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  1. I would guess its closed today, and tomorrow might be a bit busy.
  2. Yes I agree just another government "money grabbing scheme" "world leading tax" !! pffff. There is money and jobs to be had in recycling....all that money thrown at failing banks ponzi schemes could have been better used ?
  3. Maybe offer a midnight photo op live on Nation Tv ?
  4. The delay is most likely because the dealer is sitting in the paper work waiting for a convenient time for them to goto the DLT with a big batch + I hear that there is some Tax shenanigans which can encourage slow registration.....it should/is possible to go directly to your local DLT and get it done in 1 day.
  5. Gercha ya bugga [emoji39] [emoji481] [emoji481]
  6. Well it was closed off again this afternoon...so..how long was that ?
  7. Yes good idea....but where does the rubbish eventually go...and why not tell the public the locations then they could dump it themselves.
  8. So about 45 kilometers per liter of fuel ?
  9. Ahh so you mean "Central Festival Pattaya Beach"
  10. Which one is Central Festival Plaza ? I still get confused with all the Central bla bla and Home bla bla names. [emoji39]
  11. Nope still none the wiser...
  12. it was more of a question than an insistence.... South Pattaya or the indoor stadium Chayapruck 2 ??????
  13. I thought it was at the "indoor stadium" https://www.google.com/maps/@12.8914368,100.9209595,465m/data=!3m1!1e3 South east of Pattaya...not South Pattaya.
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