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  1. And then it will be "look what you made me do" a bloody crackdown.
  2. Here we go again, to spite China the US and it's allies will support any undemocratic regime, as in the past with the push against the commies didn't matter if you were a murderous bunch of crooks if you were anti communist it was all the way with the USA. There must be another way.
  3. Old soldiers never die, they just form a government.
  4. Given the way the international community tries to introduce democracy to countries in the Middle East and other places, you don't know how lucky you are Thailand.
  5. So, he's been told to say that by those who like it to be high.
  6. Yeah do what you want, then seek forgiveness. You are always forgiven, regardless of your sins. Buddhists and Catholics.
  7. Agreed, I would like that in Australia as well.
  8. I'd like to see them behave like, I think Korea or maybe Taiwan where parliament erupts into an all in riot and fist fight from time to time. Doesn't acheive much but looks great on the TV.
  9. The end of military rule, says the man in a uniform.
  10. I new a girl who told be she was on 70-100K per month. But still no money no customer, that's about 10 year ago.
  11. Must be time for the Governor to order all responsible agencies to do something about it, again.
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