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  1. Alchohol is definitely a contributing factor in way too many accidents here, though to my mind, it keeps coming back to the fact that a significant number of Thai people simply have no idea of how to drive properly, even when they are sober.
  2. For the damage to be on the right rear side, the bike must have been overtaking, going in the same direction as the car. If he had been coming the other way, when he saw the car, he would have hit the left side of the vehicle, as the U-turn was performed. So, he was probably in the right hand lane, going too fast, and not paying proper attention. Had it been otherwise, he would have been able to avoid the car.
  3. More likely a scenario to my mind is that he just wasn't paying full and proper attention, and noticed the car making a maneuver too late to do anything about it. Lucky for him it was a farang, so he has someone else to blame.
  4. A smarter move would be to ban alchohol sales across the country, on the days in which water is being thrown about, as its the combination that is responsible for so any deaths. That would mean no alchohol in Pattaya for about ten days of course. It is shocking to read that 50-60% of adults drink drive readily, so targeting that long term would probably be a fairly good place to start on stopping accidents all year round.
  5. I suspect he did not want to say anything that could possibly upset anyone before he was safely back home. If his comments were genuine, then he is a lot more forgiving than I would be. The worry and indignity he has been through would have many cursing all and sundry involved.
  6. Figures might be a bit different if they factored in how dangerous moving around in the country is. And that world class health care they talk about, most definitely is not at all cheap.
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