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  1. My opinion on the ride quality,,,,,,,,very smooth even in my olde pickup. The joints at the raised overpasses was smooth too but remember this is all new. A local friend that also drove on it said the same thing very smooth as compared to say when the re-modeled the Hwy 36 road between the motorway 7 and 331 last year, that stretch was a very bumpy ride at every section joint
  2. The main entry points are Pattaya and Ban Chang and they were open on Saturday as I drove the full length north and south. The other two entry exits will not open til September
  3. I cannot read 21 pages so Where do I get the actual app for my phone? On Playstore?
  4. I drove the link from Ban Chang to Pattaya today about 1045. The exits to 331/Silverlake area and to Huay Yai/ Jomtein are and both not ready yet and will remain closed til September. There is a lot of radway finish work to do yet and many workers in different areas all along the roadway,,,,,,,,,clearly this a a very soft open for the highway but the main road to and from Ban Chang is now open for use and it will definitely cut your drive time to Swampy and BKK.
  5. Like everything posted on TV there is no simple answer and I was not trying to say everyone will have a multiple day affair which you wasted no time pointing out,,,,,,,,,hence my first sentence saying a trip to the amphur to ask what the process is and in your case a simple one at that,,,,,,again the local folks are interpreting the rules the way that works for them.
  6. Yes, the process for the Amphur you live in has it's own way of following the actual rules written. This is not a one day deal. First and foremost is you and wife go to Amphur and the supervisor/staff will give you details for the paperwork required. Then you might spend the next few days getting the correct documents needed. When all of that is completed a return to the Amphur offices and possibly (as in my case) a trip to see our village headman for a interview and his approval signature and then back to the amphur for the final signing and presentation of yellow book. After getting the book you can then get a pink ID if you want one
  7. Yes,,,,,,,,,,that is what I have been saying,,,,,,,,,,Minix has boxes that are loaded both Android or Windows and in a variety of prices. My feeling is Minix is among the better boxes out there
  8. You may have to stop buying any products as it is very difficult to buy anything these days that does not get made in China.
  9. Much if not all of this expansion is related to the EEC. If you don't know what that is then Google Eastern Economic Corridor in Thailand,,,,,,,,,,if it progresses the way the plans are many changes will occur in the area in the nxt 5 to 10 years and the motorway and other infrastructure improvements are just the beginning.
  10. IMHO spending big bucks for a 5G capable phone is a waste of money for the average user,,,,,,,,,,all hype. The only place that 5G will really be worth having is in Bangkok area as the 5G network can be built properly as they need cells very close together as I understand so out in the hinterlands it is not a good system
  11. Update on this letter sent using registered US mail,,,,,,,,,,USPS tracking now shows it has made it to a plane at JFK New York. Only took three weeks from Wisconsin to a plane bound for Thailand. Maybe it will arrive here in LOS in a day or two
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