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  1. I am told that writing things in the third person perspective makes one feel less insecure. Maybe Stadtler could check with Stadtler to confirm if this is the case?
  2. I have to disagree with you. It is the silencing of views and opinions contrary to your own that signifies the death of democracy, yet here you are calling for exactly that in the name of democracy? That's OK with you though is it? You don't ever need to agree with anothers philosophy, but you must respect their entitlement to have such.
  3. Some off topic rabid trolling posts with wild accusations and zero evidence to back up one jot of it and replies have been removed.
  4. Have they even begun to think this through? This would likely bring a mere handful to a country that needs millions to restore anything like normality to the travel sector. Thailand has been very fortunate with Covid and to let anyone in who has a few bucks more than average early seems like asking for trouble.
  5. A post of a racist nature has been reported and removed. Please stick to the topic and avoid bringing other nationalities into it.
  6. When are we gonna apologise to Anutin? Shortly after he prostrates himself in front of us and apologizes for the racist bile he spewed out.I don't care if the use of masks was right or not. There was no justification for a senior member of Government to get pissy when his photo promotion thing went wrong. He refused to apologize for his disgraceful outburst so he is unlikely to find farang queuing up to say sorry to him.
  7. These will be the ones that believed the "it's just one guy from China,"' "It's just the flu," "It will go away when it gets warmer," "It's a democratic hoax." etc. Only when they start dying like flies do they pay any attention to reality. It came from China, but the left are being blamed by these same folks, while their deity has mishandled it about as badly as humanly possible. I am stunned that some are dumb enough that they believe Trump has handled it well.
  8. Maybe the media should go and visit a couple of markets. Ones I saw yesterday were absolutely heaving and zero social distancing going on. But then again the media do love to take any excuse to stick their knives into our back.
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