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  1. I believe the word has come down from the top, promote the biometric system at any opportunity. Especially the smart cars.
  2. When everyone is in on it, its not corruption its just the way of life.
  3. I don't think your following the play. Its clear to most that no one is going anywhere any time soon.
  4. The Chinese are trying to fight off a global enquiry into how they let the virus out, are they ready to unleash their hords across borders?
  5. Leave the Covid 19 out and the headline is still reads "a disaster for Thailand"
  6. Let the RTP pay them some emergency money they have got rich from the red light districts!
  7. If they are to be the economic managers they want to be or think they are, why is Panasonic scaling down their investment in Thailand? Have the Thai government looked into this at all, do they understand this and if so what mitigation is required to prevent others from doing the same are they able to provide an investment friendly environment for multinationals?
  8. OK prime minister another letter to the Thai oligachs, well maybe not.
  9. Forget the numbers of covid 19 cases and their localities, all tourists will be directed to Phuket, Bangkok and where ever the bagmen demand they go.
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