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  1. More prehistorical thinking going on then. How on earth they think they are going to get votes when obviously living so far in the past is beyond me. Sex education is a very good thing that should not be thought of as negatively affecting the youth or creating social problems. It is not giving such education that causes that. Maybe they should call themselves the backward buffalo party.
  2. No mention of charging him with what appears to be a blatant criminal offence then? Given the cops routinely collect money from businesses and road users continuously, I somehow suspect that this matter is going to quietly die away and we will never hear what terrible punishment the officer in this case doesn't receive.
  3. darksidedog

    MoU on releasing refugee children

    Good. When I used to visit the police cells in Pattaya, three times a week, with a local charity to give food and water to the inmates, it used to sicken me to see immigrant kids locked up in dirty stinking cells. I have no idea if the international spotlight on the Saudi girl recently has caused this, or if Thailand has started moving towards being more civilised. I don't really care either way. Locking children up like animals was utterly wrong and I am overjoyed to hear the practice is being terminated.
  4. Given that virtually the entire second page of this thread is off topic, along with much of the first, and the whole thing was not far from being a troll post to begin with, and in light of the OP making numerous off topic and challenging posts in reply to other posters, this thread is now closed.
  5. Letting him stay on the payroll is hardly what I would call throwing the book at him. Sack him and charge him with a criminal offence, leaving him sat in a jail cell is more what I think would be appropriate. At that point others, might pay attention. Corruption being so ingrained in them, probably not though.
  6. darksidedog

    Going To The Polls

    Let us not forget the 19 coups d'etat that they have also had, 12 of them successful, so about half of the elected Governments have been overthrown. History has shown that the army have never been any good at running the place, they keep handing back power, saying they won't get involved again. This time looks a little different, as while the Junta are saying they are ready to give power back to the people, in reality it seems that they have no real intention of doing so. If they do cling on, history would suggest that it will not help Thailand one jot. Power hungry maniacs don't let little things like that worry them though, do they?
  7. darksidedog

    Thailand pledges to soften harsh refugee policies

    The high profile Chief of Immigration, Surachate Hakparn, says refugees would no longer be returned home “involuntarily” if they arrived in Thailand and claimed they were seeking asylum. He pledged that, moving forward, when it comes to asylum seekers, “Thailand will now follow international norms”. https://thethaiger.com/news/national/thailand-pledges-to-soften-harsh-refugee-policies If, and I repeat if, they indeed follow through with this, it will be a very welcome move. I have seen first hand the way immigrants are commonly dealt with and it is nothing short of appalling. There is a mentality here that has traditionally viewed immigrants as less than human, an attitude that is long overdue for correction. I hope this is the first step.
  8. Sadly that is the Thai mentality for you all over. Rather than set a good example in being positive about actually learning something useful, the schools follow archaic rules and then when they lose face, strike out against the person who revealed their idiocy. Utterly disgraceful, but very much the norm, and probably a fair contributor to the poor academic performance of kids nationwide.
  9. An inappropriate post and a reply have been removed. This is a public forum, not the local pub, so please reserve base comments for there, not here.
  10. Proposed changes include abolishing 90-day reports and introducing 10-year visas for foreign retirees, Surachate said. Well losing the 90 day report would be nice. I will be interested to see the fine print on the 10 year visa though. Funny that he is talking about making staying here easier, at the same time that it seems to be getting much harder. Coincidental timing no doubt?
  11. Canada at least realises and makes no bones about discussing how untrustworthy and dangerous the Saudis can be. Good on them for taking her in and even more so for not being shy about ensuring her safety.
  12. That is a shocking and nasty a story as it can get. Put the "ungrateful buffalo" back in jail and this time keep him there. Either that, or take him out the back and shoot him, like the rabid dog he is.
  13. Another one arrested on an old warrant. It looks like someone has decided to go through the backlog of warrants a decade or more old and track some of these villains down. This dirty old scumbag deserves to be made an example of. Abused his position of trust and when finally apprehended, shows no remorse, and says it was consensual. The law has it right, too young to give consent, statutory rape. Jail him for the rest of his life and make sure the word is spread to prevent others doing the same. Good work by the BIB, finally, in arresting him.
  14. About time too. Whole thing was blown totally out of proportion. I doubt very much whether Pattaya and Thailand benefited whatsoever from the stupidity involved.