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  1. I guess i really does not matter who is imposing the restriction. If they continue with that same restriction for the IDD system here in Thailand I would never use it as it is too restrictive for my needs and I will just do the normal transfers from my US accounts.
  2. I doubt SSA imposed the special account rule in Thailand. If you deposit your SSA payments to a US bank as I do you do not need a special account just a normal checking/savings account with atm cards and ibanking. So that to me means that SSA is OK with any account. I think the Thai banks and in this case BBL specifically are covering their asses and limit the deposits to these special accounts
  3. knock wood! I use Thai bank debit cards frequently at many businesses that accept them for payments. In 10 years so far I have never had any issues,,,,,,,,,,,????? Lucky I guess
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