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  1. Nuisance tripping from varying grid voltage. Most certified inverters have grid parameters set to meet the supply authority spec which can be quite strict with the re-connection after fault voltages. I am sure the Thai authority have provided a voltage spec to Huawei but doubt if it has considered the many areas on its grid suffering from large voltage swings. I believe most Huawei inverters provide some adjustment to the upper and lower cut off levels including their timers. This would likely require a special installer code and application to a
  2. @Pilotman I see my posts have received the predicable sad flags. Very professional. I get the feeling that like me you of the Microsoft Sim academy.
  3. Not everyone has the same level of skill. Flight 1549 was lucky to be carrying a high level. Computers aid in aircraft is not about helping the rare incident like complete engine failure.
  4. With so many air crashes caused by human error its nice to know there are powerful computers watching over the unpredictable organic matter. Its also nice to know that systems like OFDM are monitoring pilots and looking for trends that need to be addressed.
  5. But what throws a spanner in the works is :- QUOTE - We had to run a second phase from the grid meter as we burnt the supply cable out. So we have 2 phases coming into the bahn. Wiring around the Schneider load center is interesting. I will hold back any comments about solar production until the OP has all ducks in a row.
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