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  1. Loctite 401 is a good all round glue but one should consider the application as there are super glues for specific range of applications. We use 408 to lock ferrite beads permanently, nasty stuff.
  2. With so many on edge with malware and viruses these days I try to avoid posting links that invite the downloading of executables even if I know thay are clean. People can get upset when you question motives. Sometimes its best to ignore the reactions. Maybe brother Eindhoven will be along soon and you can go a second round
  3. I posted the YouTube link as a method to find a repair service, I doubt watching the videos will help much. Most provide a Facebook or Line contact for those looking for inverter repair/test service.
  4. I am trying to figure why you see the word immigration as xenophobic and spiteful. If the guy believes immigration has changed a town or city then he has the right to say so. There was no reference made to industry closing. It has become quite fashionable to accuse people who express unwelcomed opinions of abusing free speech to spread hate. I know nothing about this UK place but a simple search reveals the following :- Luton has a diverse ethnic mix, with a significant population of Asian descent, mainly Pakistani 29,353 (14.4%) and Bangladeshi 13,606
  5. The Voltronic boards used in many inverter brands issue fault code 07 - 09 when abnormal voltage is detected in the power switching circuit. This is usually down to component failure. Fortunately the power stages of these very common are easy to test and repair. Try one of the Tube fixers, there are many in LOS. https://www.youtube.com/c/FmlamphunChannel/videos
  6. Sadly that's often the case where service engineers receive little or no formal training. Then there's the standard BS book used to baffle the customer and extract as much cash from their pocket with minimum effort. Some great comments in this topic. I particularly like "the unit must slope slightly to one side" to allow drainage. Thai's can be quite imaginative when it comes to a lazy fix.
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