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  1. Yeah about 50 meters north of the 7-11 same side. The site seems just big enough for the store but no parking and the street will end up more congested. Will not be a pretty site to drive there at certain times of the day,,,,,,,,,,another bottleneck and danger zone to stay away from. Too bad they cannot plan something and make it better.
  2. Saw Chapter 1 and 2 is out now. First episode was watchable. I am looking forward to more in Chapter 2. Side note new series of "The Crown" is starting on Sunday on Netflix and the reviews I read shows it to be very good, New cast this time.
  3. How would this topic read if this guy had been hit and killed? 25 pages and more of more jokes about Thai laws and drivers? And saying what an idiot this guy is/was for expecting drivers should have stopped for him? Of course if he was dead no one could know what he expected. Then the speculation would start about him being drunk or whatever. Pretty sad about something like this and the discussion that ensues. I do agree he had no business sitting there like a angry child though.
  4. Worry seems to be about the extension but what about the power point itself and what all is connected to that circuit? Old house or apartment this plug may be part of just one circuit that is already loaded to the max.
  5. Came across this new construction site on Suk in east Ban Chang yesterday. Took a couple of pics of site that shows no business names except the construction company. Stopped and asked the security guard what is this business here and he said " Thaiwatsadu". So I have to believe him that this will be a new Thaiwatsadu home building supply store. If someone can correct this info feel free. Location as said east Suk opposite the Dacon Inspection services
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