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  1. Something to consider. Many always think the grass is Greener on the other side; but once they get there they finally find out it is just grass too.
  2. Go to youtube and find someone you like and understand; there are many free language courses there to experience. Then if you learn just one phrase a week within a short time you will be able to converse in everyday social language.. I would learn to speak conversational Thai first and then tackle the written word but that is just my opinion.. This group seems to do a good job and are funny to listen to
  3. China has threaten a new cold war... Bring it Bubba. I am glad people are finally waking up to the fact that China will run over you and only look to see if you are dead so they can check to see if you have anything in your pockets they can steal. I do wonder what the democrat Coup Clutz Clan (Pelosi, Schiff, Biden etc etc) and all the others who have profited from their under the table relationships with the CCP/PLA will have to say about any meaningful blocking of China ? As far as a fighting war, China said they would be on military parity before 2030 with the USA.. That was during the Obama years which might need to be re-figured now that Trump is building back up our military.. The problem I see is China's manufacturing capabilities really are awesome and they get allot more bang for the buck than we do with our blood sucking over priced made in the USA military hardware that takes years to develop and years to fix the bugs. Also as many in Asia already know China is not stingy when shower politicians with money so that China can get their foot in the door for a particular deal.
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