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  1. The clicking could be a noisy  compressor relay  clicking on and off  not much can be done about that except changing the relay on the main pcb board.... or if set to some auto setting  might start the louvre door thingies swinging about /up and down that might cause a clicking noise, also sometimes the plastic casing  makes a noise  from the temperature changes  but can often be solved by loosening the retaining screws just enough to allow a small amount of movement.

  2. In  the Mr D.I.Y stores they sometimes stock the  complete replacement  internal assembly  including the brass threaded carrier, 2 ceramic discs, plastic retainers for the discs and rubber o rings  just unscrew the old set and screw in the new one.



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  3. Probably better to go to your nearest TOT office and pay there


    A bit off topic but since they merged TOT and CAT  they have implemented Carrier

    grade NAT  breaking dynamic DNS so no access to ipcams or VPN to my home LAN


    at my router WAN they assign  a 100.90.***.***  ip address but  checking on any 

    "what is my IP"  webpages reports a 182.***.***.*** the only option apparently being to change to a more expensive package  !!!!  😩

  4. You will find the "power of attorney"  form and  other necessary documents in

    this file  Vehicle_Transfer_2.zip


    If not Thai  then your girlfriend will need to send  a signed copy of her passport picture page and the page with the exit from Thailand page as well as a signed power of attorney form...in extreme cases the DLT may be particularly pedantic and want the cars blue book signed by the current owner too.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, connda said:

    This is about controlling the common folk in the name of Morality using a pandemic as the excuse.  And we are being told by world leaders that pandemics will be with us from here on out.  From 2020 until forever - cyclical pandemics.  Forever pandemics means forever control.


    100% agree with you a very sad and disturbing future in store sadly cheered on by quite a few who what to "keep safe"  😷

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  6. 1 hour ago, jadee said:

    There is no burst pipe or anything

    Don't be so sure that there is not a leak in the pipes  even a very small leak  that doesn't register on the water meter can cause big problems,  the leak can also come from the  waste water pipes ( toilet,wash basin,shower/ bathtub )  that are buried in the walls  not being sealed up properly during construction.


    Also as you suspect, the water could just be from leaky floor tiles which could be ( maybe but not certainly) solved by re grouting the floor. 


    Avoid using toilet cleaning products on the  floor tiles as they often contain hydrochloric acid which eats away the  grout.


    1 hour ago, jadee said:

    Is there a more permanent solution?

    Yes but you won't like it as it requires ripping out the existing plumbing/pipework and tiled floor, sealing the floor with an epoxy resin (something like TOA Epoguard 100)  re plumbing and  pressure testing  before laying new tiles...

    yes a big  big job !!!

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Golden Triangle said:

    the whole estate was a disaster area, rubbish everywhere,

    Depends upon the management company as to how bad the communal areas get,

    build quality of the apartments/houses are  just about as low asposible and  still have a functioning building.



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  8. 3 hours ago, Golden Triangle said:

    Didn't a former Prime Minister instigate a similar scheme in most provinces ? Not just Bangkok 🤔


    But Thaksin !  😋


    12 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

    I dread to think what sort of house they will get for 1,500 a month. Must be somewhere between a shed and a lean-to. 


    They are small  about 30 square meters totally unfurnished,  no kitchen a basic tiled shower/wet room  water and electric  are not included  there is also a small monthly charge for the management of the buildings rubish collection,street lighting security guards etc.

  9. 7 minutes ago, DJBenz said:

    This year? That seems awfully quick for a project of this scale?

    Its reported here



    "Aquaverse isn’t being built from the ground up. Instead, an existing amusement park is being retrofitted with IP from Sony-owned Columbia Pictures. Sony is only licensing its brands, "



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