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  1. Quote

    Smaller motorcycles will not be allowed to exceed 80kph, while those with 400cc engines and 35-kilowatt engines and above are limited to 100kph.

    School buses must not exceed a speed limit of 80kph.

    The speed limit for vehicles travelling in the furthest right lane is no less than 100kph.


    So small bikes and school buses  wont be allowed to u-turn   as they are limited to 80kph but have to be doing 100 kph to use the u-turn lane :crazy:   😋

  2. This is the road I came out of onto Sukhumvit   Nissan/ Mitsubishi dealership.

    it looked to me as if access to the beach is still open  I could see the sea but didn't go look.




  3. I went as far as Ambassador..there is a black building that looks like a part of the Ambassador complex

    at that point I tuned left out to Sukhumvit.





    Hope they keep this huge tree.


  4. 2 hours ago, Jeffr2 said:

    P.S. have you seen all the new development just north of The Ambassador?


    Nope can't say I've noticed anything   near the Pinnacle  though if it can't be seen from the Sukhumvit road I wouldn't have seen it.

  5. 1 hour ago, kenk24 said:

    unless you are right on the beach that has got to be pretty true anywhere... 


    Do you remember the VT7  debacle ?   there was a very long thread in this forum somewhere about it

    in essence they "re-defined" where the shore line  was measured from  so that the condo could be built less than 100 meters from the old shoreline.



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  6. 24 minutes ago, Guderian said:

    are prices higher in the franchised sub-post offices than they are in the main branches?


    Yes that's how they make a bit of profit for themselves, the customer gets the "convenience" of not having to go all the way to the main post office.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Jeffr2 said:

    There is a huge new project starting next to the Ambassador, ICON SIAM. 

    Not that I've really had a good look but I've seen no progress on that site when driving past  since they put up the big white hoardings ...its nearer to the Ocean Marina than Ambassador    nearly opposite the spur road leading to motorway 7

  8. 1 hour ago, Natai Beach said:

    Most of the covid infection deaths have been from farang countries.

    Quite a few where elderly in care homes  mistakes where made there for sure.

     I asked the esteemed  Thaivisa POTY 2020 winner   how many elderly Thais

    live in care homes but she had no information,my guess is not many ?

    Also the countries worst hit may have had mild winters the year before

    meaning that there where more elderly/at risk people for the virus to claim.

    Thailand is warm and lots of people live a more "outside lifesytle"  doors and windows open all day  lots of intense UV light to kill viruses and  produce vitamin D

    There has been suggestions of a DNA difference in those worst effected.

    Also  a suggestion that exposure to previous  viruses like SARS  (covid 1) could have provide immunity.

  9. 42 minutes ago, joecoolfrog said:

    Very true but we both know why mass testing will most certainly not happen , the results might prove to be inconvenient !

    I don't think mass testing will help anything anyway as most people don't die from the WuFlu  a lot don't even know they have/had it  as the symptoms where mild ( yes there have been people who died)

    of course if someone turns up at hospital with severe symptoms then a test for COVID would be appropriate

    testing everyone in the world just doesn't make sense especially with the "false negatives" and "false positives"

    due to testing errors...unless you want to collect everyone's DNA..I'm sure there are governments and companies that would love to have all that juicy information...to "keep you safe" of course. !

  10. I couldn't find these signs  maybe the "back hoe"  got there first ??




    Anyway its definitely the offices for the  road construction project 

    "road number 3 ( Sukhumvit)  Pattaya - Sattahip  first phase  kilometre 153+200 to Kilometre 160+500 a length of 7.3 kilometres."




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  11. 3 hours ago, Classic Ray said:

    I hope someone does a study into exactly why Thailand has apparently suffered so few infections/deaths from COVID-19

    I very much hope so too,  incredible when there where millions of Chinese tourists including 7000 directly from Wuhan at the start of the year.

    One thing that may have helped a bit was that there where many people wearing face masks at that time due to the extremely bad air pollution.

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  12. I believe its going to be the "temporary"  office for the Sukhumvit road widening project  you can see they are laying new drainages/sewage pipes and a new water main  then one more lane  may be both ways.P_20201109_133130.thumb.jpg.56039132628ca126203929b9f44b6f37.jpg


    I'll try to remember to get a good ( higher resolution) photo of the sign in the OP above this afternoon  then all should become clear ( cause it will be readable 😋)


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