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  1. Looking at where it happened and the direction, and noting it was 6.30 pm, means he would have been looking straight into the setting sun, and was probably blinded by it, so didn't see the truck. I had an accident in the UK many years ago just as the sun was rising. I drove into the back of a mid sized truck stopped on the side of the road which I simply didn't see because of the sun, which had just been hit already by a driver who was trying to explain that he didn't see it. As the truck driver said "How could you not see me?" I arrived and drove up the back of him also with the same exc
  2. Going to poke a few holes in that statement. Phuket is Not ready, nor is anywhere else in the country. Quarantine free? Yeah, can't leave for 14 days, movements monitored like a criminal, despite having been vaccinated. Plague carrying locals have zero restrictions meantime. Tourism? Well, most go on holiday to chill out and have a good time. No bars, no beer or wine with dinner? A myriad of rules to follow. The first international news story to break of a tourist being nailed for stupid money, or worse, jail, for some technical infringement, what very limited numbers trick
  3. A troll post along with several replies and replies of replies have been removed.
  4. And with this added stupidity, expect further cancellations. I am continually stunned that officials believe tourists are so desperate to visit here that they will be prepared to go through draconian hoops to do so.
  5. As a prison visitor for many years, I am concerned at the continuing high numbers of infections in the jails. It seems that no effort whatsoever is being made to thwart its spread. I would also like very much, given the prison numbers are reported separately to the country, to know the fatality numbers, which I suspect will be disproportionately high to the rest of the population.
  6. The numbers in time will tell, though I am pretty sure you can chalk this one up as a fail. All the time non vaccinated people from more local areas with significant outbreaks can come and go as they please, where is the sense in insisting on such measures for vaccinated tourists?
  7. I am not sure which is furthest from reality. Expecting tourists to agree to such conditions, or getting 450,000 folks round here vaccinated in the next few weeks?
  8. The only problem being of course, that you can bring all the charges you like against the crooked cops, but their crooked buddies will make sure they never actually get found guilty of anything. It's just a show folks to make the masses think that justice might be possible, when it isn't.
  9. I am not confident it is a race it is going to win, given the complete incompetence shown thus far.
  10. One of the joys of living here, is just when you think you have seen everything, a new marvel of superstitious wonder comes along and sets you off laughing again. I would love to hear an explanation from the locals as to how exactly this willy works.
  11. When this year they will be delivered is the big question. The second half of the year after all covers a very long period. If there is to be any tourist season whatsoever, the majority will have to be vaccinated way before the year ends.
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