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  1. As well as Halloween and Loy Krathong there is also supposed to be a Bikini night run all on one night !!!
  2. No luck at all no response from the seller via the online chat...I also wrote a review saying only got one item delivered but its marked as "pending" something strange going on there I haven't bothered contacting Lazada help directly.
  3. As mentioned the testing stations displaying this logo can provide the compulsory insurance
  4. Seagate and Western Digital hard drives are made in Thailand you can buy them from a shop like JIB on Lazada cash on delivery, no fakes arrives in a couple of days no worries about customs or getting lost for months in the international mail system.
  5. They certainly expanded the "shop fronts" about a cars width right up to the gutters. some photos from 2003
  6. No the fields and forests surrounding Bangkok, you know the rest of Thailand. Yes they burn in neighbouring countries too but best to start in your own back yard..stop the burning !!!!
  7. All of 3.5 Km's of "high speed rail" constructed so far.
  8. Well stop burning the fields and forests !!!!!!
  9. What happened to she was Thai with a French passport ???
  10. It was also "interesting" to see how all the Thai news channels covering that event (yes every channel that I looked at) switched to recorded footage of that "Bim" bloke ( who raised loads of money for charities ) resigning from his position instead of letting the viewers hear the protesters read out their letter that was delivered to the ambassador, there was a split screen muted protesters reading their letter.
  11. just had a quick look site is not changed "amazing" you have to go through the steps described in the other thread cant post a direct link to the files.
  12. So a year to get a verdict and then instead of going to prison after being found guilty they are let out on bail !
  13. Notice no condemnation of the vile beheading of a teacher for showing kids some cartoon !!!
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