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  1. Corruption is immoral, nepotism is immoral, etc., etc., AND... dictatorship is immoral ! What does that make of you, Mr fake PM? 'Moral communities', in military camps, maybe, under command of an Anupong, then ...? IMHO, the country named Thailand (to serve the nationalistic powergrab by a fascist dictator) has never been a 'democracy', whatever a monument and a lot of blah-blah might pretend, but it never looked as far away from making a chance to become one at last as today...
  2. It should IMHO be more than 360 a WORKING day, like for Burmese of both sexes, and idem from Cambodia and Laos! ..And also for employed Thais, those who would be WORKING, of course, what rather seems to be a minority alas. As my Thai wife says: 'all Thais want to have a job, but few want to work for the money'...
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