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  1. The government is getting desperate to shut Thanatorn down. This could also be seen as a payback for mum taking control of the media shares that caused him grief. Who else thinks the land titles will be deemed "illegal" and a prosecution launched?
  2. Very true. One issue that arises is when these people leave Thailand, their passports are cancelled, making further travel something of a challenge. Often their passport is cancelled before they flee, so a close country is possible due to porous borders but further afield presents logistical challenges. Getting travel documents to go to "safer" countries requires some planning and co-operation from a third country. It also requires money, that can be a big issue for those who are not well off to start with.
  3. Unfortunately the article was truncated missing the bit about Fabulous 103
  4. How many further appeals will he launch to keep out of the prison system?
  5. What would Thailand do without their slaves? Actually do the dirty jobs?!!
  6. The train was more important in this case. It did not know who he was.
  7. Bet the directors still get their "benefits". Their pay should be linked to the actual numbers of people going through the airports (Not the fiction published by TAT).
  8. He will be looking for a new job soon, getting too full of his own importance. Fatty is not organising a party coup.
  9. She is the usual spokes person who fronts the media. Lots of photos of her making announcements on Payut's behalf.
  10. He did remember the friend's name, unfortunately the friend had died some time before.
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