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  1. I've watched that creek go from clear water to stinking black sludge over the years. Unfortunately, the currents take that crap all along the beach in Ao Nang. If you go far enough north to escape it you are then gassed by the mob of the RaiLay longtails left idling, their diesel stink wafting in the onshore breeze. At least you have a choice; shit smell or exhaust.
  2. Crazy, yes. But perception is everything. I also started coming in the mid eighties so I know what you're saying. There used to be a lot of concern of Thais losing their Buddhist principals with the looming western materialism. Well, we're long paste that I'm afraid. I have the same kinds of feelings you're describing. But I remind myself that people everywhere have their stupid lights on. America same same. A friend posted on FB the question, "if you could live anywhere regardless of cost, where would it be". It took me a while of pondering to realize the question should not be "where" but "when". I still find the Thais a mostly gracious and generous people. Never did care for the soi dogs.
  3. Someone should shoot a lampoon TAT video, put it in different languages and send it out on the web. "Visit beautiful Chiang Mai and see the wonder of post apocalypse sunsets". Nevertheless, this is going to decimate our reputation. Eventually the big money owner's of the malls, condos and hotels will realize they're losing big baht and maybe they have the means (cash) to grease the brown envelope machine into finally taking some action. It seems like if we had a PM who maybe had some military experience he could declare a national emergency (it is) and send out troops to enforce the burning ban. But then they might not be ready for coup redux.
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