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  1. Still closed at 11.45 this morning (Sat 23 May 2020)
  2. Did you not observe the banning of parties/members, not allowing certain parties to air their policies, the promises of an election time and again then the long time to announce the results,refusal to allow international observers followed by again banning of a major party...the 2018 ELECTION might as well have never happened ( as it was Intentionally BIASED )
  3. Yes rescan for new channels DLTV x 15 and 2 other learning channels found on my digital terrestrial tv tuner.
  4. Perhaps the same algorithms that predicted millions of WuFlu deaths ? surely the land department keep records of how much land and properties sold/sell for why is that data not freely available ?
  5. I read that Thais returning from Malaysia would be quarantined there..had to do a double take on their latest notice board though. Health and Sport Center
  6. Pattaya already has an efficient public transport system,Baht busses,motorcycle taxis and meter taxis who wont use the meter..the "city authorities" would be better off directing time and energy to getting the meters working.
  7. Today I found the 15 DLTV (Distance Learning TV) channels and watched a bit of DLTV 13 which seems to be aimed at adult education (no not that type of adult education) about cooking schools teaching tourist Thai dishes including "Poo" from the "Pee and Poo" cookery school no joke ...she was quite good at explaining my wife said so ... catchphrase "SpeakUp" encouraging Thais not to be embarrassed about speaking English.
  8. She can't say the Quay word because as she pronounces it it would sound like the male sexual organ
  9. Seems it will be high quality quarantine for all ? Welcom to Thailand but you stay 14 days quarantine before you are allowed out to visit the temples yes sounds like a real winner to revive the tourist industry.
  10. Yet another "just a misunderstanding"
  11. I'd 100% prefer that they swallow every time never mind the "fags"
  12. Rescanned my Digital Terrestrial TV and it found 15 DLTV + 3 other learning ? channels VEC, ALTV and ETV
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