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  1. No...one is not enough its always one more then everything is A ..OK [emoji39]
  2. Maybe they think that over throwing a democratically elected government via military coup is perfectly legal and justified.
  3. I thought prostitution was illegal in Thailand and every time some "big wig" comes and investigates Pattaya they find no evidence of it. I'm confused [emoji85] [emoji86] [emoji87]
  4. Really ? that's a new one on me. There's a youtube vid of a (smallish) woman "uprightinng" one of those stupidly heavy Goldwings.. its all down to technique.
  5. I practice drinking one more beer then everything seems ok [emoji481]
  6. I don't know why they don't/can't install "sleeper bunks" packed floor to ceiling on long haul flights, OAPs on the ground floor athletes on the top [emoji39]
  7. Its just a normal lead acid battery The charger in the bike just a normal charger....the manual was probably translated from Japanese to Swahili then Thai to English [emoji481]
  8. Well come on, tell us what the problem was ?
  9. Have they calculated how much energy has been saved over the past few years from TV's being turning off every Friday evening for at least an hour ?
  10. 14V is good for charging the battery....the keyless thing may be draining the battery overnight,there was a thread on here about it happening on the PCX ( also the side stand kill switch if it has one ) I imagine the Aerox has LED headlight, stop light etc if not maybe the high beam on and a stuck on brake light can take enough power away from the charging circuit that slowly the battery doesn't get charged enough...that can build up sulphation which then starts a vicious circle of the battery not accepting enough charge which leads to more sulphation...or you could have just had a dud battery.
  11. As far as I'm aware its either (400,000 lump in the bank ) or (40,000 per month) not both.
  12. For me @ Jomtien they wanted 4 photos of just me and wife around the house 1 showing us and the house number, 2 original photos stuck onto a A4 page ( so 2 pages) and photo copies. When they came to interview us at home they took photos of me,wife and witness outside our apartment building outside our apartment showing the number and all of us sitting on the sofa. So at the immigration office they wanted photos of just me and wife ( no witness) but at home they wanted photos with witness ...at least we didn't have to drag the witness to the office this time.
  13. You like having your PC and phone showing the wrong time ? if you change from network time to manual the device has to rely on its own internal clock...which like the quartz wristwatch is much more accurate at timekeeping than a "grandfather" pendulum clock but no match at all for the very precise time kept by the atomic clocks which provide "Network" time on the internet and mobile phone network... By using Network time ( NTP server) your PC and phone can check and adjust its time automaticity..just give it the correct time-zone which for Thailand is GMT+7
  14. Could have/should have just went to the nearest temple they have more food than they know what to do with every single morning.
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