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  1. It absolutely was. As long as it's not a protected profession and op is already working for a company with a work permit he absolutely can work additional jobs, even as a freelancer. Emergency Decree on Non-Thais’ Working Management (No.2) (2018) Section 28 " a work permit holder may engage in any work that is not specifically prohibited to all foreigners on the 'Official List' of work prohibited to foreigners." According to an online source "As a consequence, any foreigner who has a work permit in Thailand may now, work anywhere, for anyone, and do any type
  2. No quite Doi Saket but on the 118 heading towards Doi Saket - CJ Haircuts in San Na Meng, San Sai. The Thai lady is from the south and speaks nearly perfect English, does a great job and is cheap - 100 baht for a cut . https://goo.gl/maps/cQ98NhaM1rSu3qQ79
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