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  1. I wonder what became of the statute of limitations? Does this apply to this type of case? Given this case has been an ongoing issue for several decades, it might be a little late to start this line of prosecution. You would think any number of previous governments would have looked into this avenue.
  2. At some stage the politicians holding this meeting will be informed of several relevant pieces of information. It may come as homework for them as they answer the following questions they might change their tune a little. Who was the General's father and why is he keen to follow a family tradition? Where does he get these silly ideas including but limited to the current fad haircut amongst the military? Who pushed for him to hold the top post in the military?
  3. Can anyone explain why this information is released on 11 October. after the inspections have to be completed? Would it not be wise to inspect the whole fleet of specified plane for what is a known fault? Maybe include the inspection as part of regular maintenance?
  4. This part will be easy with a small design change. This will be interesting. If Malaysia and Indonesia think they will get anywhere they have another thing coming. Just because a "customer" changes their policy you are left with a whole lot of product you cannot sell. Time to replant native trees and encourage the wildlife to return or find a new market.
  5. So Thailand has adequate infrastructure, health and labour market. This must come as a surprise to some outside of Bangkok.
  6. What about all the need for original documents and signed copies? Will on department accept that this information has already been supplied to another one? Oh look further duplication of online/app reporting for those suspected criminals that are expats. Lets see if the software works and they have enough internet bandwidth and back end support to allow the system to work.
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