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  1. And in a "Only in Thailand Moment";
  2. That must be beside the seminar "Honest Statistics and fact presentation" held by TAT.
  3. Well they could start with the address of the house Thaksin owns in Hong Kong, it has been publicised often enough in the past. I am sure someone in the office could find it without too much trouble, or they could ask the Thai representative in HK to find out. Given the amount of time TS spends in China and HK they might find a couple of road blocks if they actually tried given who he seen associating with.
  4. So has someone gone running to the EC, the broadcast authority and the computer crimes police to complain about this? You can bet if it was a different political leader all those authorities and the army would be involved within hours of the broadcast with the station making all sorts of mea culpas to keep on the air.
  5. Interesting timing for this announcement. I am sure it has been planned for some time as part of the strategic lead up to the election. This does not stop it from being dog whistling.
  6. Add that to the one who lost his head. All at about 2.30am near Korat. I am beginning to see a pattern here. Where are the Thai ghost experts telling us the highway is haunted by the ghosts of previous bus accidents?
  7. You would think the press would be full of crowd photos of such a large gathering.
  8. Congratulations to all involved in this successful prosecution. I hope it holds up in the future. I wonder if his conviction of a felony and subsequent prison sentence (whether or not it is served) affects his ability to hold positions in a publicly listed company? Or is that one of the reasons for the length of the sentence? I note it was not discounted because he did not plead guilty.
  9. I wonder if the competing goals of attracting ever increasing numbers of tourist and having sufficient water for those on the island at any given time has occurred to the different department heads? Dare I say the phrase "infrastructure planning" ? It is not just water for farming or to drink and wash with but what becomes of that water when it is used. Not forgetting city planning, power, communications....
  10. Funny I see this differently. I think the high turnout is probably good for the the small to medium sized parties as those who normally vote for the large parties get out and vote any way, it is dissatisfaction with the incumbents and their traditional opposition that rallies people to get out and make a difference. So this can be seen as a successful rallying call by the smaller parties to get some votes. Either way it will be interesting to see how the election is stolen.
  11. The numbers of people making the effort to vote should give some interesting results.
  12. Want to bet they were wearing the seat belts that are usually ignored in these mini-vans.
  13. Readily available. They look like glasses that monitor eyes to check blink rate, which is a precursor to falling asleep. An alarm sounds when the wearer starts to nod off.
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