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  1. OK, now I get it Thai rapes tourist not really rape! Foreigner rapes Thai, police are onto it!
  2. Your comment on Thais seeing through the military myths may be true, therefore this explains the rise of the trigger happy General Apirat.
  3. All around the world we celebrate democracy as those elected do their best to sabotage and weaken the system. Even those not elected.
  4. Forget F1 it's boring, as an investment not sure if it offers a good return.
  5. Time for slick military operations to deal with the problem. Raid the labs, air strikes whatever it takes.
  6. As an Australian I have followed this case closely on TV.com and in other media. Of course I'm very happy with the outcome. I find the division of opinion on these matters disturbing, the hatred the intolerance and ignorance goes beyond acceptable opinion or freedom of speech, I am not singling out Thai visa posters as this is prevalent in society and is fuelled by the political agenda of those who stand to gain from division. To those who express opinion intolerant or hateful, against the humanitarian treatment of those whose countries are war torn or lacking in justice and human rights. Please ask yourselves are your thoughts your own or are you simply chanting a mantra brought to us by the bureaucrats determined to keep us divided as division will not allow society to progress. Think freely, be educated, question everything. Everything.
  7. Any responsibility taken by those who employ them?
  8. I see a van crashed and hurt some Chinese, not seen anything about the outcome of that incident. Maybe the van people are better connected? Or maybe the van is in prison.
  9. How is this guy, is he going to order his troops to fire or does he want to do it himself. A real psychopath. I'll give them a warning shot Sir! Between the eyes.
  10. "Don't cross the line" The line is wherever I say it is and I will move it where ever I want. Or should I say where ever I'm told.
  11. It's been a day since his last photo op, so there you go.
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