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  1. https://additive3dasia.com/3d-printing-thailand/ If its a one off, how about 3D printing?
  2. https://www.health-tourism.com/medical-centers/vejthani-hospital/dep/orthopedics/ Had my right hip done at vejthani 7 years ago, cost around 500K baht, covered by my personal heath insurance. attached condo building to the hospital for post operation stay. I spent about 10 days untill they would let me fly home to Udon Thani. When I need my left hip done I will do it at this hospital. State of the art IMHO
  3. Was the old one at the airport Orient Thai? Can't remember although I saw it multiple times coming and going to work
  4. On the ring road travelling west towards the airport they are assembling a 747 aircraft for some purpose. Anyone have any ideas or information? Tourist attraction, or I'm thinking a restaurant.
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