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  1. But only going to hurt the people not those who have the power to make the changes required to correct it.
  2. The centre for fake news has it's work cut out. Is it fake news from the govt or just alternative facts.
  3. So the airline is a basket case, let's try food deliver to prop it up. I assume the usual entitled crowd have the number for free food and delivery.
  4. Is this story going to pass the fake news test?
  5. Unlike the 67.2% I don't need time to decide, the opposition is nobbled and ineffective, as for the government is any comment required.
  6. Flood relief will be carried out using helicopters, submarines and Stryker APC's.
  7. While I will always disagree with the excessive military spending by all countries a weak defence force could be all some power hungry neighbour needs to gain some terrain. Not suggesting Thailand is threatened by any other countries but you never know. Of course there are other reasons for splashing the cash around and we all know what that is.
  8. "Rising number of Indian tourists seen as promising" I see this headline as a shift in reporting. It seems mild and considered, unlike the usual 2800000000 Indians arrived last month boosting Tourist figures by 7.76% I still detect an excessive amount of optimism in the story though.
  9. In a country where the real issues cannot be reported on, the real journalists don't bother or simply don't exist.
  10. The market strategy is sound and all in the scope of Thammanat's portfolio. He will be relying on a few old contacts.
  11. Luxury, try telling kids of today that.
  12. Call me a cynic, now this unconnected fellow is out of the game, I'm sure someone else is going to pick it up. Maybe some untouchable.
  13. Good, now he can get on with the job. It was this technicality holding him back, yes?
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