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  1. Hot season is going to be hot. I would never have guessed.
  2. Opened this up expecting the usual Thaivisa anti-gay and anti-trans comments, wasn't disappointed. The irony is most of the comments come from obese old bitter expats who can't even get it up. I hope she wins.
  3. Monthly stats going back to 2013. https://www.facebook.com/aqichiangmai/app/190322544333196/
  4. Koh Chang is not bad at all. Speed limit is 30 km/h and most people stick to it. The only thing to be aware of is farangs on bikes going around corners.
  5. Doi Saket is the outskirts of the Chiang Mai Metro area. Note, though you mention Doi Saket hot springs - you might want to look at a map, Doi Saket ranges from the Chiang Rai border to the Outer Ring Road. If you can compromise on nature, take a look at the southern parts of Chang Klan and Haiya - close to town but off the major roads they're quiet and mostly Thai (the northern parts are highly touristy). Some people love Santitham - again, there are quiet parts and yet you're very close everything. A little further out Fa Ham might be worth a look as well - close to Central Festival but outside the Superhighway it's fairly quiet.
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