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  1. example here this morning "COVID-19 can infect penis tissue and could lead to erectile dysfunction" !!!! https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-can-infect-penis-tissue-and-could-lead-to-erectile-dysfunction-study-12304902
  2. Yes but how many units KWH's did you use in the UK ? I would expect the UK price is more expensive but maybe there are fewer power cuts..I had computer up times counted in years without needing a UPS I think my record here is about 30 days.
  3. That has been my experience too, there are hardwoods that stand up to pests but they are nowadays "very expensive" years ago most all Thai homes where made of wood the hardwood houses still survive to this day and can be found in villages out in "the sticks" you need a permit to cut down or transport certain "hardwoods" around the country even if the tree is on your own land you can't chop it down..well ok T.I.T
  4. I was surprised to read yesterday that student activists where on hunger strike in jail no mention of it here or from what l've seen on Thai TV ??? https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/student-leader-penguin-in-critical-condition-after-45-day-hunger-strike/
  5. I would imagine they would draw even more closer inspection probably even remove the vehicle to a police pound not that I have any experience in this mater of course
  6. Those yanks are such bad shots they missed their target Vietnam by a whole country mile
  7. Amazingly there is a nuclear research reactor in the Bangkok area been there for many years one of this forum's member works/worked there, possibly the only thing preventing total disaster
  8. Such a shame that Thailand reneges on its trade deals to protect a couple of mediocre beer producing families and deprive us all of the chance to enjoy cheap booze from ASEAN counties which includes Australia, a bottle of Aussie wine 3 times as much as it is in the UK !!!
  9. The old (14 year old) round tax disk just like we used to have back in the UK.. of course now over there (UK) they don't even issue a disc at all, everything is done online and enforced by the vast array of spy cameras they even have enforcement vehicles driving around the back streets with number plate recognition catching any vehicle parked up on a public road
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