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  1. i got my yellow book in one visit to the Amphur office and was treated exceptionally well by the staff here in Phatthalung. It took about 4 hours because they do so few here. I was only #2 in their ledger book for this year. But i walked out of the office with a yellow book. Much easier way to go for me as the closest immigration office is 80 kms away. I was able to open local bank account and purchase a motorbike in my name. The only document they asked for here was a certified translation of my passport. I had that done at the recommended local English language school. I had that paper over night.

    I did need 2 Thai people to verify i lived here and my address. They had to sign and show their Thai ids and blue books.

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  2. Thai life is nothing special. its life period, like life in America. The real question is what you are looking for and why u havent found it. Lol i manage to find the girls with no family no children and have threir own money and dont ask for mine. They exist in Thailand u know. The Thai stories i know of are rich in tradition which i personally like. The local Thais i know, both male and female have been nothing but wonderful to me. Maybe becuase I ask nothing from them. Nor do i give them anything but respect.

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