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  1. But the fat dork got out on a 500,000 bail, tip money for him, can't even have a decent poaching weekend for that money! DESPICABLE! 'Justice' making itself ridiculous case after case, anyone wondering why Thais don't care a yo about rules and laws...?!
  2. When and if the death of this thai woman, whose remains were discovered outside the borders of the Kingdom of Thailand, would have been caused by a criminal act, this does not, at all, fall under the jurisdiction of thai Justice, but single and all under that of the sovereign(!) country where her remains were found, and she was possibly, probably, killed! Period! This to me is just another stinking part of 'thainess', the too well known racist, xhenophobic one, and thai Justice, when anything worth that name does exist, what can, alas, be seriously put into doubt, does not have the tip of a tiny toe to stand on to act in any, ...even thai, legal way against any foreign individual legally 'residing' (well, like the 'untermenschen' categorised under the maligned long-stay-alien denomination). When the UK's authorities would want to pay any attention to these imbeciles, with a long pole not to make themselves dirty, they might ask for that sacro-saint, for minority-complexed Thais, reciprocity concept, ...and be, automatically, with no excuse, authorised to (re-)investigate the many, many tens of cases wherein UK nationals died in Thailand, and allowed to dig up by all means the truth behind the des-interest, lazyness, manigances, lies, and worse committed by the brown mafia, and other criminal organisations and individuals, supported by a crooked judicial system, which have over the years lead to criminal acts supposedly committed by thai nationals on thai soil! Will never happen of course, too many 'suicides', 'accidental deaths', 'unsolved cases', or, often, fake justice. Koh Tao, anyone? God, these ...... made me angry with this, and not even from the UK!
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