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  1. They very often are not well lit or well sign posted or well laid out...very dangerous on all accounts.
  2. The Russians have started to return for their winter getaway.
  3. I was 1 day short at Jomtien, they wouldn't budge even though my wife asked for leniency..no problem just came back a couple of days later with new bank letter
  4. In another thread it was suggested I use fully synthetic in my motorcycle...the price for 1 liter of Shell Advance "mineral" oil 107 baht. 1 liter of Shell Ultra fully synthetic 410 baht
  5. Its been asked many times on this forum...seems there are no known places..to rent ..loads of places to buy..maybe everyone borrows from a friend ( just like expensive wrist watches,if your friend sadly dies you can keep the borrowed things )
  6. johng

    New hotel

    Do they prohibit drinking of booze in the hotel ( restaurants included ?? ) or just don't have a mini bar in the rooms ?
  7. He says the price is 79,500 baht in another review they give the engine specs 234cc SOHC inline twin with Fi Air cooled with big oil cooler 16 HP @ 8500 RPM 15.5 Nm @ 7000 RPM 6 speed top speed @ 140 Kph If the pound was still at 70 to the baht I might be tempted to go get one today the second hand price in a couple of years will probably be more tempting ?
  8. my memory is not so good, so according to "the internet experts" 14.1 - 14.8 volts for the last 20% of charge then down to 13.0 - 13.8v to trickle ( or float ) charge and maintain the charged battery for almost ever. 15.0 - 16.0 volts will have the electrolyte bubbling so would cook the battery ..but some chargers use this higher voltage for a limited time to stir up the electrolyte and knock sulphation off the plates.
  9. You could lift the bonnet/hood every time you park so the battery cools quicker..or you could relocate the battery to the boot/trunk some cars ( I only know of the Jaguar XJ something or other ) have a special duct with a small fan that draws in cool air from outside for a period of time after the engine stops to cool the battery.
  10. If you arrive by bus there will almost certainly be another bus leaving from that station going to Pattaya..you then of course arrive at one of the Pattaya stations and need to negotiate a fare (the taxis in Pattaya won't use their meter)...maybe a Taxi straight from Bangkok to the hotel isnt such a bad deal ?
  11. It's good to see sense prevailed in the end, most of the new red and white no parking areas have been removed, there are still sections on the beach side mainly opposite the side soi's and at the (laughable if they weren't so dangerous) "zebra crossings"
  12. "Cow pat" = the round mess that comes from the backside of cows "Poo" yes the same stuff that comes out of the backside of cows and most other animals [emoji39] just joking a play on the translation between language's
  13. Yes they recently started deducting tax from all foreigners accounts regardless of whether they reached the "tax threshold" the solution is to get a Thai Tax number from your local tax office (no need for work permit ) then go to the bank with tax number and they will will stop deductions,untill interest reaches the tax threshold.
  14. You'll also be waiting a loooong time for a bus at those bus stops (yes yes mini bus vans and songteaws excluded )
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