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  1. Is this because they cannot get slots at Puket and Krabi is close enough, just add a bus.
  2. Another wrinkle in the constitution. If that is the case someone did not do their job very well, or possibly too well.
  3. When they work out that most of their potential employees will come from "neighbouring countries" I wonder how the investment decision will go.
  4. Where does petty and racist bureaucracy fit into that list?
  5. If they keep this up they could replace the numbers of people who used to work in Saudi Arabia until an unfortunate incident.
  6. It is called "Walking Street" for a reason. Unfortunately the tourists that are currently visiting are taking the name too literally. Might be time for a name change.
  7. The police could actually enforce the laws about this. Stop laughing !!! Someone has to explain it to them as an untapped source of income then they might might wish to mine.
  8. If business gets tough, put your hand out to the government for some money. Works for Thai and the farmers and... Don't look at your business model, ignore your customer feedback (they are just whingers) and don't look at the other ways to reduce costs and wastage...
  9. So the process is now set. Those who want to hold on to the end have a line in the sand to avoid.
  10. Interesting that the court clerk could do what the police were failing to do. That he used a police firearm shows it is not an equipment failure in this situation.
  11. Now the rich and powerful are noticing and complaining, there may be some real action. When insurance companies start to complain, there is something significantly out of whack. All the powers that be have to do is work out how to change things, starting from the police inaction all the way through to community attitudes. It can be done, it just takes the will.
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