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  1. Crossy I thought I would bump this posting and talk a bit about my Eros subscription. I had used the system for the monh trial and seemed like things were going to be OK. I had several times that I could not connect to channels but no worse than other services I had, I decided to renew for the 6 month plan at 60 USD and really see what happens. The first week or so things were fine for the most part. I did have periods when I could not connect to a channel or many channels as the error message said cannot connect to server or server not recognized or something to that affect. But over the week
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. This topic is not for me personally but a friend who needs 5 crowns. He has not chosen a dentist as of yet.
  3. Sorry Lenny, I have been here for years but I am not familiar with "Chase beer" where is that now?
  4. Thanks for the good info all
  5. Hey anyone know of a dentist that does crown work and you can recommend? For both price and quality work! Recent work not more than 5 years ago
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