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  1. Would you then possibly be one of those attarded boy-scouts buying their full uniform and all good looking accessories to be allowed to re-enscene that gap in their childhood, pretending to be a policeman with the TP, while not being at all? LOL!
  2. I'm very sorry, I didn't realise you were that kind of a guy. Please forget I ever reacted on any post of yours, i won't do it again for sure. And when we once are both on a same packed ferry or so, I will recognise you at once, you with all the free seats around you! Bye!
  3. Would this be kind of a typical "My Thailand" kind of minority complexed reaction of yours?
  4. Hello, hello, anybody there at TV!? Am I on a wrong address here, or do I remember right about some, firm, and appreciated, advice previously given to posters getting involved in repeated attempts to determine the sexual appartenance of angels to switch over to the FORUM part of this site, ...instead of desperately clogging up an otherwise very interesting topic!
  5. Congratulations "Gilltom", you just earned the smoked herring prize of the day! Now seriously, for a few moments. I have no idea where you could be coming from, but what you write here, and in your previous, erm, "post", when you would not be a thai national, would be hard to apologise for. everyone has a right to a personal opinion, no doubt. But when you would stand on a stage and read out to the public what you wrote, and I would have been forced to be there, sorry for you, but I would have been throwing eggs, fruit, veggies in all levels of decay at your head. So distressing I find that waste of a babble of yours.
  6. I don't know for sure how many grams of brainmatter are to be found in an average kiwi fruit. I guess "zero", none at all. Now to a guy calling himself Keith, from NZ or not: joke apart, what kind of hotchpotsch did you produce here: mixing those thousands of chinese tourists (which should IMO too not have been admitted in Thailand, or, possibly anywhere else, ) with infected nationals, here Thais (your "people returned home"?), please tell. Not wanting to bury the nail deeper after my "opening", but may I guess you meant: "accelerating" instead of "exhalerating", as "exhaling" though the closest related doesn't make sense, as it can't be you meant "exhilerating" as it would be quite deviant to find anything enjoyable about the Covid-19 pandemic...? So, please, next time, take a bit more time to put your valuable thoughts together, and think about how to write about these in an intelligible(*) way for us here. Thanks a lot. (* nothing ado with your intellect, nota bene, but well with writing in an understable way)
  7. "Salerno" I have reasons to be sad, don't know about you, but at least your reacted... It seems all the posters here always having an opinion and/or advice about everything are whether inactive at the time, or have no interest whatsoever in my question, oh well...
  8. 75% of GDP based on Chinese, hmm, really, based on what may I ask?
  9. Obviously, you were never informed (or didn't understand) how the "0$" works, as it does, believe it or not. Look it up by yourself in a hurry when you want to avoid posting such ... stuff as here above! Thanks
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