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  1. Many of their customers are close to begging the government to let them reopen too. With no local transmissions in a couple of weeks now, there is essentially no one out there right now for people to catch covid from, so further continued closure makes very little sense. They have zero chance of getting tourists in all the time this continues and now would seem the perfect time to allow them to open so the situation can be assessed and protocol addressed before people come back in numbers. There are a lot of people employed by these places who need to get back to earning a living.
  2. I think they are wishing on a dream. Once the borders are open we ARE going to get new cases being imported, so their goes the trust, and many tourists will be put off by the extreme measures they will probably need to comply with. Add to that many around the world are broke right now so traveling is a low item on the shopping list so any resumption in tourism is likely to be painfully slow.
  3. An insensitive post has been removed. If you have nothing positive to add to this thread, then kindly don't bother.
  4. Good work guys. The one positive thing to have come from the Covid mess is the amount of foreigners and Thais alike who have stepped up to the plate and shown their decency and generosity, whilst an incompetent government stood idly by.
  5. So you open the beaches and when people go there the authorities freak out. I have no problem being reminded of the rules, but it is a bit much when you are essentially threatened. Given so many of the other places to go remain closed, the beach is about the one place left that people can go, but with the cops in a power frenzy, get ready for stories of sad and stupid arrests and fines, especially one suspects for farang.
  6. It should also be remembered that Thailand ordered heavy discounting of prices on essential goods like rice, oil etc up to 50% to assist the poor and unemployed, which will factor into this number. However, a significant and prolonged reduction of consumer spending ability is likely to drag prices across the board downwards. Only when the money supply and consumer demand increases are we going to see upward numbers and good luck with seeing that happen by the start of next year. Reducing prices for a while instead of increasing them may have to become the new normal, even for Thailand.
  7. Have to disagree with that. If he had gone right, he would have likely hit/clipped the back end and flipped the pick up, probably resulting in the death of everyone in the back. Besides, you can hardly blame the fella. An idiot loses it and ends up in your path unavoidably, you curse, pray and hit the brakes. Not much time for thought on evasive action there.
  8. Key word here folks being the word "if" It changes many things. If, after all, my auntie had a pair of balls, she would be my uncle. I suspect Thailand will not be first past the post with this, so have to question why the "updates" on its progress, they themselves admit will be next year at least, keep cropping up several times a week.
  9. Pretty much agree with you. Sure, Boris will squeal and protest, but the Chinese don't blink in negotiations, even though it proves their ill intentions for its subjects. And when it gets away with Hong Kong, Taiwan will be the next to be worried. Until somewhere has the guts to stand up to China its march of domination will continue.
  10. Unbelievable that someone can scream down a soaking wet road at high speed with that amount of people including kids in the back and think that it is going to work out well. This is the sort of idiot who should be taken off the road by the authorities as unfortunately, the good Lord seems to have decided against it this time.
  11. An off topic troll post and replies have been removed. Discuss the topic please and no more trying to deflect away from that.
  12. A post with a disallowed reference to the PM has been removed, along with a reply.
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