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  1. Small minded people in dead end jobs often want to pull others dreams down so that they do not do better in life than them.
  2. I suspect they will be trying to keep water throwing to a minimum if only for the fact that the reservoirs around here are nearly empty already.
  3. Numerous bickering posts have been removed. Please make your point logically and politely. When you get personal and level accusations of lying, or make insults about others, don't be surprised when your post is removed.
  4. Yet another masterful display by one of those supposedly charged with helping kids to grow and mature into responsible adults.
  5. I would say this is a good idea, but my previous experience with such work for prisoners is that they do not actually get paid the going rate, or even close to it. Nong Plalai prison near Pattaya pays factory working inmates 40 Baht a day, leaving me suspicious that the factory owners and prison officials are pocketing the balance.
  6. An off topic post dragging the US in to this has been removed, along with the equally off topic replies. Please look at the topic heading before posting, to ensure you are not following the wrong path.
  7. Going to be a lot of potential visitors to Pattaya very disappointed that what was always here, apparently isn't any more! And that WILL hurt its reputation.
  8. There never are and never have been. If the cops, whose duty it is to uphold the law could get out there and actually stop every speeding driver and red light runner they might start to get somewhere. All the meaningless chat in the world will do absolutely zero, but it is all I have ever seen in my many years here. Sadly I suspect the 2022 and 2027 numbers will remain fairly in line with what we see now.
  9. Friday was a holiday so if it wasn't here by then today is the first chance for it to arrive. I nearly sent cash from the UK Thursday, (Transferwise) but saw it wouldn't arrive until today, so decided to wait and see how the rate fared this week.
  10. Reported posts and replies have been removed. Please keep it on topic and avoid the personal comments.
  11. Will he never learn? He can hype up different sorts of quarantine all he likes to make it sound rosy, but it is still quarantine, and tourists are not going to put up with it in numbers, end of story.
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