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  1. The clicking could be a noisy compressor relay clicking on and off not much can be done about that except changing the relay on the main pcb board.... or if set to some auto setting might start the louvre door thingies swinging about /up and down that might cause a clicking noise, also sometimes the plastic casing makes a noise from the temperature changes but can often be solved by loosening the retaining screws just enough to allow a small amount of movement.
  2. In the Mr D.I.Y stores they sometimes stock the complete replacement internal assembly including the brass threaded carrier, 2 ceramic discs, plastic retainers for the discs and rubber o rings just unscrew the old set and screw in the new one.
  3. There are (well where before) quite a few furniture shops along Theprasit road that offered custom made stuff. How many are still open I don't know but worth having a look.
  4. Yes eyesight and reaction tests every time,temporary,5 year and renew 5 year.
  5. There is no need to show them an "IDP" if you have a licence that shows your photo and is written in English after all the IDP is just a translation in to several languages but not of which are the Thai languge.
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