dubious claims and not a shred of evidence to back up any has been removed. We are going to stop with the spurious accusations and start providing evidence to back statements up. Reliable support. Not a source told a source of an innuendo. Or a Youtube blog. 2) You will not use ThaiVisa.com to post any material which is knowingly or can be reasonably construed as false, inaccurate, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. 18) Social Media content is not to be used as source material unless it is from a recognized or approve
  4. From the rules: The ThaiVisa News Team gathers and disseminates news bulletins from Thai and International sources, and republishes them in the News Forums for our members' information and enjoyment. Our News Team works hard to bring quality content to the News Forums, and should be respected for their efforts. Comments such as "slow news day" or "clickbait headline" are neither respectful nor welcome on the forum, and will be considered as troll comments and removed and the offending poster warned and/or suspended accordingly. Except as otherwise indicated in the byline, news bul
  5. A fairly expectable troll post diverting and deflecting from the question being asked has been deleted. Try again with a reputable and reliable argument please. I remind you of the following rule: 2) You will not use ThaiVisa.com to post any material which is knowingly or can be reasonably construed as false, inaccurate, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. You were asked to explain why the evidence was reliable not post a deflection. I hope your next effort is significantly improved. I probably should have allowed that post to stand bu
  6. Can you provide an explanation for that comment please? The above story and most other intelligence sources consider it as fake. Do you have some insight you would care to enlighten us with how his comment wasn't at least partially on the money? From corruption to kiddie sex all found on a computer Hunter Biden supposedly sent for repair and forgot about? With that sort of content? Seriously it is hard to comprehend how anyone cannot at least doubt this as not being being muck spreading. I have studied multiple reports and have seen NO evidence, that is ZERO evidence o
  7. Having seen the way the first debate was marred by Trumps continuous interruptions, which was completely unstatesmanlike, I have to applaud the decision. People should have the right to listen fully to both parties comments, without having them interrupted half way through if the other side doesn't like what it is hearing. Intelligent people should be able to hold such a debate with dignity and manners, as well as offering their viewpoints.
  8. A number of posts have been removed. 2) You will not use ThaiVisa.com to post any material which is knowingly or can be reasonably construed as false, inaccurate, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed. 8.) You will not post disruptive or inflammatory messages, vulgarities, obscenities or profanities. 9) You will not post inflammatory messages
  9. Most of the last three pages have been removed, a process that took considerable time and effort. I could easily waste the next two hours dishing out warnings for the off topic, trolling and insult trading that has been going on. Quit it NOW and stay on topic, without the personal comments.
  10. The whole country is suffering under the current administration, whose performance is the reason for the protests. Bring in real democracy and the country and economy will flourish.
  11. As someone who spends a lot of time doing voluntary work, but who receives very little thanks from the Thai authorities I understand how these people feel. I nearly went home in March but thankfully decided at the last minute not to. I don't think the Thais are being deliberately obstructive, it is more that they have so little realisation of what is going on that they can't coordinate themselves properly to sort the mess out. Good luck to everyone who is stranded.
  12. A post which openly admits "rumour" about the laptops content has been removed, as have replies. I have told you all before to stick to facts that you can support. What is not disputed is that the laptop was in the hands of a Pro Trump supporter, before ending in the hands of Giuliani, whose penchant for mud slinging at Biden is well documented. There is no proof Biden is Mr. Big. None! The explanation that "sources" told FOX news does not make it a fact. If you want to post dubious opinion and try to portray it as fact, after so many moderator warnings on the subject, be p
  13. A left wing troll post has been removed for making a highly improbable and unprovable allegation. I note there are many comments here, putting forward supposition and unproven allegations as supposed fact. If I remove them all, there won't be much left. This will cease and desist please. If you have a statement of "fact" to make, ensure you support it with a reliable source of information. Just because some left or right wing site says something, does not make it true. We will also stay on topic and avoid getting personal or suffer the consequences. .
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