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  1. I think they're literally insane at this point - the TMD issued weather warnings from February 28 through to March 3 warning of storms through to March 4. OK, so the warnings were not through to March 13 but how can they say they never warned of storms at all from a period starting March 2 when they did? https://www.tmd.go.th/en/list_warning.php
  2. No special requirements coming to CM. You also don't need to refile a TM30 on your return - the rules changed June last year. I'd link to a news article but the site is banned here.
  3. Every red light and speed offense I've managed to get in Chiang Mai included a photo - what's the problem here?
  4. Would depend on the Immigration office - they should be able to pull it out of the computer system.
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