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  1. Yes I know about the emergency decree.. still if you are allowed to go to restaurants respecting the social distancing measures but also having a meal with your partner or people living with you, I don t see any reason to forbid you to have a glass of wine with your meal.. Sorry
  2. Hello I would like to understand the aim of this stupid measure.. You can drink at home and you can buy from a restaurant BUT only to take away.. So you can drink 2 wine bottles, take your car, eat in your favorite restaurant drinking water and go on drinking when back home What does it have to do with quarantine or virus ??? Lots of people say they don t go to restaurant if forbidden to have even a glass of wine.. Have a nice day..
  3. You are the one who does not know what he is talking about.. I had a mixed raita in IBN 3 days ago.. 120 bahts (easy to check in their website, where they give menu and prices) and for a very large one, double of what you normally get in other restaurants.. I had dinner there more than 60 times in the last 3 years, always fresh, tasty and well prepared.. If you expect to eat for 50 bahts, then go to a rat hole and don t complain about filth and low quality
  4. Hello Indian by nature (not far from Panpan on the opposite side of the road) has a kitchen only separated by glass from the restaurant.. you can see the cooks prepare your food, without getting smoke or smell.. I don t agree with your comment about "dirty" indians anyway.. and I lived 6 years in India. Have a nice day
  5. Thank you.. You re right, as paying an agent would be more expensive.. I would not mind paying and solving the problem once for all.. but no guarantee next year they won t decide to impose insurance for O also.. Will see in 2 months what s going on and in case ask Ubonjoe the best place to make a run .. if possible. If not... Have a nice day
  6. Immigration advices to change to O visa.. and of course I asked the closest agent.. Thank you
  7. Hello I live close to Jomtien and depend upon Jomtien immigration.. extension of stay expiring october 3rd but I normally always apply one month before Being on Non OA initially and having a good foreign insurance and medical issues which would not be taken into account by the thai insurances I was planing to go for a visa run to Cambodia end of august and enter on visa exemption and do here the process for a O visa (I have the 800 K in bank all year long) If not able to go out, I heard some agents here can change the visa for a O type... of course quite expensive.. but less expensive than a non sense double insurance.. Do anybody know which agent can do that ? Have a nice day
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