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  1. A few destinations and many daily flights from Tachilek to other cities in Myanmar. I flew from there to Mandalay.
  2. I have never had a problem re-entering Thailand, but I always do it every 90 days, except when I leave Thailand for a holiday. Savannakhet and Saigon (HCMC) are the two options for a Non O without financials.
  3. He is referring to 2 visa exempt entries BY LAND per calendar year. If you haven't done 2 by land this year you can, in theory, do one next week. I go over the border into Tachilek often and have noticed recently that almost every time I go a foreigner is held up at immigration on exit (unless you have a visa for Myanmar, Thai immigration will not let you exit if they intend on not allowing you back in). Please let others know how the crossing went by posting on this thread next week. Good luck.
  4. Everyone has their own opinion, but I used to go to Savannakhet until I found out that you can get one in Saigon. Did the last three in Saigon and most recently in July. Saigon is a vibrant city with a wide range of prices and many things to do. In fact last month I stayed 5 nights. Pro tip - leave the wife in Thailand when you go to HCMC for your next NON O ME.
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