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  1. TOPS discounts only apply to people who have a "ONE" membership card. If you don't have one, you don't get the discounted price. Takes 2 minutes to get one. It collects points for you, but not generously so and no idea how to redeem them. I just got one so I would get the discount or 2 for 1 offers. I agree that the check out service is poor, but then again at Tesco Lotus round here it is rare to see 2 checkouts actually staffed. TOPS is also pretty expensive on most of the items I want, so Makro and Foodland get most of my business, even thought the TOPS on Kaonoi is closer. Handy f
  2. Sad as it is to say, no one should be surprised to hear such news, as we all know that it is absolutely all around us, going on night and day. Every official who can graft some coin is doing so. The only surprise in the matter is that "some" of those at the trough have been actually been called out. Must have been really going for it, or not passing enough along and upward. It is so endemic in making the wheels go around that it is difficult to know how to begin to break the cycle.
  3. There is a significant difference between an alchohol ban "from" midnight, to one "after" midnight. My first thought was that it was a ban, not a timing issue and thought "here we go!, every Governor will follow suit like dominoes." It appears an emergency stock up is not yet necessary.
  4. That doesn't look good. The flightradar tracker shows it climbing steadily, then banking 90 degrees right and pretty much straight down. Thats not engine failure, its catastrophic loss of flight controls, as in something major fell off or seriously malfunctioned. Not good news for Boeing. I RIP those on board in advance, because I doubt anyone could survive an impact of that velocity.
  5. Oh dear! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to watch his reaction when he found out.
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